A/N: This is a plot idea I got from Echo Nightingale-Phantom in a review

Summary: Remember in "Forever Phantom" Dash stated that his Nightmare 36 was two Lancers? Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Valerie get trapped in an abandoned run down hospital with no weapons (except for one particularly useless one) and no powers in Danny's case (no thanks to that useless weapon). Will secrets be revealed?

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Nightmare 36

Chapter 1: Trapped

Valerie Grey, having just gotten off her shift at the Nasty Burger, had seen a ghost and the halfa. Even though she was grounded and was without her weapons, she followed anyways, her grudge giving her the needed strength.

It wasn't long before she lost the ghosts, but she saw Sam Manson and Tucker Foley running into an old abandoned building completely oblivious to the type of building. Wondering what her newest friends were up to, she considered following them in

Meanwhile, with the gang,

Danny Phantom/Fenton was struggling with the new ecto-blob of a ghost while Sam and Tucker were digging for some weapons.

"Got it. Hold him still Danny!" Sam called as she aimed the retractable Fenton Bazooka at the ghost.

It powered up, but then powered down

"What the?" she asked

"There's a note" Tucker said grabbing the piece of paper. "'Dear Maddie. Forgot to charge the Fenton Bazooka again. Love, Jack. P.S…..Can I have a cookie?'"

"Dad" Danny said through gritted teeth. He and his friends had PURPOSFULLY left those weapons on the table for a REASON!

Then the blob threw Danny into a stack of chairs as the other two dug for any weapon that was fully charged

Danny flew over to them

"Anything?" Danny asked as he formed a shield around his friends

"This one looks charged" Tucker said pulling something very familiar to Danny out

"I don't even remember Mr. Fenton talking about that one." Sam said

"NO!" Danny started. "THAT'S THE…"

Tucker turned it on and it zapped the nearest ghost which happened to be Danny forcing him to turn human.

"Plasmius Maximus I told you guys about" Danny finished with a wince as the device shorted out his powers

"I don't even remember packing this" Tucker mused

"Sam? Tucker?" a familiar voice came

The ghost smirked at them before phasing out. Just then Valerie appeared

"Danny?" she asked very confused. "What's going on? Are you three…ghost hunting?"

"No." Sam lied. "What makes you think that?"

"We're just…working on dodging. For gym and the jocks" Danny made up

"Right" Valerie said not believing "Well, let's get out of here"

The quartet went over to the door and Valerie tugged on the door.

It was jammed

She tried again.


"Looks like we're trapped here." She said


Danny, Sam, and Valerie jumped at the sound of Tucker's sudden scream as the techno-geek got a good look at the type of building they were in.

"We're just in the old abandoned hospital" Valerie said as if it was no big deal


"do you have anything we can shut him up with?" Valerie asked Danny and Sam

"Nothing" Danny said turning out his pockets to reveal only his wallet

"I have an idea" Sam said walking over to the screaming Tucker

She swiped the beret off his head and stuffed it in his mouth

"That's one way" Valerie said impressed

"Valerie? Think maybe you can sho…er…kick the door down?" Danny asked

"I'll try" Valerie said "HIYA!"

Not even a 9th degree black belt could kick that door down.

"Rats" Valerie muttered. "Shame Dad took away my weapons"

Realizing she said that out loud, she turned to the trio, and found that they apparently hadn't been listening. In reality, they had, they just went on with life as they knew her secret already

"Danny…I just thought of something" Sam said. "What if this is a trap?"

"Then we need to be on our guard" Danny said

"Why would this be a trap?" Valerie asked

"Because with Danny having ghost hunting parents, a few ghosts might be out for revenge" Sam retorted

"Like Phantom?"

"Phantom's saved my life, your life, Tucker's life, AND Danny's life." Sam argued

"Guys!" Danny said getting between the two female ghost hunters who were crushing on him (little did he know). "If Sam's right about this being a trap, then we're going to need to work together to get out of here. Right Tucker? Tucker?"

Tucker was curled in a fetal position sucking his thumb

"What's his problem?" Valerie asked

"He's scared of hospitals" Danny and Sam chorused

Sam walked up to Tucker and pulled a cell phone from his pocket. She started to dial the Fenton's but then the cell phone went dead. She reached into another pocket and pulled out a P.D.A.


Danny ran over and sat Tucker up so he could get into the other pockets


No Phone option


Fried by Technus during last fight

Valerie only gapped at the number of electronic devices Tucker's friends were pulling out of the frightened boy's pockets. His obsession with technology made the Fentons look sane when it came to ghosts

"Finally!" Danny said finding an older cell phone that was full charged.

But there was no signal

"Great." Danny said sarcastically. "We're locked in an abandoned hospital (Tucker whimpered), with no working gadgets or electronics and my powers are shorted out for another….2 hours and 55 minutes"

"Powers?" Valerie asked

Danny winced at his big mouth

"At the beginning of the school year, Danny was involved in a lab accident" Sam explained. "The ecto-radiation hasn't completely worn off yet so he's capable of doing some of the things ghosts can do. Certain inventions can temporarily short out the powers, but they always tend to come back like a boomerang"

"Which with any luck, Jazz will use" Danny added

"Huh?" Valerie asked

"One of the Fenton inventions" Sam explained. "It's a tracking device in the shape of a boomerang. One of the worst named inventions in their arsenal"

"Dare I ask?" Valerie asked

"The Booomerang"

Valerie winced. That was the worst pun she had EVER heard.

"Valerie? Why don't you try your hand at calming Tucker down?" Danny said. "Sam and I will go look for another way out"

"You're sure?" Valerie asked

"There's a reason why I don't fight back with Dash and it's not because I can't" Danny explained. "it's because if I did, Ishiyama and Lancer would take Dash's word over mine since he's a precious football player and I'm just a geek. Remember when our parents were captured by that ghost kid pirate?"

"You were pretty brave up until you walked that plank"

"And Danny Phantom SAVED HIS LIFE!" Sam added

"Besides, it's safer to separate you two" Danny said dragging Sam away