The next day at school,

Valerie was eating lunch by herself when suddenly she felt the presence of three peers

"Can we join you?" Tucker asked

"Sure" Valerie said

Sam and Danny sat across from her while Tucker sat on the same bench

"Thanks for keeping the secret, Valerie" Danny said

"You took me as a friend when nobody else would. You even tried to be my friend when you knew I was trying to do in your…other ego"

"Remember the week I was absent from school during the first month?" Danny asked

"No" she said wondering where this was going "That was when I was with the A-list and I didn't pay any attention to geeks and nerds"

"Well, I was involved in a lab accident involving the Fenton Portal. My parents forgot to hit the On button before plugging it in and they put the button on the inside of the portal. I went in to check it out and my hand brushed up against the button."

"Ouch" Valerie said with a wince

"it took him months to get used to his powers." Tucker added

"Wait…why are you giving me the back story?"

"We talked it over last night on 'Doomed'" Sam said as if this was killing her. "And… we agree that since you have ghost hunting experience… you should be a member of Team Phantom."

"Really?" Valerie asked

"Yes. You're well equipped with ghost hunting gadgets, you have a pretty good aim, and you know the secret." Danny said

"Everyone who knows Danny's secret who isn't an enemy becomes a member of Team Phantom" Tucker said

"And you proved to be on our side when you stood up to Vlad" Sam added "You in?"

"You bet" Valerie said

She and Danny shook hands

"Now how are we going to tell Jazz?" Tucker asked

"Your sister's in on this?" Valerie asked Danny

"Yeah" Danny confirmed. "She saw me transform a while back when I was being careless. As for your question Tucker, let's not tell Jazz"

"Not tell Jazz what?" a familiar voice came causing Danny to wince

"That Valerie's now on the team" Tucker said to Jazz

"You should have been called 'Big Mouth Tuck' instead of 'Bad Luck Tuck'" Sam hissed

"It's alright Jazz" Valerie said seeing the stunned look on the eldest Fenton kid "I won't ever try to waste your brother again"

"You better not" Jazz said joining the group. "Because I'm pretty darn good with the Fenton Peeler and the Jack O' Ninetails if I do say so myself"

"Though your aim with the thermos still needs work" Danny teased

Jazz gave him a sisterly punch on the arm

Suddenly, the A-list walked by

"Can you believe Valerie is now hanging out with the Losers?" Paulina asked Star

"HEY!" Valerie said standing up. "They are NOT losers"

"Just let it go Valerie" Danny told her as the A-list walked on.

"Paulina will learn" Tucker said. "One day Danny will go public and she'll see that she's been crushing on a 'loser'"

"Besides," Sam said. "It's better that we're left laying low. Nobody recognizes us that way"

"This is going to take some getting used to" Valerie admitted

"You'll get used to it" Jazz comforted the younger girl. "I did. And it's my brother who's putting his life on the line"

"Don't get dramatic Jazz" Danny said with an eyeroll.

Valerie smiled. She had a feeling that life was going to get even crazier.

The End.

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