Chapter 1: Morning

Bring bring…. Bring bring…. Bring bring….

Ophelia Carter's eyes opened up, and she flipped over, staring towards her bedside table. Her Blackberry was buzzing, and the screen was lighting up her early morning room. Ophelia groaned, as she had been looking forward to a sleep in. But it took her half a minute to realise it was her sixteenth birthday, and it would have to be a birthday wish.

"Who is it…" Ophelia moaned, and grabbed the device. The screen was telling her she had one new message, and opened up the message, the blue screen making her squint in the half light.

Hey O! Happy B-Day. Hope U get sum nice pressies! =) Ashley.

Ophelia smiled, and texted a thanks back to her best friend, Ashley. But by the time she had finished, four more texts had arrived, and by the time Ophelia had read and replied to them, it was half past seven.

With a wide yawn, Ophelia stood up and stared around her bedroom. Posters of boy bands, actors, movies and from concert tours covered nearly every inch of her lilac wallpaper, with the gaps filled with photos of Ophelia, Ashley, her other friends, her family and her chocolate Labrador, Millie. There was a rarely used desk with her bag on it, and a bookcase that only had Twilight in it, and the rest was filled with plush toys and DVD's.

Ophelia wandered sleepily into her ensuite bathroom, which was purely white and blue, and stared at the mirror. Her faced was round and tanned, and had attracted the attention of many boys at her school. But Ophelia only had the eye for her boyfriend, Sam, who was three years older than and worked out, so their pairing made tons of people jealous. Her long brown hair hung down to her shoulders, and while she was wearing a pink shirt and long striped pants, Ophelia was quite slim, and usually wore short shorts to show this. She quickly took a drink of water and washed her face, and then Ophelia wandered out of her room, grabbed a white dressing gown, and stared walking down the hallway. Her father was a television executive in TVNZ, and her mother ran three different saloons on Remuera Road, so her family had a nice amount of money. Fancy paintings and numerous portraits were hung down the brown walled hallway, and the carpet was a honeysuckle colour. There was a rainbow coloured vase that cost more than most people's cars outside the main bathroom, and two more surrounded the staircase.

"Hello…" Ophelia murmured, and walked slowly down the carpeted stairs. The lower floor was quiet, and Ophelia's feet, with bright pink toenails, made echoing footsteps as she walked along the polished oak floor.

"Hello?" Ophelia repeated, and walked cautiously into the living room. Her parents always went to the gym early in the morning, and she had been expecting them to be up. But as she entered the wide living area, which had four leather sofas, wooden floors and walls, polished bookcases and tables, and numerous vases, portraits, mini statues, paintings and ferns decorating the terracotta coloured room. There was a creak, and Ophelia turned.
"SURPRISE!" Ophelia let out a squeal, and watched as her three family members leapt up from behind the sofa.

"Oh my god!" She wailed, before beaming widely. Her parents and sister, Abigail, walked out from behind the sofa, each holding a box.

"Happy birthday darling!" Ophelia's father, Jeremiah Carter, boomed. He had jet black hair that he frequently dyed, and was about six feet tall, though was shorter than Sam, so Ophelia laughed when her father tried to give him trouble. Standing by his side was his wife and Ophelia's mother, Meredith. She was short and stout, and had a horrible fake tan and tacky bleached blonde hair.

"My little girl is growing up!" Meredith said in her nasal voice, and gave her daughter a hug.

"Thanks guys!" Ophelia replied shrilly. She then turned towards her sibling, Abigail. Abigail was only 13, and seemed to resent her sister for being so perfect: while Ophelia was tall, skinny, and had a great boyfriend, Abigail only had about three friends, was short and plump like her mother, and got mocked a lot for being rather gothic. Her hair was short and dyed purple, and she was already wearing thick black eyeliner.

"Happy birthday." Abigail grunted, obviously grumpy about waking up early.
"Aww, thanks sis." Ophelia replied with a fake smile, and gave her an air hug. She then looked eagerly over at the presents, and grabbed one wrapped in pink paper.
"What is it, what is it?" Ophelia asked eagerly, and began tearing strips of paper off.
"It's a new iPhone, as your last one looks a bit tacky." Meredith explained, and Ophelia giggled happily as she looked at the box. But before she could admire it even more, she snatched up the second present, which had orange and purple paper. It turned out to be a boxed set of the second True Blood season.
"Oh my gosh, thanks guys, I have wanted both of these things for ages!" Ophelia cried happily.
"I'm glad you like them dear." Jeremiah said. "I'd better go and check on the waffles we're making!" And he rushed out into the kitchen. Meredith sat down, and gave Abigail a little jab in the side. The younger sister sighed and walked forwards, and then passed a box down to her sister.
"I thought you might like this." Abigail said robotically. Ophelia gave her sister an ugly look, and then tore the rainbow coloured paper off. A plain shoebox was inside, and Ophelia opened the lid. On top of a black frilly skirt and two Simpsons T-Shirts was something folded up. Ophelia picked it up and began unfolding it, curious as to what it was. Abigail began smiling broadly, and Ophelia was concerned.
"What is this?" She asked, though her tone was more of worry than the excitement it had been a minute ago. Abigail just giggled, and Ophelia finished unfolding it and screamed.
It was a poster, though it didn't have Channing Tatum or Taylor Launter on it. It was a man, but no normal human being. If the post had been life sized, the man would have been about ten feet tall, with thin, string like legs and similar arms, which ended with skeletal fingers. The man wore a black suit with a simple white shirt underneath, which looked fairly normal.
But then his face! It made white look dirty, and had a slight lunar quality to it. But he had no eyes, only dark slits, and then had a jagged mouth, which could open exceedingly wide. This person was known as The Slender Man, a creepy internet character that had become a sensation amongst dark people, but it gave Ophelia the creeps.
"What is wrong with you, you freak!" Ophelia shrieked, and tore the poster in half.
"Hey, that cost fifteen bucks, I was going to return!" Abigail snapped.
"Do you think I give a fuck, you stupid-" Meredith stood up and walked between the girls, and Jeremiah ran back into the room.
"Stop this fighting, right now!" Meredith snapped. "Abigail, you go to your room and think about this! And later, both of you will apologise for your rudeness!"
"But mum, I don't want to apologise to her!" Ophelia growled.
"You'll apologise or I'll take your presents away!" Meredith warned. Abigail skipped merrily off, showing no remorse for her sister's upset. Ophelia gave her a scowling look, but it got ignored.
"Let's put this behind us now, alright, and we can have nice waffles." Jeremiah said, and he walked awkwardly back into the kitchen.
"Coming dear?" Meredith asked. Ophelia looked down at the poster as she scooped up her presents.
"Yeah, in a second." She replied, and picked up the torn pieces of the poster. She examined the strange head, and had a feeling that the Slender Man did have eyes, and he was staring directly at her, ready to tear at her throat.
It's just a poster. Ophelia reminded herself. She tore the poster into quarters, and then threw it onto the electric fireplace for that evening, before skipping into the kitchen like her sister, putting the nasty creature behind her.