Here we are, the grand finale!

Chapter Twenty One: Ophelia and the Slender Man

Ophelia quickly closed the door and locked it, leaving the doctor and the guards trapped inside. Abigail stood still a few feet away, trying to get a hold of herself in the situation her sister had put her in, though Ophelia had no idea or care for the horror she was in. Moving quickly, Ophelia found a large trolley nearby that the cleaning ladies used and tossed the bin in. Than, for extra protection, Ophelia rolled the bin over and managed to get it wedged in the handle, providing a large weight to keep the door shut in case they managed to find another spare key.

"Let's get going," Ophelia growled at her sister, and moved alongside her, holding the knife against her back to get her walking. No one was in the corridor at the moment, but Ophelia didn't want to risk walking into anyone or finding anyone in the elevators, and saw a door up ahead leading to the stairs.

"Leaving that bin by the door will probably attract more attention than you want," Abigail said once Ophelia had closed the stairwell door, leaving them in an eerie silence. Ophelia realised she had a point, but there wasn't anytime to go back and fix it.

"Just shut up and keep walking!" Ophelia growled, and grabbed her sister's left arm and began to pull her down the spiralling stairs. Ophelia was putting her plan together, and the silence allowed her jumbled mind to think clearer: the Slender Man was going to kill her today, she knew that, but Ophelia was going to try and defeat him and clear her name at the same time. She had the guns and the letter opener, and hoped that she would be able to use them.

They walked in silence down two flights of stairs, a heavy tension between the two. Ophelia kept her sister close by to stop her try and escape. At one point, Ophelia swore she felt something prick her skin and clutched her sides. She glared accusingly at Abigail, but her hands were empty, and Ophelia figured she must have imagined it. Walking down the stairs was making her feel dizzy again and her eyes were getting blotchy, but Ophelia ignored these symptoms as they finally coming to a door that had a sign bearing "GROUND FLOOR" next to it. Ophelia smiled, glad to have achieved this part of her plan, and shoved Abigail in front of her.

"Open the door and just keep walking," she hissed, and her sister unwillingly responded, pulling the heavy door open and allowing the two to enter the busy ground floor. There were much more people here, with many visitors crowding around nearby elevators or heading towards the café, food stores and shops to buy last minute gifts for their poorly friends and family. Doctors and nurses were rushing away, and some people were sitting on seats, reading magazines or examining their phones, waiting for something that Ophelia couldn't care about. All she knew was that no one's eyes were going to be on her, and she placed the letter opener against Abigail's back to get her to move forwards.

"Which one are the parents in?" Ophelia hissed into her ear, and Abigail quickly pointed towards the biggest café: it had no name but floor to ceiling windows revealing revealed it was right next to the car park and silver, modern tables and benches with luxurious chairs. It had clearly had a lot of money put into it, but wealth and style were not important to Ophelia at the moment: she needed to prove her innocence, and she needed to do it now.

"Come on, let's go," she whispered to Abigail, and they quickly continued across the hallway, curving past the reception desk and towards the nameless café. Ophelia wasn't sure what time it was but presumed it to be around lunch based by how many people were in there. As they approached the entrance, Ophelia pulled the letter opener away, and for a moment Abigail looked happy, but that faded as Ophelia instead grabbed one of the stolen guns.

"It's time we end all of this," Ophelia hissed. "Don't do anything stupid, just do exactly what I say, and no one will get hurt, and than this whole incident will be over." Abigail nodded and Ophelia as she shoved her into the café, raising the gun up. A few faces turned her way and gasped, but most people were still focused on their meals… for now.

"EVERYONE LEAVE!" Ophelia screamed, and suddenly everyone turned to her. Cutlery was dropped, cups smashed, people gasped, and suddenly someone screamed. Almost as if that was the call they all needed, people began to run. Ophelia smiled to herself at how easily they reacted, and grinned at people as they fled. She forced Abigail forwards and shoved her into the nearest booth, turning around to watch all of the people fleeing from her, even the café workers who burst out of their door and ran out of the building along with everyone else. The guards were calling for back up as more people ran out, and Ophelia simply smiled: she didn't think an audience would be best for this.

"Ophelia, what are you doing?" Ophelia turned as her father rushed forwards, sounding as if he was just telling her off for forgetting to bring the washing in, but Meredith's reaction was better: she was already crying and rushing into the same booth as Abigail, just as curious as everyone else to see what was going on.

"Sit down father, you will see in a moment," Ophelia explained. She went towards the doorway and saw the button she was looking for: a giant red one that would cause the giant plastic shutters above them to roll down and close off the café from the rest of the hospital. As it began to roll down, Ophelia rushed towards the doors and turned the locks, waving at the terrified faces of people who fled out into the car park. Ophelia couldn't believe how smoothly this had gone so far, and hoped the rest of her plan managed to work.

"So, we're all together again!" Ophelia called out to her family, strolling back towards them and smiling at their cowering faces. "Just like old times, and we will soon have many more of these memories, happier versions, of course, very soon!"

"What are you talking about?" Jeremiah asked. "Doctor Parsons said you would get treatment after he told you about your illness, and –,"

"And there, daddy, is the reason why we are all here!" Ophelia said with a big grin. "You see, I don't actually think I'm insane. Everyone is happy to believe I have some weird brain disorder because of a piece of jewellery, yet no one seems to think the Slender Man has been following me! So, I am going to prove just that!"

"What, are you going to bring some children out for him to kill?" Abigail snapped, and Ophelia pointed the gun towards her, making Meredith let out a whine.

"You think you know the Slender Man from the internet, but I have seen his true nature, and how foul, horrible and demented that thing is!" Ophelia hissed. "I am going to make him come out, and than everyone will see that I'm not at fault!" Ophelia than turned around, hoping to find the Slender Man waiting for her, her words bringing him out. But the café was empty, only the Carter's there with the hospital visitors all watching fearfully from the other side of the glass. The sound of police sirens whined in the distance, and Ophelia hoped they wouldn't get in her way.

"You don't have to do this Ophelia!" Abigail called out, making Ophelia wheel around again. "Just accept the treatment and we can move on and get a temporary insanity case up for you!"

"NO!" Ophelia screamed, the gun shaking as she pointed it towards them. "I am not responsible for anything that has happened! Grandma and Sam dying, the car crashing, school and home being destroyed, none of that is because of me!" Ophelia could feel tears streaming, and she wiped them away to come up her dominance over them. Her brain was also beginning to spin, and she knew that the Slender Man must be close. "I have done my best to get a nice image for myself, and I won't have any charges or any sort hanging over me! I just need THE FUCKING SLENDER MAN TO SHOW HIMSELF!" Ophelia screamed, raising the gun up, ready to fire it.

"Do you even know what you're doing with that?" Jeremiah asked. "Have you ever fired a weapon in your life?" Ophelia realised he had a point, but she had watched plenty of movies and crime shows in her life to know what to do. She pulled one bit backwards, and then pulled the trigger, shutting her eyes. There was a banging and a shattering of glass that made Meredith and Abigail scream, and Ophelia opened her eyes to see a window had smashed, sending people fleeing from the scene.

"I mean it here!" Ophelia growled, clutching the weapon tightly as she watched her mother cry again. She looked around, wondering where the Slender Man was, and rushed towards the coffee machine to see if he was hiding in there. The sounds of the police sirens were getting louder now that the window was broken, and Ophelia screamed and grabbed a tray of empty coffee cups and threw them against the wall. It made her sway in a woozy manner again, but Ophelia was glad to let her anger out. She needed the Slender Man to come here soon if she wanted to prove things.

"O-O-Ophe-e-elia…," a voice whined, and Ophelia turned back around. Meredith had gotten out of the booth, was pulling something out of her handbag, and Ophelia curiously walked forwards. From a closer distance, she realised it was a DVD box set and a new iPod, clutched tightly in her mother's hands. "We got these for you in case the news was good," Meredith explained, and passed them slowly towards her. Ophelia froze up, remembering getting similar gifts on her birthday. Those happier times seemed so far in the past now, and Ophelia reached, willing to take them, willing to leave all of this horror behind and end it all now…

Foolsih girl.

"GAAAAAH!" She screamed, and whacked the presents, sending them flying. "SHOW YOURSELF!" Ophelia screamed, and began wheeling around, the gun raised and she was ready to fire. As Meredith collapsed to the ground crying, Ophelia saw blurs in the windows: a pale smile here, a black suit there. "DON'T RUN FROM ME! FACE THIS, FACE WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!"

"He isn't going to show Ophelia!" Abigail screamed.

"HE WILL, I KNOW HE WILL!" Ophelia shrieked back as Jeremiah pulled Meredith back to the booth. Abigail sighed and reached into her pocket, and Ophelia turned the gun towards her.

"No, he won't, because I injected you," Abigail said, and she pulled out an empty needle in a plastic case, and Ophelia remembered the prick. "Doctor Parsons gave this to me, saying he thought if I had it, it might help you calm down. It is meant to help with the healing process, clear up the poisoning in your brain."

"I'M NOT POISONED!" Ophelia screamed, and she pulled back the bit she thought was called a chamber and pulled the trigger without even thinking. Meredith and Jeremiah both screamed as the bullet entered Abigail: it passed through the top of her right shoulder, falling to the floor. Abigail passed and slid sideways, grabbing a napkin it putting towards the blood that was coming out.

"YOU'RE SISTER!" Jeremiah screamed. "HOW COULD YOU?" And he rushed towards Abigail, Meredith simply screaming and bursting into tears. Deep inside of Ophelia, in parts of her heart and soul she couldn't access anymore, she felt guilt rise up at what she had just done. But then a voice entered her head: foolish girl taking foolish actions once again!

"SHOW YOURSELF!" Ophelia screamed and fired the gun again, this time shattering a window above that showered her with glass.

"He isn't real Ophelia, accept it, move on and help with your sister!" Jeremiah yelled, putting more napkins done on Ophelia's shoulder. Ophelia began to breath deeply, turning around the room, catching more blurs of the Slender Man. She needed him to come out: she hadn't gone through all of this just to end up harming her sister and looking more like a crazy person! She needed to do something drastic, and she stared down at the gun, an idea entering her mind that was so stupid that Ophelia knew that it had to work… she would do anything to clear her name.

"If he isn't real, than see him stop this!" Ophelia yelled, and pulled the chamber back and turned the gun towards her chest. All three of her family members cried out, but Ophelia counted down, looking around for the Slender Man to appear. He wanted to kill her for himself, didn't he?

She pulled the trigger.

Fallen for a trap once again.

The words echoed in Ophelia's mind rather than the sound of the gun, and her gasp was at those words, not at the fact a bullet had just torn through her lung. The world around her began to distort as Ophelia fell to the ground, defeated. Meredith appeared over her screaming, but already things were going black. More words and phrases echoed throughout Ophelia's mind: Beatrice and Sam's last words, the shouts of her teachers, Doctors Parsons and Jones, Officers Copper and Jean, her parents, Abigail. All the things she had lived through began to run rapidly through her head, though Ophelia knew they were drifting away. Jeremiah was now trying to resuscitate her, but Ophelia could feel the pain in her chest, the blood pouring out and filling up her lung. She blinked back tears as she silently looked up at the world, and for one fleeting second, Ophelia saw the Slender Man hovering over her, his face emotionless, his body still, but than he was gone. After all of the horrors, after all she had gone through, Ophelia had seen the Slender Man for the last time, and had finally been bested by him. She heard the continued screams of her family and saw a doctor running into the room, but Ophelia pushed them away and shut her eyes, hearing the world no more, finally out of her misery. In her last moments, in her final seconds, Ophelia began to wonder if Doctor Parsons had been telling the truth, if it was all in her head or not, though it didn't matter now…

Wheter real or not, The Slender Man had managed to kill Ophelia Carter.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this series as much as I've enjoyed writing it, and I hope you aren't too confused over the final. It has gone on a bit longer than necessary, but I have very much had fun writing it and building up towards this climax. Thanks to everyone who has read this and reviewed, and I hope you all tune in to read some of my next fan fictions :) Thanks once again and remember - The Slender Man is watching you ;)