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Chapter One

The rain was always a constant comfort to one small soul on Privet Drive. The lightening was the only light he ever trusted now a days and the thunder was the sweetest of lullaby's when he slept. The rain was the tears he cried all his life and the ones he fought back even now. This young boy had two lives and neither one of them he enjoyed. There was the life with his aunt and uncle the one where everyday he did his chores, was starved, and even beaten. His other life was one of magic and fantasy. He went to a school where pictures talked and people brew potions and casted spells. The same school whose Head Master manipulated all those around him. The students, The teachers and at one time even the boy who sat on the roof.

This young boy was Harry Potter, the boy who truly never could get a break. His once unruly hair now hung in long loose curls. Over the summer his body had changed in many ways. His already slim body took on a slimmer waste and shoulders even his hips now help a some what delicate curve. He had lost much of his baby fat making his face more sharper and aristocratic. His large green eyes had some how fixed themselves leaving him to forsake he glasses in the past. Smiling the boy wonder looked down at his hands the pale skin shimmering with every bolt of lightening. In his hands glinted a long thin knife of silver with a pearly white handle and ruby accents.

Looking up into the dark clouds once more Harry thought about his passing year at Hogwarts. It had started out so wonderful as always. He was picked up by Hagrid and taken to Diagon Alley to pick of his school things and then to Grimmauld Place where him and Sirius had gotten to meet up before he went off to school. His two best friends Ron and Hermione beside him smiling and laughing along with them as 'Snuffles' escorted them to there seats on the train before bounding of with Remus tripping on the leash they had locked onto his collar for show. He smiled at the mirror of Remus's laughing eyes and Sirius slobbering all over the poor werewolf's face. After that school progressed as normal till that night. He had a vision of Voldemort torturing Sirius and in hopes to save him Harry fell into the trap that had been set and lost the only family he had left. Tears fell from his eyes as he replayed the memory over and over again in his head. With a sob he closed his eyes and watched the movie play out in his head at what he had discovered next in the hospital wing at Hogwarts when the others thought him asleep.


Slowly the boy who lived open his eyes taking in a long painful breath before closing them once more as voices began to approach his bed. He listened as the curtain were drawn back and he heard his headmasters voice whispering, "Poor Harry who would have known the child would go dark so soon"

Harry bit down a scream of protest forcing himself to continue to feign sleep. Soon another voice replied one he distinctly recognized as Ron's , "please there is nothing poor about him. He is worshipped by everyone even his relatives. Ill be glad when they throw him in Azkaban for life. That is after he murders the Dark Lord"

Harry slowly bit back his tears as he heard another voice he knew so well Hermione's "Professor do I still get all the things I requested when they take over his belongings and assists'? "

"Yes that was the bargain for you trying to turn him away from the dark these many years. I underestimated Voldemort's impression upon the poor boy. But to shove his own Godfather into the veil, I truly have failed as him mentor to the light. Come let us go before he awakes we need to make arrangements for him to go back to his relatives till we have need of him once more"

He heard the curtain open and close once more and slowly he let his tears fall as he sat up ignoring the pain. Betrayed they had all turned against him."

-End Flashback-

Harry clenched the knife tighter as he remembered how things had turned out. He held the knife up carefully examining the blade with a keen eye and with a cruel laugh he sheathed it at his wrist. It was to easy to have such a means to his own death. No this was not how he would go. To messy and to bloody he had already seen and spilt so much blood. His death would have to be one without blood. Swallowing stiffly he looked down at his now empty hands as he remembered what happened next.


The train ride to the station was lonely and a very quiet one. With a hum the young Gryphendor pulled out a muggle cd player and headphones. Thanks to much work and fuss Hermione had figured out a charm to make them work in partially magical areas like the train or homes. Though it still didn't work in Hogwarts due to the magical saturation. He closed his eyes and let the music flow through them.

It wasn't till several hours later that he felt the train pull to a stop at their destination. Standing he quickly removed his back pack from above him before slipping out of the car and into the baggage area. Smiling he cooed at Hedwig before sighing. Leaning forward he unclipped the cage door and opened whispering gently, "Hedwig look I don't know what's going to happen this summer so I want you t go stay with Remus ok?" with a hoot the owl took off into the sky fading into the distance.

Smiling the young boy picked up his trunk and walked through the barrier and down the way till he spotted his uncle standing there looking just as large and angry as he always did. Sighing softly Harry slipped up to Vernon silently not even flinching when a big chunky hand grabbed the back of his neck in a bruising grip guiding him to the car like some piece of trash. The car ride was long and tortures with his uncle gruff voice mumbling obscene things about him and his freakishness but one comment struck home the most, "No parents, no friends, I don't even know why you let yourself live. This world would just be better with you gone and with you your freakishness"

Would the world be better off if he left it? He had noone really here he cared about anymore. Hedwig and Remus where the only ones he still cared for and even they would be leaving this world soon. Hedwig was an owl and could survive in any world. But Remus not many knew was dying. The death of Sirius had been the final straw in his hardships. The death of his mate and unborn child was all he could take. The wolf in him was slowly killing itself now and Hedwig would keep him company till his last days.

-End Flashback-

Chuckling gently Harry pulled out a small letter opening it gently he read the choppy handwriting. The paper alredy stained in ink and finger smudges.

Dear Pup of Remus,

Hello pup though I do know who you are I dare not write your name in this letter. As you know Remus was of my pack and as his alpha it is my duty to inform you that Remus has passed away. As you are his little one I felt it necessary to inform you that he has joined his mate and unborn child on the other side. I am sorry for the loss of Remus, your godfather and future godson. Enclosed in this letter is a mark of the pack , Remus's Ring, you are always welcome to join we are loyal to pack first always.

Alpha Fenrir Greyback

Only two days had passed since he had received this letter and the beating that had come with his. Clutching the letter tightly he stood walking out to the edge of the roof. Taking a deep even breath Harry tucked the letter back into his pocket and taking one last look at the chain around his neck gripping the two rings upon its centre before closing his eyes an letting gravity take over.