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Chapter 13

Harry smiled as he looked to each of his sides. Quatre and Duo both slept peacefully each clutching him like he was a life line. Life had been good since he and them had gotten together. Trowa now stayed with Heero and Wufei and everyone seemed happy. He was even to meet Lady Une the next day. Closing his eyes he sighed deeply before his eyes shot open and fogged over his mind ripped from his body and his vision went dark.

Groaning he opened his eyes once more and sat up. The room around him was dark and lit only by the large fireplace to his left. In front of the fireplace where to large armchairs both a deep green lined in silver, between them a dark wooden table where to glasses sat both filled with a dark red liquid.

Frowning he stood up completely and a dark familiar voice came from one of the chairs as a figure leaned forward red eyes glowing, "Harry, Harry, Harry. We need to talk."

Reaching for his wand Harry froze looking down at himself noting he wore a light green robe and not his normal clothes.

Voldemort grinned, "Come now Harry this is in your mind well, both our minds really. We can't hurt one another here. Come sit, Have a glass of wine. We have much to discuss this night"

Harry slowly came closer and watched as Voldemort took a sip of the dark wine from the table. Sitting in the chair across from the tall thin man Harry cleared his throat, "What could we possible have to discuss?"

The man sighed deeply, "Everything, starting of course with one particular matter. Why have you abandoned the wizarding world?"

The teen frowned, "I haven't."

"Pah of course you have child. Even I could tell from my spy that you have all but forsaken magic."

"I don't know what you are talking about. And what spy?"

The man smirked, "Why Charlie of course."


Voldemort sighed deeply, "I'm not who you think I am Harry, Dumbledore has twisted your view of me, Hell the man twisted my view of me."

Harry sighed deeply, "I don't understand."

The man nodded and slipped into parsletongue. "In this language you know I cannot lie so I will speak the truth within it. Many years ago before I came to Hogwarts. I lived in a children's home for orphans, my parents long gone. The people there didn't like magic or anything to do with it so they decided to..." the man paused.

The green eyed teen whispered, "Beat the magic from you."

Voldemort nodded deeply.

"That's what my Aunt and Uncle did. Before I…anyways continue"

The red eyed male nodded, "When Dumbledore first approached me I thought my dreams had come true. That I would have a new home. A new life and that I would never have to return. But sadly I did have to return and every time I talked to that old fool and beg for something else… He only told me I had to stay there for the greater good. Dumbledore is not a man of the light. He twisted me into insanity. I loved your mother though she was a very good friend. Dumbledore told Wormtail that Lily had tricked me, and in my rage and anger I killed her and James. But I couldn't kill you, I never could. That stupid old coot showed up and noticed what I had done He pointed his wand at me and hit me with a soul ripping curse. The rest you know. You were struck with an Avada Kedavra and made the boy who lived. Allow me to ask you this if my soul had already left my body… who hit you with that killing curse?"

Harry;s eyes widened as the story unfolded and he lifted a hand to his mouth in horror, "Dumbledore tried to kill me?"

Voldemort closed his eyes and nodded, "Yes He did."

Harry slowly thought it over before turning cold hard eyes on the snake man, "Then why did you try to kill me?"

The red eyed male put a hand to his forehead as if fighting off a headache, "I had gone insane from the soul splitting curse. Only after I regained my body from your blood did I start to realize what had happened and then all my plans changed. Now my only target is Dumbledore. I came here to explain the truth and to apologize for what happened at the Ministry. I tricked you into coming there and told Lucius and the others to threaten your lives so that I could get Dumbledore. I should not have done that. I cost you, your Godfather and His Mate. For that I am eternally sorry. Had I known Bellatrix would have done that I wouldn't have sent her."

The teen nodded before looking up at Voldemort, "I believe you. One last question though."

The man nodded.

"How do I speak Parsletongue then? And how come you're in my head and we have that link. Dumbledore says it's because of the mark upon my forehead."

Voldemort nodded, "He would be correct in that assumption. And before you interrupt, yes I gave you that scar but it is not from the Avada Kedavra curse. That mark upon your Forehead that was me marking you as my heir. Heir to the Riddle name. I can't have children I am sterile. So Lily agreed when you were born that you could be my heir. We did the blood ritual when you where only six weeks old."

Groaning the teen rubbed it gently, "Why does this all make more sense then what Dumbledore ever told me?"

"Because I'm not trying to manipulate you or lie to you."

Chuckling, the teen nodded before frowning, "What will you do now?"

Riddle smiled gently, "I'm going to take over the wizarding world but in a different manner. I want to take Dumbledore down. I want to humiliate him. What I need you to do Harry is stay missing. With you gone Dumbledore has lost his main pawn. When I take him down I'm going to fix the Wizarding World. I don't want to kill muggleborn's. I want to take them from unfit parents. I want to prevent what happened to me and you with other children. When a magical child is born to muggle parents I want to simply take them away with the parents' permission or if they want their child to have nothing to do with the world simply remove the child's magic."

Harry nodded, "I understand that very much. Fine I will stay away from the wizarding world. But I might need your help in the future. What if we faked my death?"

Voldemort smiled, "Talk it over with your family first then we will speak again. You know how to reach me Harry."

Nodding the teen smiled almost gently as the dream room faded around him and he awoke to the real world only to find Quatre shaking him gently. Smiling up at the blonde he was greeted with a gentle kiss.

"Breakfast is ready Harry."

The teen smiled and got out of the bed noting that Duo was already gone. Dressing he stretched out his arm for his little familiar watching as she curled around his arm gently before bonding down the steps and into the dining room where the others were already sitting.

Smiling at the others they all ate breakfast in silence before Harry speaks up, "I have something I wish to talk to you all about."

Heero and Trowa turned to him suspiciously before the Persian eyed teen spoke up, "Would this have anything to do with why you seem more relaxed this morning?"

Harry frowned, "Yes, I know how to break away from the wizarding world…Completely."

Wufei raised a brow, "Alright might as well tell us while we eat."

Heero nodded in agreement while Trowa remained silent on the subject.

"Last night I talk to Voldemort through our link. I learned something that changes everything."

Duo and Quatre both looked up now in curiosity while Heero groaned, "Go on."

Harry went on to explain everything he had been told by the Dark Lord and the man's plan for the wizarding world. The others listened closely analyzing the information with an experienced wisdom.

When the teen finished Heero frowned tapping the table, "what He proposes to the Wizarding world might actually be better in the long run. However I think he should have at least one form of Muggle government behind him as well just in case. I suggest he set up an alliance with Lady Une and the Preventers. We are one of the highest branches of military and would be able to handle any of the problems that arise on our end."

Harry nodded, "I was thinking that myself. I will speak to him about that. Perhaps he could meet up with Lady Une?"

Wufei and Heero nodded while the others looked at Harry curiously. Before Heero spoke up, "So how does this explain how you are going to leave the Wizarding world?"

Harry smirked, "I want to fake my own death."

Trowa looked up in horror, "You want to what?"

Duo laughed, "Ya I'm on Tro with this one."

Quatre frowned, "Harry you can't be serious can you?"

The teen nodded, "I want to fake my own death and then come forward under a new name and new identity."

Wufei sighed, "Who?"

Harry shrugged, "I think I want to use the name Orion Salazar Riddle."

Duo frowned, "Isn't Riddle Voldemort's real last name?"

Harry nodded, "Yes, and as his rightful Heir I have access to the name."

Heero thought it over glancing at the other pilots their eyes meeting in silent agreement, "We will want to meet with Voldemort first with Lady Une Present. See if what he says is true. Then and only then will we discuss the thought of you faking your own death understood. Now I need to go call Une and you Harry need to contact Voldemort tell him to meet us at the preventer building at 4pm sharp to discuss all this in person understood."

Harry smiled brightly before mock saluting him, "Yes Sir!"

Heero groaned and rolled his eyes, "Great another wise ass in the family."

-This Marks the End of Life In Death-


Yes there will be a sequal. Yes I am already working on it! The Sequal will be titled 'Death In Life'. Please be on the look out for the continuation of this trilogy.