There's Always a Happy Ending for a Corpse Bride

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Chapter 12

Bonejangles couldn't believe this. It'd only been a couple of days since Russell had been on here, threatening his brother, and he was back. But why? And what had he done to Jazz? Bonejangles scowled. No one hurt his little girl- despite not actually being related to each other. Bonejangles carefully lifted Jazz from his lap and set her on Emily's. "Take care of her." He muttered as he stood. This had to stop. He couldn't let Russell attack he and his brother any longer. He felt Emily attempt to grab his wrist.

Russell smiled, as though Bonejangles was a long, lost friend. "Bo! Good to see you."

"Yeah, right." Bonejangles said sarcastically, crossing his arms. "What're you doing here?"

"Hey, I left like you said. But you never said 'and don't come back'. You just said get out." Russell shrugged. "I, technically, did as you said."

Bonejangles scowled. "I thought it was implied."

"Obviously, not." Russell smirked. He casually walked over to the bar and grabbed a bottle of beer. He popped the cork out with his thumb and lifted the bottle to his mouth. The beer travelled down his throat, and they heard it trickle through his ribs. Russell gulped loudly before throwing the bottle down, the glass container smashing as it made contact with the floor. Bonejangles didn't react, but could feel the anger bubbling in his bones. Russell wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Nice."

Bonejangles walked forward and held out his hand. "You have Jazz's hat. Give it."

Russell shrugged. "'ere." He held out the hat. "Give it back to the little brat."

"She is not a little brat!"

Everyone was surprised at Fletcher's outburst. The boy was scowling at Russell. If looks could kill, Russell would've been sent to his second death. "She's great!" Fletcher continued. "At least she's more human then you'll ever be!" Seeing the look on Russell's face, Fletcher's eyes widened and he covered his mouth; as though stopping himself from saying anymore words.

Russell stared at Fletcher before throwing his head back and laughing. Fletcher's hands fell from his mouth slowly. "Oh, kid," Russell said through his laughter. "You remind me of Oliver! You sure you're not related to them?"

"C-Certain, sir." Fletcher replied in a small voice.

Russell stepped toward him then patted him on the head. "Good on ya, kid. You've got guts, I'll give ya that." He roughly took hold of the top of Fletcher's head and harshly flung him away. Fletcher hit the counter and rubbed the back of his head. Russell smirked. He flipped the hat in his hands over a few times before placing it on Jazz's head. "Here ya are, sweetie." He said.

Emily frowned at him and held the skeleton girl tighter. Russell smirked, sensing some sort of pattern. He looked at Bonejangles over his shoulder. "So, is this your dame, Bo? I must say, Bo, I'm impressed."

Emily opened her mouth to speak, but Bonejangles spoke first. "No."

Russell raised an eyebrow. "No?"

"She's not my girlfriend."

Emily stared at the skeleton, who had his back to her. How could he say that? How could he say, in front of all of these people, that Emily was not his girlfriend? Was he…Was he trying to tell her something? If Emily had any blood, it would've run cold.

"Ah. Too bad." Russell muttered.

"What're you doing here, Russell?" Jums asked in the most serious tone he could muster, considering the fear that was building up in his bones.

"What? Can't I come and see my two favourite boys? Danny's Boys, they should call ya. Danny and Russell's Boys."

"I'd be kinda scared if I was your 'boy'." Bonejangles replied.

"So would I." Russell agreed. He walked over to the bar again and took hold of another bottle, sipping from it. A bony hand grabbed hold of the bottle's neck.

"Stop drinking that." Bonejangles ordered darkly.

"An' if I don't?" Russell asked.

Bonejangles' eye narrowed. "I'll make sure you do."

Russell laughed. "I'm sure you will." He harshly pushed Bonejangles away, almost knocking Bonejangles off of his feet.

"I wouldn't do that again if I were you."

Everyone froze, Russell the most statue-like. The voice was childish. The voice was familiar. The voice was… "Oliver!" Russell exclaimed, laughing and smiling. He didn't look at the boy, who, he knew, was standing behind him. "Finally came out of your home, huh?"

Oliver Skeleton frowned. "I don't like it when people hurt my big brother."

"He's dead, kid. He can't get hurt. Where the hell d'you come from anyway?"

"There's a door in the kitchen leading to an alleyway. I came through there."

"Ah…Couldn't face anyone, huh?" Russell looked over his shoulder, then frowned. "Oh, that's just rude…"

Oliver kept the barber's knife pointed at the murderer's back. Russell smirked. "Not a lot you can do with that, I'm afraid."

"I can try."

Bonejangles stared at his brother, unsure on whether he should feel happy or angry. Happy that his brother had finally let himself out of the prisons of his home. Angry because he hadn't gone to see his brother sooner. Besides, his brother was holding a bloody knife to someone's back. Where did he get those knives anyway? Bonejangles had caught Oliver cleaning his barber knives once, but Oliver had not given his sibling any sort of explanation as to why he had them.

"What do you want?" Oliver asked.

"Jus' wanted a drink."

"Get it somewhere else."

"Nah. I felt like coming to see ol' Bojangles."

"Bonejangles." Bonejangles corrected angrily. "It's Bonejangles."

"Bojangles, Bonejangles, whatever your real name was-"

"Wait." Bonejangles stopped him. "My real name…I thought Bojangles was…"

"Are you kidding?" Russell asked. "Danny was an idiot, but he wouldn't call his own son 'Bojangles'. You made that up! Everyone called you Bojangles. No one knew your real name!" Russell smirked and looked back over his shoulder. "Except you, Ol. You knew."

"Ol?" Bonejangles asked, looking dumbfounded at his brother.

Oliver glanced at him worriedly, then looked back to the back of Russell's head, frowning. "Yes. I did know his real name. I still do. But I will not announce it in front of all these people."

Bonejangles looked surprised, as did several other people in the pub. He shook away the shock. "I need to ask you something, Russell."

Russell looked to him, hand slipping into his pocket. "What?"

"Uncle Benny told me that you and my father used to be…friends. Is that true?"

Several gasps sounded out through out the pub. Emily covered her mouth with one hand.

"Yes." Russell admitted. "Yes. It is true. Danny and I were friends, before and after he married your mother. We were even friends after your birth, Bo."

"Then what happened?" Bonejangles pressed.

Russell sighed, unsettlingly happy. "Men don't like it when other men try to kiss their wives…"

Bonejangles and Oliver's jaws dropped. "You did what?" Oliver asked.

Russell shrugged. "Hey, when there's a nice dame about the place," Russell looked over his shoulder and smirked. "Men just can't control themselves."

Oliver shouted out angrily and rushed forward, knife at the ready. Russell sighed. No one had noticed that Russell's hand had slipped into his pocket and he quickly brought that hand out, turning to face Oliver.

And the gun went off.

Oliver fell to the ground on his backside, sitting against the bar, hand clutching his stomach. Strangely, he looked weak. "Ah…That's not fair…" He muttered hoarsely. "Shooting me where you got me before…"

Russell blew at his tip of the gun, half ignoring him.

"Tell me, Russell." Oliver began. "Was it like this with Lydia?"

Bonejangles came out of his shocked faze enough to tilt his head. Lydia?

"Oh, here we go…" Russell muttered.

"Brother doesn't remember her. But I do. She was a little girl we use to take care of while her father was 'working'. We exposed him as a murderer and she ran away in despair. We ran after her but…she was already gone. And she had a bullet hole in her. You. Killed. Her."

Russell scratched the back of his head. "I might've, yes."

"She was just a little girl."

"Oh, please." Russell said. "Do you really think you two could've taken care of her? You can't even take care of yourselves."

Bonejangles clutched his head. Images were flying passed his eye. The smiling face of a little girl, no older then six. The image of an old man with greasy blond hair and glasses. The blood on the alleyway wall… Bonejangles shook with anger. How could Russell take away the life of a little girl like that? How could he shoot her? She was innocent…So sweet and innocent…and that monster had killed her. Bonejangles began to move forward, stepping slowly.

"Jangles, no!" Jums exclaimed and Russell turned.

But Bonejangles was already running toward the murderer.

Author's note:

Sorry about the wait and for leaving it on a cliff-hanger there.

I bet you Oliver fans (if there are any) really hate Russell right now.

Will Bonejangles win the fight? Or will Russell? Stay tuned…