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Chapter One: Contact

The house had always been empty and dark. For as long as Lovino could remember, it had been a lonely place full of cobwebs and lost memories of the distant past, a lonely place with long, dark hallways that echoed every silent breath he took. He hated the dust covered floors that refused to acknowledge his present with footprints. He hated the windows blackened by grim that refused to open for him or even let him clean them. He hated the single window that refused to get dirty and block the view of the outside world, of the vast tomato gardens that had long turned wild and disorganized. Most of all, he hated the door that refused to open for him and allow him to leave the house. But everything was different.

Lovino woke from his slumber – though could it really be called a slumber when he wasn't really sleeping? What would those periods of time where his consciousness simply floated through the house and time without any defined purpose? – to find the house full of light. All of the stubborn windows were wide open, allowing sunlight to eradicate every fragment of darkness. The dusty blankets covering the ancient furniture were gone and could be seen outside on an old, rickety clothesline. The front hall was swept free of soot and soil so large boxes could line the walls.

But none of this mattered when Lovino caught sight of the door. The impenetrable door that barred him from the rest of the world, kept his world confined to the walls of the house. The terrifying barrier that he couldn't even approach it sent off such a strong aura. The door. It was open.

Life seemed to return to Lovino as his heart raced, sending blood through his veins at a rapid pace and beating loudly in his ears, and his breath quickened. He was excited yet nervous as he walked down the hall, closer and closer to the door. Was this even possible?

Just as he was about to reach out through the doorway, laughter from outside filled his senses. Lovino yelped in surprised and ran from the open entrance to hide under the staircase as footsteps approached.

The soft padding of bare feet on wooden floors was accompanied by a twenty-something male. Laughter was only partially muffled by the tower of boxes held in his arms, shaking somewhat from the vibrations caused. Only when he bent to drop the pile on the floor and straightened was he fully visible.

If there had been any darkness left in the house after being pierced by the sunlight streaming through opened windows and doors it was promptly chased off by the internal flaming star of this man. Skin was darkened to a tan and had been for years. Muscles were more of the lean sort than prominent in anyway, though they did have their differentiation amongst themselves, hardly seen beneath the denim shorts and mustard yellow T that adorned his midway to tall frame. Yes was always the answer to the question of if he'd ever used a brush, for he did indeed pull one through his mess of dark chocolate curls. Twice a day, in fact! But no one ever believed him… Who could believe a man with such childish and laughing green eyes? But what was wrong with laughing anyway? At that moment, for example, he was laughing at nothing off great hilarity. He was alone in fact, a time when most don't often laugh. Maybe when reading or watching TV, but not when giddily thinking of the work required to bring the tomato patch back up to snuff. But I assure you, that was the exact reason for the male's laughter.

"I'll probably need better tools~" Giggles and coos in the low tone of a grown male didn't quite fit.

What the hell? Perfectly hidden underneath the stairs, Lovino watched this stranger with a scowl and the faintest of blushes. He was acting like a fool, laughing and talking to himself, but yet there was a small twitch to Lovino's scowl, challenging it's position on his face. Something about this idiot made him want to smile. Something about him tickled the recesses of his groggy mind...

"But I guess I should get settled first." Responding to personal statements didn't always lead to the best mental results but he didn't mind much. Antonio enjoyed talking to himself. He held firm to a belief that plants react to stimuli such as the tone of voice humans use around them. Laughter and happy things will produce healthy vines. It only made sense, at least it did to Toni. And now that he was living by such a gorgeous plot of land bearing vegetation he would have to test his theory, for it was hard to with school plants that you don't always see on a daily basis. Even going for his major in agriculture he didn't get as much hands-on work with plants as he would like, and as he felt depressed seeing anything potted there was nothing for him to do in his prior years of apartment life. Antonio brightened. Now, now all the right pieces were aligned for his perfect home. A cottage in the general vicinity of his school baring fields of tomatoes nearly choked him in nostalgia for his home.

"It's off to work we go~" Whistle and sung tune before he went back out to retrieve more boxes.

Once the cheerful man was out of view, Lovino quickly ran out from under the stairs and to one of the windows to continue watching him. The sun illuminated the Italian's faded features of pale peach skin and silky chocolate locks, a single rebellious strand curled away from his head in a way that begged to be pulled. His olive eyes were alight with a curiosity, with a depth of emotion, which he had lacked in his days of darkness. He could care less that this man seemed to be moving into his house or that he seemed to be a complete idiot, rather Lovino wanted to know why. Why was this man here? Why did he feel as if he knew them?

If Antonio happened to look back to his new home, at the window Lovino occupied, he would have seen nothing but a glimmer of the boy lost in thought. He wouldn't have been able to see the distraught look on the transparent boy as a new question came to mind. "Why am I here?"

The smell of olive oil and other spices permeated the small cottage one night. It had been near a week since it was graced with the presence of life, and already it was regaining its former warmth. Years of dust and cobwebs had been swept, scrubbed, and washed in a variety of tiresome ways that amounted to a cute little home putting it's years of silence to shame. There were still boxes and chores to be done here and there, but now Antonio was far too busy making himself some dinner. Laughing and singing was he, a trait kept up even during his backbreaking hours of cleanup. But at times the joys faltered a little.

Even the most oblivious of men, a title he himself rightly deserved, must take a step out of their own little world every now and then to have a quick look at reality. And the reality was, he still felt like he had roommates. Whether you see or hear them there is a sort of sensation that comes with the knowledge that there is another in the house, and another when there is none. In the case of not knowing the source of the accompanied sensation it is only intensified. Maybe it was an animal that had been living here, he had thought, before no such creature appeared or any signs of one. That distinct feeling of being watched followed him all throughout the house during his waking hours, and even followed him into his dreams. Since spiders still called the corners home he eventually chalked it up to their numerous eyes and went on with life as he was now, commenting on his needing to get a new box of basil.

His unseen guest snorted and rolled his eyes. Didn't this idiot have a full jar of basil the other day? Oh wait… Lovino frowned and crossed his arms. He had knocked that over somehow the other day, hadn't he?

His memory was so faulty after waking up, it was such a nuisance. Really, how could he forget he was dead and therefore invisible to the eyes of the living? It would have saved him the trouble of running and hiding every time Antonio looked his way the first few days of his residency. Upon remembering he was dead, Lovino also remembered his past experience coping with the fact, so he was glad he didn't have to mope over the fact. But still, how was it possible to forget he didn't just wake from a nap, but rather some weird ectoplasm hibernation or something, whatever ghosts did.

It would have saved Antonio's jar of basil, that's for sure. Though, how he was able to knock it over baffled Lovino. He couldn't remember ever being able to affect solid items before, but then again, his memory was still coming back. Not quick enough though. Lovino was highly annoyed his brain –did he have a brain?- had yet to come up with an explanation for his interest in the new owner of the house. Because he was merely interested, that was all. Not even completely interested. Just a bit interested. Because really! Who wouldn't be interested in some young man that bought an old and run down cottage?

Lovino grumbled to himself and rested his head in his hands, elbows propped up on the kitchen table. It had become a bit of a habit to watch Antonio go about his day around the house. There was nothing else better to do, Lovino constantly reminded himself. But watching him cook was something he enjoyed the most, well not enjoyed. More like tolerated the most. Because Antonio was a boring idiot that barely deserved to be watched even out of boredom. Yeah…

"Oi! Antonio!" The front door burst open, causing the entire house to shake.

Yelping in surprise, Lovino jumped from his seat and ran to hide in the other room. So what if Antonio couldn't see him? Maybe someone else could! No one could know he was watching the idiot like some lovesick girl! Because he wasn't lovesick. No, he was just bored. Peering from around the corner, Lovino watched as two men entered the kitchen.

One was smaller than Antonio and possessed the same thinly muscled frame, but his hair was even wilder than the Spaniard's curls. Silver, not even pale blond, but silver locks adorned the pale man's head and spiked out every which a way in a bed head appearance. If that wasn't shocking enough, his eyes were red. He was pale enough to be a ghost too…

The second man was taller than the other two and radiated something foul. Just a look over brought Lovino to a simple conclusion. He was French. What else could he be with that lecherous smirk, light goatee, and silky chin length hair that he obviously spent hours taking care of? The way he was staring at Antonio didn't sit well with Lovino either…

Not that he cared!

"Nice place you got here 'Toni!" Gilbert, the albino, laughed as he plopped into the chair Lovino was previously occupying. "It's not as creepy as you made it sound like!"

"You should have seen it before!" The Spaniard of the three - four? - exclaimed. "Millions of spiders, amigo," he exaggerated. "Still some..."

"Really?" Francis approached his tan friend and hugged him from behind, looking around the room with scrutinizing eyes. His hands slowly moved into Antonio's shirt as he whispered in his ear, "I never would have guessed. You've done a wonderful job, Antonio."

What the fuck did that thing think he was doing to Antonio! Lovino forgot his fear of being seen and stepped out from his hiding place to glare daggers at the groping blond. Wait, why the fuck did he care? Just as Lovino started to return to his spot against the wall, he saw a flash of red and met the albino's gaze. His heart stopped.

The two stared at each other for what seemed like millennium to Lovino. Did he see him? Surely he would have said something by now! Why wouldn't this freak look away already? Lovino was tempted to start yelling when the French pervert spoke up.

"Gilbert, what are you staring at?"

Finally, the red eyes left Lovino as Gilbert looked back to his friends, a lopsided grin tugging at his lips. "Eh, sorry, coulda sworn I felt like someone was staring at me. Sure you don't have any ghosts floating around 'Toni?"

When he was finished giggling from the tickling sensations the Frenchman's fingers caused green eyes blinked a few times in response to the question of paranormal activity in his new home. The blank look was cast around the room, making sure of himself before he answered. "... I don't think so?"

"Hm, you must have some intense spiders then!" Gilbert snickered. "Anyways, wanna go drinking with us?"

"I'm making dinner though!" Antonio whined with a pout.

"You can finish making it then put it in the fridge for later~" Francis purred, nibbling on Antonio's ear 'innocently.'

"Or you can hurry up and finish making it and then we can eat and then go drinking!" Gilbert supplied excitedly, paying no mind to the fact his friend was getting molested. "West refused to make me anything before we left, said he was too busy. I'm hungry!"

Not much of a reply to the request of food, just a breathy, "Fraaanyy."


"Tiiicklees," blushing Antonio whined between giggles.

"Does it now?" Francis smirked and was about to continue 'tickling' his friend when a sudden chill ran down his spine. Was it just him or was there a murderous intent directed towards him? The blond let go of Antonio to look around the room with a frown. Was it really just intense spiders?

Intense spiders had nothing on the fuming Italian ghost peeking through the doorway. Lovino knew he shouldn't be mad –he didn't like Antonio dammit, he had no reason to be mad!- because Antonio had every right and reason to have a boyfriend… Not that he was jealous or anything! No, it was just wrong for them to be doing such things in public! That was all!

"Ha! You feel it too Francis? This place is totally haunted! Come on Antonio! Come drinking with us!"

Laughing off the new freedom as well as another haunted comment Antonio gave in. "Sí sí, I'll go. After food though!"

"Fuck yeah!"

Considering he was friends with a German and a Frenchie, it was relatively understandable and even expected that going out for a few drinks with the guys meant getting horribly drunk to the point that he was wobbling a little when he entered his door and could not stand to move any further than the couch in the search for a soft surface to pass out on. So, naturally, that was just what Antonio did when he arrived home hours later, just fall face first onto the cushions and go into a deep sleep.

Almost instantly, a blanket was placed over the slumbering drunk. Lovino sighed and crossed his arms to glare at Antonio. Why didn't he come home with that handsy Francis? Weren't they a couple? Or was the French pervert just that way with everyone? Antonio hadn't seemed like he actually knew the blond was making advances… He was an idiot.

Lovino rolled his eyes and squat next to Antonio's feet to pull off his shoes gently. Ever since the three left, leaving a very annoyed Italian, he was able to consistently pick up things. He had no idea why he suddenly could, but wasn't complaining. It was nice to be able to help some by cleaning up the small mess Antonio's friends had left. Not that he was trying to be nice.

Scowling, Lovino threw Antonio's shoes across the room. "Why the fuck am I being so nice to you?" He yelled at the sleeping Spaniard. So fucking annoying…

A small blush tinted Lovino's pale cheeks as he stared at Antonio. Dammit he couldn't keep lying to himself. He liked something about this idiot for some reason. Sighing, Lovino got to his feet and put away the shoes he threw. No need to show any more signs of his presence. Hopefully Antonio would wake up thinking one of his friends helped him home.

With nothing better to do, Lovino returned to the living room and sat on the floor across from the couch-cum-bed to watch Antonio sleep. So peaceful. It must be nice being able to escape from the world for several hours; Lovino couldn't remember what it felt like to sleep. His ghost hibernations were nothing like how he expected sleep to be like. They weren't peaceful or relaxing and always left him disorientated and lost when he woke up, unsure as to how much time had passed.

As his thoughts wandered, Lovino found himself inching closer and closer to the couch. Soon enough, he was sitting next to Antonio's head on the couch, gently stroking his curly locks. If he imagine hard enough, Lovino could almost feel the soft –for it was surely soft- hair between his fingers…

Shyly, Lovino looked around the room to make sure there was no one to watch what he was about to do, for he would die, well die again, from embarrassment. Ever so slowly, Lovino lay down between Antonio and the back of the couch. If he could pretend to feel, he could always pretend to sleep, right? Lovino curled into Antonio, a furious blush consuming his entire face as he closed his eyes. He could almost imagine drifting into the dream world.

Had he left a window open last night? A smile and curling of his body somewhat. That warm breezy feeling was so nice, Antonio craved it and the continued sleep it promised. But in his waking thought returned, as much as it could to someone like him, and made something known. No breeze came in the form of a ball of heated air. Nor did it have that slightly heavy feeling without the accompanied humidity. What was it he was curling around?

The haziness of the man beside him had to be at the hands of just waking. But even through the haze Antonio found his soft features, the rounded cheeks and childish face. Such a cutie. Wait... Orbs widened when the realization slapped him in the face, but there was no possible way for him to move. He just stared in shock at the stranger sleeping next to him.

'Who is this! I don't know him, do I! I do forget things, but I wouldn't forget someone so adorable... Would I? So cute... What's going ooon!' Antonio let out a soft whine as his thoughts raced, though still watched the stranger. '... Drinking... Did I bring him home last night?' Glance at their persons, 'We're both dressed, so nothing happened... I think.' What was going on? '... So cuuuute!'

End of Chapter One

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