Right here is your place

( hererighthere )

And there's laughing and giggling and smiles

Because these are the people who love you


And they always will


You've never had it easy

Oh, love

You've always taken the hard route

But it's getting better

( what a relief )


And those tear tracks are stained


On your heart

They aren't going away

But you don't need to forget

Because, as much as it hurts

You're getting better


Maybe you still look in the mirror and grimace

But that insecure, ugly girl you see

Isn't y o u

Because you are beautiful


There will always be the little things you hate

( why can't your hair cooperate? )

But you are learning to love yourself

It's a struggle but your working on it


You need to know

You need to

That you aren't what you think you are

People don't judge you

Or hate you

Or think you're fat

They love you

And you're finally seeing that


Sit yourself down with all those girls

The laughing, happy ones

And let them put their arms around you

And hold you together

Even though you've already fallen apart


You're not what people think

Girl of unraveling threads

But you are becoming what they see you to be

H a p p y



That's all that matters


So cherish this day

Of sunshine and cloudless-skies

The rain will return

But you don't need to be afraid

Because you've found your place, dear


It's right here

A/N: This is my poem. Mine. This is the most honest thing I've ever written about myself, and it's a little scary.

Also, you know you have issues when you write three free verse poems in a day. I think I need a life.

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