Chapter 1: Prologue

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"Y-You want me t-to what?" Japan stuttered as he stared, dumbfounded, at one of his (extremely distant) family members.

Korea smirked as he looked at his second favorite brother (the first being China since his breasts were extra squeezable and easier to get at). Korea had found and cornered his brother in his room after the second day of the world summit.

"I said 'I dare you to claim Greece's breasts'," Korea repeated. Why was Japan being so slow today? He didn't think it was a hard concept to grasp. After all, Japan saw him doing it all the time.

"Why would I want to do that?" Japan asked tersely as he crossed his arms and looked away from his leering relative.

"Because I dared you!" Korea said cheerfully.

"And..." he continued as the intensity of his leer increased as he leaned into his brother's personal space. Japan's eyes widened and he unconsciously leaned back in response to the intimidation.

"If you don't, I'll tell Russia you want to become one with him," Korea smirked evilly. That would get the large nation off of everybody else's back and more importantly it would leave China open for the taking. Korea almost wished Japan would say 'no', but... it really would be worth it for Japan to say yes, if only for the entertainment value.

Meanwhile, Japan's face grew so pale he looked like death warmed over (barely). Korea...he wouldn't do such a thing, would he? Everyone knew that he was allergic to Russia. He wouldn't be able to survive being hounded for weeks...

"I..." Japan hesitated as he blushed and brought the tips of his pointer fingers together a few times in a rare display of nervousness.

"Hmmmm?" Korea gave Japan his best shit-eating grin as he invaded Japan's personal space a little more. He knew when he had won and the little Koreas in his head began doing their victory dances.

"I-I'll do it..." Japan said miserably.

In contrast, Korea lit up with happiness and began to suffocate his brother in a crushing hug.

"I knew you'd do it!" he said as he spun Japan around in a circle. However, Korea released Japan as quickly as he had glomped him, shaking the island nation up even more.

"But! You have to do it tonight when we're all at dinner!" Korea said with his pointer finger up in the air, speaking as though this was some great challenge rather than an act of perversion.

Japan sighed in despair as he thought of his good friend. He wasn't friends with many nations that were interested him simply because they liked Kiku and although the two were extremely different in many ways, they also shared many common interests. Besides, the differences were what made their relationship interesting.

Now though, he had to do this. He knew that Greece was more open about things such as this, but physical touch wasn't a large facet in their relationship (besides that one night that DID NOT HAPPEN!).

Perhaps if he simply explained afterwards? Although that might be difficult to do if Korea wanted him to do it in front of the other nations at dinner... he hoped that they wouldn't take it the wrong way. It had taken forever to stifle the rumors spread by France when he had seen Greece and Japan walking under an umbrella together. He hadn't realized that France had been so aware of the cultural implications of what the act meant to Japan's people. He had only agreed to do such a thing with Greece because he knew that the Mediterranean nation didn't know any better.

Japan sighed again. Why did these things have to be so complicated?

But he supposed that if he didn't have much of a choice, he may as well plan a strategy of attack...

For those of you not aware, in Japan, sharing an umbrella = a romantic relationship.

And one of the web comics show Greece and Japan under an umbrella! It was too cute not to put in. Hope everyone enjoyed this~