Chapter 5: Loving You


The two of them laid there for some time, staring at each other, lips connected. Japan, though his face was red, couldn't find it in himself to be embarrassed for much longer and he wrapped his arms around the back of Greece's neck while his legs did the same to Greece's hips.

Greece smiled into the kiss and finally broke it, giving Japan a chance to breathe. Greece quickly pulled Japan up until he could wrap his arms around him and stood up. He carefully maneuvered them around in the small bathroom and finally shuffled out into the bedroom, Japan still clinging to him.

Greece carefully laid him down on top of the bed and started pressing lazy kisses to the side of Japan's neck as he began to unbutton his shirt. Japan sighed in pleasure and let his arms fall onto the comforter so that they wouldn't get in the way.

"Kiku..." Greece breathed into his ear as he finally managed to liberate Japan from his shirt and moved to his belt.

Japan flushed red again and grabbed Greece's hands. Greece looked up at this and sent Japan a questioning glance. He smiled when Japan shyly tugged on the edge of Greece's own shirt. He quickly removed it and tossed it onto the quickly growing pile of clothes on the floor.

Greece kissed him softly on the lips and tugged gently at his belt again. This time he was asking permission to continue. Japan's blush didn't fade and he jerkily nodded his head as he forced himself to relax. Greece quickly kissed his way down Japan's torso, slowly unbuckling the belt as he did so, finally unzipping the stifling piece of clothing. Greece smoothly sat back up and tugged Japan's legs into the air so that he could remove both his pants and his underwear.

Japan couldn't look as he was exposed so quickly and turned his head to the side, but he helped him by lifting his hips. Greece smiled and observed the naked man displayed in front of him. Kiku was so beautiful...

Japan glanced at him from the corner of his eyes and wished that his friend (lover?) would stop doing such embarrassing things. Like staring at him in the middle of undressing him...

"H-Heracles..." he whispered as he impulsively tried cover himself with his hands.

Greece chuckled and leaned down to kiss him again.

"It's alright..." he whispered back and Greece treasured the moan he received when he finally touched Japan.

His hand began to slowly stroke pleasantly firm flesh and he started to suckle on the inviting nub before him. Greece stopped for a moment and looked up at Japan. His face was flushed, of course, but now his mouth was parted with the strength of his harsh breathing, a small trail of saliva beginning to form at the edge of his mouth.

"Kiku..." Greece got his lover's attention. "Do you have any lube?"

Japan looked startled, but after a moment or two he averted his eyes again and shook his head. Greece sighed. He wasn't too surprised, but he had hoped that it would be available. It seemed that they would have to improvise.

Greece moved the hand that wasn't fondling a part of Japan and brought three fingers up to Japan's lips.

"Suck," Greece commanded as he watched the blushing Asian open his mouth a little wider and take the digits in.

He groaned a little at the sight of Japan being so unintentionally erotic in his quest to make sure that the fingers were properly lubricated. The little pink tongue could be seen peeking out from around his fingers every so often and the smooth wetness of his mouth around a part of him made the heat in his body grow and pool low, settling in his groin.

"T-that's good..." Greece said as he pulled his fingers from Japan's mouth.

Greece felt his knees weaken as he saw Japan whimper and try to follow the after the fingers, a string of saliva still connecting them.

Greece quickly trailed the fingers down to Japan's entrance and he pushed the first one in as he pumped Japan harder to make sure he didn't notice the discomfort too much.

Japan flinched when he felt something foreign press into him, but he quickly forgot about it as the pressure on his dick increased and he felt his hips push upwards towards the source. Soon, the first digit was moving swiftly in and out of Japan's hole and Greece knew it was time to introduce another to it.

Greece shuffled down the bed a bit and slipped Japan's member into his mouth while simultaneously slipping the second finger into him. Japan gave a cry of pleasure as he was suddenly engulfed in damp heat. Japan felt himself jerk as the two fingers inside him began to move and stretch inside of him, but before he could register the itchy burning sensation, he scrunched his eyes and cried out as Greece began to hum around his cock.

Japan could feel Greece smile around him as he hummed some nonsense tune. Japan panted and opened his eyes to look down. Japan's breath caught in his throat as he locked eyes with Greece, who was peeking at him from under his thick hair. When Japan felt the shifting fingers in him this time, it was infinitely more pleasurable as his partner hit a certain nerve in him just so. Japan moaned and sighed as he helped angle his lower half better so that it was easier for the Greek.

Greece was happy that this was a pleasurable experience so far for the little Japanese man, but he still wanted to be as careful as possible. So before he put the third and last finger in, Greece moved his head down further until the tip of Japan's cock tickled the back of his throat and he swallowed.

The reaction he got was enough to make him moan in pleasure simply from hearing it and while Japan was distracted he pushed the final finger into the delicious ass before him. He began rubbing the other's insides, hitting spots he knew would make his little partner moan louder.

Japan was grasping at the covers underneath them desperately and thrashed his head back and forth at the new sensations overwhelming him. It was too much...too much...

"Ngghh...Gi-girisha!" Japan managed to moan with shaky breaths.

Greece removed his mouth from Japan, but kept his fingers wrapped in that tight heat and looked up at his partner. His mouth suddenly felt dry and he felt his free hand immediately fly to the button of his pants.

"A-are you ready, Nihon?" Greece asked even though he had already unbuttoned and pulled the zipper of his slacks down.

"Y-yes!" Japan cried as Greece shifted his fingers around a bit more.

With this confirmation, Greece wasted no time quickly shoving his pants down to his knees (no underwear) and spitting into his hand to lubricate his erection. Greece took a little time to reposition Japan's legs around his waist and to position his own cock at Japan's entrance.

Greece leaned down to kiss Japan once more and looked him in the eyes.

"Are you sure?" Greece asked, giving him one last chance to change his mind.

Japan paused at the serious look in his...lover's eyes and he realized that he wouldn't be able to pass this off as a dream or a fantasy when he woke up in the morning. But Japan thought back to Greece's words in bathtub...'I like you Japan. A lot.'


Greece paused as well and his brows creased as he concentrated on the man in front of him, ready to stop at a moment's notice.

"I like you a lot too..." Japan mumbled and he gave Greece a soft kiss.

Greece smiled and deepened the kiss as he slowly pushed into his lover. Japan's breath hitched as he felt the slow burn of something bigger and thicker than fingers push its way into him.

Greece let out a choked exhale as he felt the tight heat that his fingers had warned him of wrap around something much more intimate. He pushed himself up to the hilt, stilled, and waited for Japan to adjust, his quiet little muscle spasms letting him know that he wasn't quite ready yet.

"Go," Japan demanded once he had forced his inner muscles to relax around Greece.

Greece nodded and began to carefully pull out. Japan groaned at the friction, not yet as pleasurable as it had been before, but as Greece sped up and began changing angles, he groaned as everywhere inside him was being touched by their lovemaking.

Japan felt his toes curl and his head throw itself back against the bed as Greece finally hit his prostate. He eagerly adjusted his hips to accommodate the increasing tempo that Greece was creating and soon enough Greece simply grabbed one of the legs around his waist and propped it onto his shoulder. Japan groaned as the pulsating cock went deeper inside him and he clenched around it.

Greece buried his head into the leg on his shoulder and let out a moan. Japan felt so good! Better than their first time because this time it meant more. So much more...

The heat around him was consuming him and he almost couldn't think straight. Greece grabbed the bouncing prick in front of him and gave it a few tugs before Japan gave out a howl and came messily over Greece's hand and his own stomach.

As he licked up the come on his hand he smiled at the sight before him. Greece was still thrusting to his own completion and he watched, entranced, as Japan's body shifted and shuddered, sensitized by its recent orgasm.

Greece continued as he let the leg on his shoulder slide down to the bed. He quickly grabbed the two round globes of flesh and watched as he slid in and out of the abused, red pucker. He finally succumbed to the overwhelming wave of pleasure and gave his exhausted lover one last kiss before he finally emptied himself inside of his body. Greece pulled out carefully, Japan shifting uncomfortably when he felt some of the fluid inside of him spill out.

Greece pulled on the comforter and used the bottom edge of it to clean them up. After that he kicked off his pants the rest of the way and pulled the sullied blanket off of the bed. Finally, Greece flopped down next to Japan and covered the two of them with the sheets.

Japan shifted onto his side and let Greece lie down and curl up behind him, Greece's body spooning with his own. Japan shivered in delight as his lover laid his arm over him and breathed warm air onto the back of his neck. Japan closed his eyes sleepily, drifting off, but then he suddenly felt something that made him snap back into awareness.

He looked down in confusion at the hand groping his chest.

"G-girisha?" Japan looked over his shoulder.

Greece's eyes were bright with sleepy mirth and he whispered into Japan's ear.

"I claim your breasts too."


When Greece drifted into consciousness the next morning, he smiled as he realized that there was a comfortable warmth cuddled up against his side. He stretched, arms above his head with his back arched, toes pointed. After he managed to pop a couple of the kinks in his back, he relaxed and looked at the lovely picture laying next to him.

Greece blinked in shock when he realized what 'pictures' reminded him of.

"Oh yeah..." Greece mumbled as he searched through the clothes on the ground.

Greece stood next to the bed, in all his natural glory, looking at the little pink camera that Korea had told him to use in exchange for the card key that he had given him.

"I think he wanted something a little more dirty, but..." Greece whispered as he laid back down onto the bed.

Greece carefully laid down next to his curled up bed partner and slowly turned him over so that he was curled up against his chest instead. Greece wrapped an arm around Japan's shoulders and smiled when Japan's arm stretched itself across his chest and Japan nuzzled Greece's chest.

He lifted the camera into the air, rested his head against the pillow behind him, aimed carefully, and snapped the picture.

Greece brought his arm down and smiled at the picture the two of them made... He would have to ask Hungary and Korea for copies... Greece looked down at the resting nation next to him.

It could wait until later.


the End.


Wahh, I love me some Greece/Japan! This was only my second attempt at smut, so be kind! (and for some reason I feel that it's remarkably like my first try...I'll have to shake it up a bit next time...)

I'm hoping to start a new Greece/Japan story soon :3 It should be for the long haul too so it'll have a lot more plot than this one, but I think I want to take a bit of a break first...

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for reading~ :D