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She leant forward and carefully placed a kiss upon his lips.

He started in shock at her action. Regarding her questioningly before leaning towards her, he returned the kiss.

They regarded each other in silence, though their hearts raced and their breath was rapid.

Then they lunged at each other: mouth upon mouth, hands upon bodies; tangling, grasping, holding, caressing and claiming. Their mouths explored each other's: tasting, remembering and drinking each other. Over and over again, they kissed, with passion and patience.

Donna moved to lean back against the Doctor, peering closely at him to see what his reaction was to all of this.

"That's one way to get your man," she commented drily, as they unintentionally watched the teenage couple continue kissing in front of them through the glass.

"You'd think they'd get some curtains on that window," the Doctor replied, trying to sound calmer than he was.

Donna's Mum's new neighbours certainly seemed to be exhibitionists; and their teenage daughter obviously didn't mind who saw her passionate embrace. Still, they kept the back garden nice Donna thought.

"Yeah, who would want the whole world watching them?" Donna asked. "Not sure if Jonathan Ross could say that though."

"It's certainly something to get your tongue around," the Doctor agreed. "It would take a very talented… mouth." He gulped as his eyes dropped to Donna's lips. He really should look away; any moment now would be helpful. It'd save him from a slapping at least.

"Very talented. I wonder if…" Donna noticed his interested gaze; or rather, she tried not to notice. She blushed. Damn the man/Martian/alien (whatever!) for making her feel this way. She felt unaccountably hot all of a sudden. She needed a drink or something; and licked her lips.

The Doctor's eyebrows shot up into his hairline, and he tried to control his breathing. He was not feeling this way; he was not! He stepped nearer to Donna and whispered close to her ear, "Maybe we should…?"

She turned to answer him, "Yeah, maybe we should…" But he was too close now; his mouth mere centimetres away from hers, far too close. She felt herself being drawn as though magnetised to his lips. They beckoned and bewitched her. His natural aroma filled her senses, and she felt powerless to resist. She turned her head oh so minutely to smoothly line up with the kiss she expected to happen. He in turn rotated his head towards her; wanting this so much it almost hurt.

"Stop gawping over there you two and come inside for your tea!" Sylvia yelled out of the back door, making both of them jump apart. "Anybody would think you've got nothing better to do with your time!"

Donna shot the Doctor an apologetic look before answering, "Sorry Mum! Just coming!" With that, she grabbed his hand and dragged him back inside her mother's house.

There was always later of course.