AN: While watching Leverage reruns I spotted that in one episode Parker ended up wearing Hardison's scarf! So I decided to write this. I wanted to post it according to the chronological order but I can't remember what season it was [I'm pretty sure it was second season]. Since I haven't uploaded in a while I chose to post it now. Hope you like it :D [I won't be able to post as frequently as I'd like because I'm a college student and professors tend to suck your soul XD ]

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It was now obvious that destiny has called upon a group of thieves to find justice. It was also clear that a group of lonesome thieves had become a family.

"There's a father, always with a plan; a mother, ready to explain everything; a big brother, who always had your back; and –" she stopped herself "Alec isn't like a brother, no, he's different." He made her feel weird, a good weird nonetheless.

She was starting to get irritated. She still couldn't figure it out. "What is Hardison's role?" she asked herself over and over again determined to find the answer.

Days passed and the puzzle lingered in the back of her mind. Not a father, not a brother, but still very, very close. You know you're always safe when you're with that person. Some extra days passed and still the question remained unanswered.

It was bothering her way more than she'd like. Not a brother, not a father, but still you feel like they know you better than you know yourself.

Now not only the question loitered in her mind, but she also wanted to be closer to him, physically closer. By now she could tell when it was him walking through the threshold. His presence was annoyingly becoming a necessity, so she hatched a plan. It was simple, anyone could do it, but still she prepared like if she were breaking in a bank.

She constantly saw him wearing different beanie and scarves. The thief liked that he always wanted to be warm. She knew if she was ever cold, he could keep her warm, he would keep her warm. "That's it!" she thought "a scarf!"

She liked the black and white plaid one. She thought it was appropriate considering their ethnicity. Black and white fibers were mixed creating a final product, a successful one. She wasn't really sure what it meant but she still liked the idea. "He wore it a couple of days ago, that means it's accessible." she gleefully said to herself.

The next day the plan was a go; the scarf would be hers. In and out in under three minutes.

Two days passed and - to Hardison's knowledge - the scarf had despaired into thin air. He searched for it everywhere. "I can't believe I lost it! Dang, it was my favorite one! Light and dark, the perfect combination." he talked aloud searching frantically.

Another two days passed and he saw Parker wearing the scarf.

"Hey parker, where'd you get that scarf?" He asked curiously.
"Umm, I bought it." She said with a questioning tone.
"Is that my scarf? Parker!"
"I liked it, plus it was there for the taking." She defended herself weakly.
He thought about what to tell her, too many things came to his mind. The hacker finally said "If you like it that much, you could've ask."

Her eyes looked at his. The weird feeling started to gain control of her body, her knees felt weak, her hands were lightly shaking and her heart was beating way too fast.

She put her hands on the scarf. Parting with it would've been hard, but she was ready to give it back.

"Keep it" he said smiling "I like it better on you. Just, treat in nicely, it's my favorite one."
"Mine too" she said.

He could only hope that it had a similar meaning to her as it did him.