A/N: I really hope nobody minds if I took this challenge from the Sisters Grimm fandom – it's very popular there, created by an author called Cannibalistic Skittles, and I really wanted to try it, but I just am not all that inspired by the fandom itself. So I'm using it here!

Anyways, the somewhat tragic news: I think I need to take a little break from the NERDS fandom. I mean, I love it and all, and I will still read whatever is written by others, but lately every single thing I've been writing has been about it. I need to focus on my other fandoms, you know? I'm not called FullHouseandPixarLover for nothing. And school is starting in a few days, so that'll give me even less time to work on other fandoms. So I'll write the last chapter of "Do You Remember That One Time..." and then I won't be writing NERDS quite as much.

But fortunately, to the rescue comes this story! Even through my little break, I'll be updating this one. (Because as Friends has taught us, being on a break from something does not mean you neglect it entirely.) Since the chapters will be short, I'll be able to write and publish them quickly in my spare time. They'll span the entire spectrum of topics (Flintilda included, of course!), so it'll be like a bunch of different new stories, I guess.

So stay with me guys, and don't stop writing for NERDS yourselves! And I hope you enjoy this. Please R&R!

1.) Dream

The night before they were each recruited, each member of NERDS had a dream they would never forget.

As you may already know, Jackson's dream was more of a nightmare. Principal Dehaven made an unwarranted appearance in his subconscious as a chain gang warden, mirroring the man's real-life vision of the boy. Within the next month, however, Jackson became quite the opposite of a convict.

Ruby dreamed that she was the queen of first grade. Her juvenile monarchy was fair and let people live their lives the way they wanted to, but she had guidelines, and if she spoke, people would listen. Later she decided that this would be the way she would lead the only few people in the first grade who actually mattered – her new teammates.

Duncan endured the same torturous dream he had been having for the past few months. Kevin Houser and Brett Bealer were giants, laughing as they drowned him in an ocean of glue. It was the cheap kind that didn't even taste good. It was a repeat dream, but Duncan remembered it well because it was the last time it ever came.

The next agent's dream was quite simple. Maybe you've even dreamed it yourself. But then again, this is Flinch, and if it were really raining chocolate chips, Flinch would be very excited. This excitement was (almost) matched the next day when he was asked to join the team.

Matilda dreamed about kicking people in the face. She woke up with a smile. It's no wonder that she was feeling empowered that day, like she could accomplish anything.

And of course, Heathcliff had a dream, too. It came disguised as a nightmare. He was in a world full of fire and people being chased by dinosaurs and pirates (that's what little kids find scary, after all.) At the time, it was enough to make him cry. But as he matured, the dinosaurs became robots, the pirates became axe murderers, and the vision of the messed-up world coming to an end slowly transformed into the glorious counter-utopia he envisioned he would create as Simon.

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