Same Old Thing

Chapter One: The Party

Tech looked up from his knew gadget as he heard the door opening. Jasper bounded in.

"Hey Tech, Ace said it's time for supper."

"I'm not hungry." He said turning back to his doodad.

"Don't make me beg… please, please, please!" Jasper whined.

"Jasper, you are begging."

"I know. Please, please, please, please,"

"Ok fine!"

"Yay!" Jasper bounded out of the room.

"What's got her so worked up?" Tech asked himself as he got up from his chair. When Tech got down stairs, he got the surprise of his life. No one was there. All of a sudden…


"GAH!" Tech jumped backwards. "What the?"

"Happy Birthday Tech!"


"You seriously forgot about your birthday?" Thorn asked.


Everyone burst out laughing.

"You did!" Olive giggled.

The Loonatics and Guardians had organized a surprise party for their favourite brainiac coyote.

"I did not!"

"You did so!" Olive laughed.

"Ok maybe I did, but I've been really busy!"

"Yeah! Making thingamajigs!" Duck snorted.

"They are not thingamajigs!" Tech protested.

"Ok enough fighting! Aren't we supposed to be celebrating?" Ace asked.

"YEAH!" Everyone shouted.

"Presents first!" Storm smiled excitedly.

About a minute later Tech and everyone else was sitting on couches with a pile of birthday presents at the scientist's feet.

"Open mine first! It's that one!" Rev pointed to a present.

"Ok Rev." Tech pulled the present out of the pile. It was a book on science that Tech had been begging for all year. "Oh my gosh Rev! Thanks!"

"Your welcome buddy!"

"Oh! Open ours next!" Storm, Olive, and Jasper said excitedly.

"Ok calm down! Witch one is it?"

"That one." Storm pointed to one of the presents.

Tech grabbed it and started to open it.

"Hey! Card first!" Jasper scolded.

"Oh, how could I have for gotten that?" Tech laughed.

"Gee, I don't know." Olive giggled.

After Tech read the card, he opened the present; it was a cowboy hat, a pair of ridding boots, and a riding helmet.

"What's all this?" Tech asked.

"You'll find out." The three girls giggled.

So in all, Tech received another begged for science book from Ace, a new palm computer from Lexi, a coupon good for a year to the pizza shop from Slam, a new 5000 page book of lined paper from Duck, all the Guardians pulled together to get Tech a second super computer, a pair of coyote slippers from Thorn (when Tech opened that one everyone was laughing!), and picture of all of the Loonatics and Guardians together from Saphira.

"Thanks guys!" Tech smiled widely.

"Ehem." Storm crossed her arms.

"Ok, thanks guys and girls!"

"That's better." She laughed.

"Supper?" Slam asked suddenly.

"Yes Slam, we will have supper soon." Duck said.

"Supper?" Slam asked again.

"Yes it's ready." Lexi called from the kitchen.

"FOOD!" Slam jumped up and down excitedly. Everyone was shaking.

"S…l…a…m! P…p…lease…stop…j…u…m…ping!" Duck managed to quack out. The Tasmanian devil stopped jumping and zoomed to the kitchen table.