Chapter 3: The Arrival

"What do you mean she never came back? She left with the others when did…" Ace said. He was confused… Frost did leave when the others left… how could she be gone now?

All of a sudden Frost appeared, blood covered her arms and legs she limped forward only to fall to the floor… she let out an agonized howl… her eyes closed and her breathing became slower and more difficult.

Frost's POV

It hurt… so much. All I know is that I was on my way home with the others… then I was somewhere else… there were Darkners everywhere! They attacked me and I barley had the strength to teleport to safety. And now here I am… fallen to the floor… blood pouring out of me… not able to breath properly… what good is my life now? I'm dying… right in front of my friend's eyes.

The next thing I knew was that the pain lessened and breathing became easier. I could feel my wounds being healed… I smiled Saphira. I can always count on her. She has helped me so many times over the last couple of weeks.

I heard Saphira say that I was going to be ok… that I was going to live… I just needed to wake up.

Normal POV

"Frost? Can you hear me?" Ty asked stroking her forehead. Trying to coax her into waking up.

"T… Ty?" Frost asked.

"Oh thank god!" Ty smiled and wrapped his arms around Frost's slim frame. Frost smiled and hugged him back, her head resting on his shoulder. "Your ok now Frost… your ok." Ty said softly stroking her soft, silky light brown hair. Ty gently pulled Frost to her feet and wiped away a tear that trickled down her cheek.

"I'm scared Ty…" Frost whispered in his ear. There were only a couple people that Frost showed how she was really feeling with. Ty was one of them.

Ty pushed the hair that was covering Frost's emerald coloured eye, his eyes went soft as they gazed deeply into her eyes searching hers for the one thing he was thinking of. It didn't show through the hard layer of fear that created a layer of its own.

"We have to go now." Ty said grabbing Frost's hand and with that, they both disappeared.

The remaining Loonatics looked at each other in confusion for a couple of seconds before shrugging and carrying on what they were doing.

When Frost and Ty got back to their clan, Frost was tackled to the ground by Olive.

"I'm so glad your ok!" She smiled and offered her hand to Frost to help her up. But Frost got up on her own and smiled at Olive.

"Frost?" A voice called.

"Oh no." Ty muttered under his breath lucky for him nobody heard him.

"Justin?" Frost asked.

"Babe I was so worried about you!" He ran up to her and hugged her. Frost hooked her arms around his neck. The way he talked to Frost disgusted Ty, his voice was so sickly sweet! He was obviously using Frost, couldn't she see that? Ty wondered.

Justin knew that Ty liked Frost not just as friends, so he did everything possible to drive Ty mad. When Justin was sure that Ty was watching, he pressed his lips to Frost's, his tongue asking for entrance, when Frost allowed she waited until his tongue had explored every single inch of her mouth before she started fighting back.

Ty had seen enough. He turned on his heel and left. Frost had also had enough. She pulled away, only to get pulled back into it.

"Let me go!" Frost yelled. Ty looked back to see Frost trying to break Justin's grip on her. Obviously she didn't want to be kissed anymore.

"Let her go you idiot!" Her heard Olive yell.

"Justin! Let me go!" Frost screamed as he pulled her closer to him his lips meeting hers again. Fists clenched into tight balls, Ty walked right up to Justin and growled.

"Let her go." Ty snarled.

"Oh? And what are you gonna do about it?" Justin asked, "See Frost, Your little hero is coming to rescue you!" Justin smirked.

Ty's teeth curled up over his lips threateningly, "I don't want to have to say it again. Let. Her. Go." Ty growled.

"Oh! I'm so scared!" Justin faked in a very unconvincing voice. "Get real Ty. Everybody knows that you like Frost. But she doesn't like you in return." Justin taunted. Ty couldn't help it, his fist pulled back. Justin's eyes widened "Wait, wait! Can't we work something out? Come on man!" Justin released Frost, "See, see! I let her go!" Justin started to back away. "Please Ty!" He pleaded.

Ty shook his head, an evil smirk appearing on his face. Justin put up his arms trying to defend himself. He threw a punch at Ty, but Ty was to quick, he dodged and kicked Justin in the stomach sending him flying against a tree.

'This is going to be fun' Ty thought as he closed the distance between himself and Justin. But turned as he heard Olive yell 'he's not worth it!' she was right. So he left Justin and jogged over to where Frost stood, stock-still.

"Frost hun? Are you ok?" Ty asked pulling her into a hug. "Shhhh…" Ty whispered as Frost burst into tears.

"Why didn't I see it before? He didn't love me! He never did!" Frost sobbed as she teleported Ty and herself to their secret spot, the spot that only she and him knew about.

"It's ok…" Ty said trying to sound reassuring, but inside he wasn't sure what to do next. Frost pulled away from him and wiped away the tears that trickled down her face. Ty smiled as he saw her softly stroke a white feather that hung from a deer hide neckband. "I still can't believe you've kept that all these years…" Ty said smiling.

"Why wouldn't I have? It was my first Valentines Day present that I got from a boy… I'm just glad that boy was you."


Ty's eyes searched the playground for his best friend Frost. Then he found her, swinging from a rope that hung from weeping willow tree, it's branches so gracefully arced that they lightly brushed her face as Olive was pushed her. Frost wore a big smile on her face.

"Frost!" Ty yelled running over to her.

"Hi Ty!" Frost greeted jumping off the rope and running over to him as fast as her little legs could carry her. Frost and Ty were in kindergarten, it was Valentines Day and their class was spending the day outside to celebrate. With the golden sun beaming down and the sky a wonderful shade of light blue, it was a beautiful day outside.

"Frost! I have something to give you!" Ty panted as the two met under the shade of another weeping willow tree.

"What is it?" Frost asked a big smile spreading across her face.

Ty pulled out a small gift wrapped carefully with black starred wrapping paper. A small blue ribbon was wrapped securely around the parcel and the words 'To Frost, yor speshal to me. From Ty.' Were written on a tag that was attached to the gift.

"Are you gonna open it?" Ty asked excitedly as he handed her the small wrapped gift.

"'Course I am!" Frost replied her smile getting bigger. Frost tore off the wrapping paper and slowly opened the small box that was in her hand. Inside was a beautiful white feather attached to a deer hide neckband. "Ty! I love it!" Frost exclaimed her smile growing wider. (If that was even possible.)

"Will you be my valentine?" Ty asked.

"Yes!" Frost exclaimed hugging him tightly and planting a kiss on his cheek before running off to go show Olive.

End Flashback…

"I wish things were as simple as before…" Frost said sadly leaning in against Ty.

"I do to… I really do." Ty replied wrapping His arm around her shoulders and kissing the top of her head.

Meanwhile back with the vacationers…

"I hoped you enjoyed your flight!" One of the flight attendants said as the five anthros stepped off of the plane and into the sunshine that beat down from overhead. It had taken them the entire night to get to Canada. Which really isn't that bad of a time if you think about it.

"Were finally back!" Storm said excitedly to Jasper as they walked across the parking lot and into the airport's main building. Inside the building the air conditioning was on. Various plants and flowers decorated the desks.

"How may I help you?" A lady said looking up from the piles of paperwork that littered her desk.

"Were waiting for someone." Storm explained. The lady nodded and turned back to her work.

"Storm! Jasper!" A voice called from behind them, the two girls spun around and smiled widely.