Hi guys! As you know if you've been reading my fic, the Roaring Twenties (if you haven't, go read it. And leave a review! *cheesy grin* If you haven't read it yet, don't read on, because this contains spoilers!) Coricopat's just been given an ultimatum (that's the word, right?) by Macavity. He has to give the Hidden Paw ten thousand dollars within one year.

And that's where I have a problem.

I don't know how I should get through that one year. I have a basic idea, but it would be really rushed and… not nice. Plus, I think you'd burst out crying from the intensely concentrated angst. Maybe.

Anyway, that's why I've enlisted your help. *holds up a poster with that Admiral guy pointing at you and saying "THIS FIC WRITER NEEDS YOU!"* If you have ideas for what should happen next in the Roaring Twenties, leave it in a review! I'll use the 3-5 ideas I like most in the next chapters, and dedicate the chapter to you if it has your idea yet. Here are the rules (and a summary, to make it easier to remember!)


Three entries per person, please. One for Cori's POV, one for Jemi's, and one for anyone-who's been-mentioned-so-far's POV.

Please, nothing that drastically alters the plotline. (example: Cori can't suddenly break up with Jemima and start dating Rumpleteazer.)

Leave a brief summary of your idea in a review. If you want something to stay a secret from the general fanfictioning world, PM me with it.


My decision will be revealed in the next few chapters of the Roaring Twenties, obviously.

If I use one of your ideas, I'll credit you at the beginning of the chapter the idea is in.

And… I think that's about it. If I forgot something, I'll post it in another chapter of this.

Please review! *holds up the "THIS FIC WRITER NEEDS YOU!" poster*