Team 6

After the first five kage summit, the kages went back to their perspective village. Then the 4th Raikage called another summit after the fist one was ruined by the Akatsuki. Since Danzo was killed by Sasuke the 5th hokage came to this summit. They all had bought a bodyguard. After they got to the village hidden in the clouds they were talking about how they were going to deal with the Akatsuki after Madara declared war. They all agreed that they were going to make an alliance. The alliance was called the five nation alliance. This alliance had a lot of skilled ninjas from all aver the five great nations. The fifth hokage herself made TEAM 6. Team consisted of 6 strong ninjas, Anko, Aoba, Genma, Raido, Shizune and Moi. Each of this members knew more than one element and each had a main element. This 6 ninja were training to be a future kage. They were the only ninja that could do this, train to become a future kage. Aoba was training to become a future mizukage; Raido was training to become a future tsuchikage, Anko was training to become a future hokage, Genma was training to become a future kazekage. And Moi was training to become a future Raikage. Shizune was training on chakra control she was the best chakra user in the village hidden I the leaves and wanted to surpass Tsunade in medical ninjustsu. The purpose of team 6 was to gather information on the akatsuki and on Orochimaru and some of his experiments.