Day off to Remember

by ~monkeymaiden14

Hunter streached luxuriously out on the sandy shore. There was nothing like a day off, especialy when his annoying spider Shadow was out training with Venus and Portia. A smirk painted his lips. ' He is such a player!' he thought, yawning. It had taken him all morning to find a completely deserted spot, and he was not going to let anyone ruin his nap.

Corona giggled happily. The little lagoon she had discovered would be the perfect day-off paradise. " Kick back and chill, as Hunter would put it." she sighed. A deep blush painted her cheeks as thoughts off the red haired Spider Rider filled her head. She had not talked to him in three weeks, impure thoughts plaugueing her brain. She had forgotten to knock on his door before the usual morning wake up call, and been welcomed to the sight of Hunter soaking wet and wearing nothing but low-slung, navy blue boxers. To say the least, she had been too embarrased to speak to him since. As she pulled the low branches out of her path, she squeaked in shock. Lying near the water's edge, was Hunter, completely oblivious to the blonde standing ten feet away.

Corona gulped nervously as she surveyed his body. His long legs were mostly exposed, the dark green and blue swim trunks clinging to his skin, his usualy pale skin darkened from the sun, his spikey red hair arrainged messily around his shoulders. A dull ache throbbed between her legs, begging for somthing she could never take. Her face went redder, her feet carrying her closer to the sleeping teen. Corona knelt gently beside him, stareing intently at his sleeping face. She flinched as he snuffled softly, his head rolling to the right.

Corona moved to wipe the hair off his forehead, their faces getting closer.

" One little kiss would'nt hurt..." she whispered, the dull ache getting worse. A strand of her blonde hair tickled Hunter's nose, waking him.

" Corona? What the hell!" exclaimed Hunter, shooting upright. Corona sqeaked as she lost her ballance, crashing into the shocked red head. Corona slowly brought her torso up, looking him strait in his beautiful turquiose eyes.

" S-s-sorry Hunter!" she stammered, blushing. Her legs hugged his hips tightly, rubbing against him. She felt him shiver slightly as they touched, blushing lightly. " Just checking if you were asleep!"

" Thats bull Corona!" he exclaimed, their noses touching. He could feel her pressed against his torso, fitting to his body snugly. " You don't have to get THAT close to-MMPH!" Corona locked her arms around his neck, locking thier lips together. She smiled as she felt his mouth open, allowing her toungue inside.

Finaly breaking appart, Hunter glared at her stubbornly. " What has gotten into you Corona?" he gasped, hands placed firmly on her stomach. Corona blushed and giggled as she noticed the sudden firmness pressing into her upper thigh. Sitting up, she searched for the tie to her bikini top. " What are you-?" began Hunter, sitting upright to face her. His eyes widened as the pink, frilly top slid off, revealing her smooth, full breasts.

" I think you know exactly what's gotten into me." she said seductively, adjusting herself so his erection was pressed into her cunt. Hunter blushed intensely, his face quickly becoming the shade of his hair. He gasped as he felt her warm mouth against his neck, licking and kissing the nerve-rich flesh. Hunter moaned, more shivers running down his spine.

" C-Corona...w-we can't..." he panted, not wanting her to stop. Corona moved down to his colarbone.

" Why?" she asked, enjoying the mewling noises of pleasure Hunter was emmiting.

" Because we're battle partners! This is breaking SOOOOO many rules!" he yelped as she began to bite his nipple gently.

" So?" she murmered, riseing up to face him again. " Since when have you followed any of Lumen's rules?" she whispered, sucking on his bottom lip.

" Corona, stop." he moaned, waves of pleasure rolling through his body. " I...I can't think clearly..."

" Good." she said, massageing his hips. " Just relax." Corona wrapped her arms happily around his neck, kissing him deeply. Hunter squeezed her breasts, feeling her erect nipples press into his palms. Rolling Corona on her back, Hunter wrapped his mouth around a nipple, sucking hard. Corona's cries echoed in his ears, urgeing him on.

'' Feel good?" he asked, chin nestled between her breasts. He could feel Corona's hand running up his left leg, pushing up his swim trunks.

" Y-Yes!" she cried, nails digging into his back. Suddenly, the wind was knocked out of him as he hit the ground, Corona stadling his lap. Rubbing the back of his sore head, he looked down just in time to see Corona slip his swim trunks down to his ankles.

" C-Corona!" he yelped, embarrassed that Corona was looking at his mostly erect shaft. He let out a yell as the toungue that was only minutes ago wrestling his own touched his tip gently. His nails dugg painfully into the sandy ground as she took him into her mouth, sucking furiously. Corona slipped slowly out of her bikini bottom, wrapping her legs around Hunter's hips he rolled her onto her back. Positioning himself, Hunter rubbed her legs sexily.

" Ahh! H-Hunter!" she yelled as he pushed in, breaking her barrier in one thrust. Her nails dug painfully into his back, her virgin blood dripping out onto the beige sand. Hunter gritted his teeth, forcing his body to freeze as she got used to his size. After what seemed like hours, Corona lessened her grip, begging, " Please! Keep going!" She moaned sharply as he thrusted again, her hips moving in rythym to his. Her pleasured yells echoed throughout the clearing, adding fuel to the fire. " Oh! OH! OH HUNTER!" cried Corona, arching her back in her orgasm. Her warm juices coated his shaft, dripping onto the sand.

" AHHH! CORONA!" yelled Huinter, reaching his climax. Corona gasped as his fluid seeped into her, filling her with a strange warmth. Panting, Hunter collapsed onto her, his hot breath tickleing her neck.

" Oh wow..." gasped Corona, locking her arms around his shoulders. " That was amazeing!"

Hunter just looked at her, half asleep. Both of them grabbed the towels they had brought, tossing them over their bare bodies. Corona cuddled up to Hunter's warm body, breathing in his hot, sweet scent. Hunter wrapped his arms around the blonde, kissing her forehead. He opened one eye, looking loveingly at her sleeping face. Putting his mouth close to her ear, he whispered,

" I love you."