Hope you like it. Enjoy :)

This is for two things. The first one is alieboo's Oc challenge Mother/daughter father/daughter!

My prompt:Too many asked questions

character: Sirius

The second is this story I'm making called A Little Girl. This is the point of view of the daughter on her father's absence. If you want you can read A Little Girl first(if you want).

A seventeen year old Liliana looks at her ragged father.

"Where have you been?" questioned Liliana, harshly.

Before he could answer her, she speaks again, "Why haven't you at least told us where you were?"

"Why is mum- in love with Professor Lupin?" Liliana finally blurts out.

They are in the Shrieking Shack and her uncle, Lupin, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are there.

"I can explain," Sirius says, going over to her. Lupin looks as if he had been shot.

"No need, uncle told me all I ever want to hear," said Liliana, harshly as she moves away from her father's touch.

"You didn't love us enough to stay, you will never love us enough to kiss mum good night and- and-and you aren't my father," said Liliana, tears in her eyes. "I have no father as far as I'm concerned."

Sirius looks at his only daughter and shakes his head. "I wish you would understand Lily, you are my daughter and I wish that your fifth birthday was different, I would want it to be a happier time for you."

Liliana looks at him and inches toward Lupin ever so slightly. "I have no father, but at least he took care of us, at least he kissed mum good night, at least he was there."

Hope you all liked it. :)