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Chapter 2

After Gale left, I took a look around the room and pain caused me to grimace. Soren looked at me cautiously and I lifted myself up out of the bed. The mending process was over and I'd be alright for the time being. Soren helped me up and the windows cracked. I turned toward the door and saw someone I didn't really want to see. Damen Winchester. He was Rama's right hand guy and liked to toy with the emotions of girls…especially me.

"Am I interrupting?" Damen wondered and I growled at him. Soren met Damen's gaze and I turned my attention to who stood behind Damen. It was Gale.

"Yes, you are," I growled and Soren moved out of my way to usher Gale back to his room.

"My lord would like to see who exactly you brought for him to devour," Damen stated and Gale was still standing there.

Damen turned around and was face to face with Gale. I glided over to Gale and stood in between the two. Both guys were taller than me, so I couldn't hide Gale, but it was enough to get them away from each other. Gale was escorted to his room by Soren and I looked at Damen.

"You owe me," Damen said quickly and I walked away from him, toward the window.

"I remember." My voice was distant as I watched the landscape.

"Remy," Damen growled and turned me to face him. He kissed me possessively and walked out of the room.

Summer stood in the doorway and shook her head with a smirk.

"If only you had let me deal with that mess, maybe then I'd be with Damen," Summer grumbled and I shot her a look.

"Gabriel and Nikolas arrive tomorrow and I don't want anything going wrong or it'll end up being 'battle of the exes'. Please help me, Summer," I begged and Summer reluctantly nodded.

The afternoon arrived the next day and I walked around outside in the woods and heard an arrow break through the flesh of a deer. I grabbed my water bottle of blood and walked over to the scene of the kill. Gale was skinning the animal and I watched for a few minutes until he turned and noticed me.

"You want it?" Gale wondered and I shook my head, gesturing toward my bottle of red liquid.

"Soren wants a word. Tomorrow we head into the lion's den," I stated and started to walk back until I heard forceful footsteps that belonged to Gale. His new boots were strange to him, but I figured they'd be perfect for hunting and such. I turned around and Gale was a few inches from me.

He scanned my unreadable face and moved closer, but all that stopped because I had my swords out. Gale backed away and my fangs grew to sharp points. Two men emerged and I exhaled, putting the swords away.

"You two really need to announce your presence next time. I could have killed you," I said and punched the guy who was closest to me in the shoulder.

"Well, Remy, we wanted to have our fun," The guy said and nodded toward Gale.

"Nikolas, Gabriel, that's Gale Hawthorne, Soren's secret weapon," I introduced the group and Gale extended a hand.

Both Nikolas and Gabriel were ex-boyfriends of mine, but I didn't think Gale should worry. Nikolas was a wizard, one of the most powerful ones, while Gabriel was a vampire; the same age as me because I'd known him since the pirate times. He was on the same ship I was and was turned by the same person.

"We'll get old Rama back for what he did to us, Remy," Gabriel assured me and slapped my back, catching me off guard. I coughed and looked timidly at Gale.

"Its revenge isn't it?" Gale stated loudly and I clenched my jaw.

"Rama did a number on Remy a hundred years ago and I was a slave. He tortured us for information about Soren. We never gave in, though," Gabriel stated and I bit my lip.

I exhaled and debated on whether or not to tell Gale that Rama was head over heels for me and he killed my vampire family because they wouldn't let him propose to me. Gabriel knew the whole story because he was there, always protecting me from the harm that Rama threatened to inflict. Nikolas' shove broke my trance and he looked at me with a scrutinizing gaze. I stuck my tongue out at him and grabbed my iPod from my pocket. Linkin Park was playing, so I turned it up and mumbled the words.

As I walked away, the guys joined me and we walked back to the house. Soren shook Nikolas and Gabriel's hands and servants showed them up to their rooms. Gale followed me around like a dog. I didn't realize how untrained he was. Rama trained his forces with such precision that no one dared to challenge him. I turned around suddenly and looked at Gale. He was confused and I didn't notice. All I cared for was his skill. He could hunt, which was fairly advantageous, but it wasn't enough. Soren touched my shoulder and I gazed up at him.

"I know he's not ready. There's no need to scare the boy half to death," Soren chuckled and I nodded.

"I'm sorry, Gale. I'm just not sure of myself," I stated and headed up to my room.

I paced in my room, thinking about what I was going to do the whole afternoon. A knock on the door made me gasp and then I walked over to open it. Soren was standing in the doorway with a look on his face.

"What's wrong?" I wondered and Soren entered.

"Gale needs to train and I thought it best that Gabriel be the one to teach him, but he knows you a bit more, so I was wondering if you could teach him a few things on the side," Soren suggested.

"He's a human. There are things that are too dangerous for him learn," I argued.

"Are you worried about his safety?" Soren wondered in a surprised tone.

"No, it's just that…there are things that humans can't do. Humans are fragile and if Gabriel teaches Gale something too structured or complicated he might get hurt," I explained.

"I understand your concern, Remy, but if we're going to defeat Rama, Gale is our only chance of victory," Soren stated and I nodded, "But you may supervise the training if you wish."

"Then I will," I said and Soren nodded before leaving.

After Soren left, I changed out of my jeans and leather jacket and into black pants that hugged my legs. I grabbed my knives and swords before heading out. Gabriel and Gale were out behind the house and when I joined them, they both stopped to look at me.

"Haven't you seen women before?" I teased and Gabriel smiled.

"Soren didn't tell me you were helping," Gabriel stated and folded his arms across his chest.

"He allowed me to supervise, so you don't hurt the human with the advanced vampire techniques," I said and Gabriel chuckled.

"You think I'm going to try to kill him with hardcore fighting? I'm not some kind of monster, Remy," Gabriel said and turned his attention back to helping Gale.

I noticed Gabriel had given Gale a bow and arrows for familiarity, but soon they would move on to swords. Maybe then I'd be of some use for help. When Gabriel and I were speaking, Gale continued to stare. He was confused about our relationship. Gabriel and I were like brother and sister and when he decided to proceed to be my boyfriend things got more complicated. I decided it was best to break up with him. We remained friends, but it wasn't the same. Gabriel and I taunted each other and made rude remarks to each other once and a while.

A cry broke me from my thoughts and I zeroed in on Gale. He was on the ground, holding his shoulder. Gabriel had a sword in his hand and Gale's sword was a few feet away. I walked over to Gabriel and punched him in the chest before kneeling down next to Gale's bleeding shoulder.

"Please get Summer for me, Gabriel," I requested and Gabriel disappeared, leaving me alone with Gale for a bit.

I ripped my shirt and wrapped the cloth around the area of Gale's arm where Gabriel had struck him.

"Relax, Gale. Quit squirming around or it'll be a lot worse for you," I growled and Gale held still, his face contorting into an expression of utter pain.

He bit his lip to keep from crying out.

"Be lucky it wasn't your whole arm that was cut off. This is merely a scratch. Rama won't be this easy on you," I mentioned and Gale looked a bit worried.

"The last time I was in utter pain was when I was whipped for hunting in District 12," Gale said and I gave him a look of confusion.

"Why were you whipped?" I wondered and Gale sighed.

"It wasn't allowed," Gale mumbled and I exhaled.

"I'm so sorry," I apologized and Gale gave me a small smile.

"It was worth it to keep my family fed…and that of Katniss'. I wonder how her mother is doing now that she's heard that both Prim and Katniss are gone now," Gale mused and I sighed.

Summer came quickly and helped Gale. She cleaned the wound and I noticed the way wound was responding. Gabriel had done something to his sword to make Gale more gravely injured than intended. I saw Gabriel walking out the back door and I appeared right next to him.

"What can I do for you, Remy?' Gabriel wondered and I let my fangs show. Suddenly, I pinned Gabriel to the wall by his throat and growled, inches from his own neck.

"What the hell did you put on your sword?" I demanded.

"Anmourith," Gabriel stated and I let go of Gabriel's neck, only to punch him in the jaw, drawing blood. That was a very strong herb that when rubbed on any weapon caused the dullness of the muscles in that area.

"He's going to be out for a week!" I exclaimed and behind me I could feel Gale and Summer staring at us.

"It will teach him a lesson on defending himself at all times. You know that Rama will have many more tricks up his sleeve than my own," Gabriel mentioned and I slapped him.

"You should wait until Gale is more skilled!" I growled and stormed inside.

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