Sooo hey guys..I was going to wait until Only the Good was finished before I posted this, but I can't type…so, prewritten, for your reading pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, Danger, Danger.

I'm not gonna lie: this story gets kinda creepy. I creeped myself out as I was writing.

This is set in the 'Jamie-verse', which has a few rules. Ahem:

1. You do not talk about X3 or Origins.
2. You DO NOT talk about X3 or Origins.
3. I will make whoever I want an X-man.
4. I will give said bastards any nicknames I see fit, because like hell am I typing up 'Martinique' 50 times a chapter.

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"Danger! Danger! High Voltage! When we touch, when we kiss!" –'Danger! High Voltage!' Electric Six.

1. Fire in the Disco!

"The Danger Room is not going to wait for you to get back up. The Danger Room is not going to be gentle with you. The Danger Room is not going to have mercy. For all intents and purposes The Danger Room is your enemy. No one is going to be next to you to pull your candy-ass out of the way. This may be a simulation, but it's a simulation of life. If you can't make it in here, you aren't going to be able to make it out in the real world, so you better just thank the Lord that when we scrape you off the walls in here, you get a chance to get up and do it all over again."

Thus went their introduction to the Danger Room.

Rogue was caught between swallowing a confident grin and swallowing a half-hysterical giggle from her spot in the back of the group of ten students of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Either way, she swallowed hard.

"Uh…" Kitty Pryde looked up at Logan, shaky laugh escaping her lips nervously. "Are you sure we're ready for this?" She looked around at her classmates with an air of naivety surrounding her.

"Well, we're about to find out, aren't we?" Logan smiled dangerously.

"Logan." Charles Xavier interrupted. "Thank you for that. We'll talk about introducing students to the Danger Room without traumatizing them later."

"Your loss." Logan shrugged from his position in front of a small group of collected students.

"What Logan was trying to say," Xavier cleared his throat and worked to salvage the situation. "Is that the Danger Room is here to challenge you in much the same way that conflicts you encounter as X-men will. It is true that the Danger Room is set up to attack you and hopefully prompt a counter-reaction from you as the participant. However, the Danger Room will not, under any circumstances, cause any fatal injuries. You may walk out of here with cuts and bruises, but the point is, you will still walk out." He smiled encouragingly.

Kitty calmed visibly.

"Probably." Logan added.

Kitty paled and Xavier was reduced to pinching the bridge of his nose.

Rogue had stayed at the back for this entire orientation, staying characteristically quiet throughout the briefing. She was brooding, much like she usually did when no one was paying attention to her. She brooded about a lot of things. Her mutation. Her boyfriend. The girl her boyfriend was cheating on her with. The man she would rather be hugging when she hugged her boyfriend. Things like that.

As soon as she noticed Bobby, aforementioned 'Boyfriend', looking at her she slapped on her usual smile.

Kitty, aforementioned 'Girl her boyfriend was cheating on her with' whined again from her spot in front of the group.

"Suck it up," Logan, aforementioned 'man she would rather be hugging when she hugged her boyfriend', rolled his eyes at Kitty.

A genuine smirk flitted across her lips at this and she snorted a bit. Very unladylike. She reorganized herself back into a small, polite small.

"You alright?" Bobby whispered to her as Logan and Xavier got into a small debate over whether fear or nurturing was the best way to raise children.

"Peachy keen." She smiled at him. The same polite smile she always wore. In fact, she couldn't remember a time were the soft curve hadn't graced her lips.

…Well, there was that one time where she had almost attacked Magneto on the X-Jet, but she didn't really think that counted. She'd lost control of herself for a moment. It wasn't something she planned on letting happen again.

"Are you sure, babe?" Bobby asked again, putting a hand on her shoulder.

It would have been rude to shrug the hand away, but she found herself wanting to anyway.

"I'm fine." She insisted. "Just got a lot on my mind."

She wished he wouldn't call her babe.

She smiled anyway.

Lucky for her, the Wolverine had picked up a knack for sensing when she was upset. It was one of the things she liked the most about him.

"You alright, kid?" Logan glanced over at her, having a free moment in his debate now that Xavier had to surrender so that he could talk Kitty out of hyperventilating.

She wished he wouldn't call her kid.

She smiled anyway.

"Ah'm fine." There was a small spike in her accent. She never really lost her temper. She'd found that the small hitch in her speech pattern was the first sign that it might happen, so she set about calming herself.

"No you're not." Logan stated. That was another thing she liked about him. He made a statement. He hadn't asked her again, he'd introduced fact which, at the same time, was a demand for the truth.

Her brow furrowed. Some of her brooding showed across her features. How could 'the man she'd rather be hugging' not know she liked him? How could her 'boyfriend' not know she knew he was cheating? How could the 'girl her boyfriend was cheating on her with' be so… obnoxiously innocent?

She took a deep breath and recomposed herself.

"Just a little worried about running my first Danger Room simulation, is all." She lied. It was a habit she couldn't break at this point.

Logan looked a little skeptical but Bobby accepted this easily.

She smiled anyway.

"Let's get started, shall we?" She offered.

"As soon as Pryde sucks it up." Logan shot a glare over at the barely recovered girl in the front, who relapsed back into near-hyperventilation.

Xavier internally questioned why he let this man near students.

"I got it." Bobby said, walking forward to Kitty's side. He put his cold hand on the back of her neck and whispered in her ear until she calmed down enough to smile at him sweetly.

Rogue's teeth ground together the slightest amount. I should tear them to shreds. She thought vehemently.

Her eyes widened as she noticed her response. She cleared her throat awkwardly and rolled her shoulders in an attempt to relax.

"You want me to beat him up fer you, kid?" Logan grinned at her, obviously overhearing her teeth wearing against each other.

Does he have to call me that? She bit the inside of her cheek to keep herself from gritting her teeth again. It made her feel like a child.

"Nah," She dismissed with a soft breath. Her brooding flitted across her face again. Did they really think she was dumb enough not to see? How was Logan dumb enough not to see?

"You know I'm always here if you need someone." He told her firmly, seeing the furrow in her brows and the downturn of her lips.

She paused to think about that one, and though she disagreed she smiled anyway. "I know you are." She lied. Nothing about that man was a guarantee. She could hope that he'd be there for her if she really needed him, but not even a Rogue could tie down a feral. And that was where any 'crush' she had on him simply turned into a pain in her chest that reminded her he'd rather be riding a motorcycle or –God forbid- Jean, than spending more time than he already did with her. "I know." She repeated, reaching out and gently putting a hand on his shoulder, swallowing down a grimace and a few well chosen statements she wanted to blurt out.

Logan nodded curtly, having had his fill of that sort of 'sentimental' nonsense for the day.

"We ready?" He turned around and barked at the students.

All of them, including Kitty, nodded readily.

"Good." He allowed. "C'mon, Chuck." He started to walk out the sliding door, their first simulation being an independent one.

"Wait!" Kitty called. "Who's running the simulation?" She asked quickly, lest she inspire Logan's wrath again.

"Some newer students are being trained on how to run the technical aspects of the institute." Xavier responded before Logan could. "There are two particular young ladies who will running it today, but you have nothing to worry about." He assured her. "Logan and I will be up in the observation deck the entire time. If anything goes wrong, which is highly unlikely, we will intervene directly."

Kitty took a deep, calming breath and nodded, setting herself into a determined stance.

Xavier smiled pleasantly as he wheeled himself out, closely followed by Logan.

"You guys ready for this?" Bobby rolled his shoulders, eager to get his hands dirty in his first simulation.

"Baby, I was born ready." Tabitha Smith quipped, equally, if not more eager to blow some things up.

Piotr Rasputin, Jubilation Lee, Ray Crisp, Roberto DeCosta, Rahne Sinclaire, and Sam Gurthie all took large steps away from her.

Rogue lost herself in brooding once more. Too many relationships for her to keep track of. Too many different faces she had to put on for too many different people. One of these days she felt like she was just going to snap. Just like she almost did in the X-Jet with Magneto.

"Simulation starts in three," A feminine voice broadcast from the control booth, probably the new student who was running the simulation today, jerking Rogue out of her thoughts.

"Alright, everyone." Bobby took control easily.


"Shadowcat, you're with me. Jubilee, you stay with Colossus. Sunspot, you're with Magma. Cannonball and Berserker. That leaves Rogue with Boom-Boom." Bobby spit out orders.


Rogue opened her mouth to protest, sending a look at Tabitha, aka Boom-Boom, who was rubbing her hands together and chuckling mischievously. Why couldn't she be paired with her boyfriend? Or someone she liked? Or… anyone who wasn't Tabby…? Tabitha Smith was a loose cannon. No, loose cannons were Tabitha Smith if they were lucky. Tabitha Smith was a loose nuclear war head. One that Rogue was uneasy to be anywhere near.

She's gonna get me killed! Rogue couldn't help the ragged breaths that seemed to be wracking her chest all of the sudden.


The stainless steel world she was trapped in at the moment shimmered and melted away, replaced by a desolate dystopian setting.

At the very end of the street she was now stranded on towered what had been simply nicknamed 'The Sentinel'.

"And down here is where the Danger Room and medical facilities are located." Ororo Munroe explained as she led the newest inductee of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters through the basic walk-through of the grounds.

She had to look over her shoulder to make sure the young man was still ambling along behind her. It would have been easier to keep track of him if he made a little noise when he walked, but what could she do?

When he caught her looking he flashed her a grin and gave her a nod.

He nodded, but she got the feeling he wasn't really paying attention to her. That maybe behind those dark sun glasses his eyes were wandering.

"This is where the X-men train." She offered up, hoping to catch his attention.

Her mission was a partial success.

"That a fact?" He inquired as he inspected the suits on display against the wall.

"That is a fact, Gambit." Ororo smiled, happy for any sort of reaction at all. "In fact, I think the newest members are just about to run their first simulation if you'd like to sit in for a few minutes." She suggested.

He looked around at her, his auburn hair falling in front of his glasses, adding yet another layer between the world and whatever he was hiding underneath the dark lenses. The vaguest look of interest crossed his features.

"Sure." He shrugged after a moment.

"Follow me," She smiled, ushering him forward with one had.

He nodded again and bowed in a flourishing motion, extending his arm in a silent request for her to lead the way. He hadn't spoken much verbally, but his body language spoke volumes.

"Flirt." Ororo accused as she passed him.

"Can't help it, cher." Gambit grinned at her.

Ororo snorted and ushered him after her, filling him in on the minor details of the mansion as they ascended the stairs, absolutely positive that he wasn't listening.

"And here we are," Ororo smiled as she opened the door to the booth.

"Hi, Ms. Munroe." The girl at the controls called without turning around.

"Hi, Ms. Munroe." The girl sitting next to her echoed. From behind they looked identical.

"Marty, Regan!" Ororo snipped in a reproving tone. "Aren't you going to greet our new guest?" She demanded.

The two blondes cast a mildly uninterested look over their shoulders. Their eyes widened when they landed on the masculine figure standing to Ororo's left leaning back coolly in his standing position. The shaggy tawny hair that shaded his shades, the smirk that curved across his lips, the stubble that lay scattered across his cheeks, the shirt that stressed across his toned chest, and the hint of a smoldering fire behind his black sunglasses gave a very distinct impression. Maybe it was his looks that attracted their attention, but more likely it was the air of 'Danger' that surrounded him.

There was a scramble to see who could get out of their seat first.

"Hi!" One blond pushed in front of the other, bouncing up to Gambit. "I'm Regan Wyngard. You can call me Lady Mastermind if you'd like." She grinned at him with sharp teeth. "This is my sister."

"Martinique Jason." The other blond stepped forward and smirked at Gambit flirtatiously. "You can call me Marty, or Mastermind II." She put her hand on her hip, wishing to draw out some sort of reaction from the man in front of her. "And you'd be?" She inquired with a tone in her voice that was downright suggestive.

"Remy LeBeau," He smiled charmingly, good humor practically oozing off of him. "But, please, call me Gambit." He requested, bending forward to plant a light kiss on the back of both of their hands.

The sisters smirked, both pleased with the attention, secretly swooning at his gentlemanly approach.

Ororo rolled her eyes. "Ahem!" She coughed loudly, interrupting.

"I didn' forget about y', Stormy." Remy laughed as he turned back to the weather witch. However, something caught his eye as he turned, stopping him dead and forcing him to miss Storm's sharp 'Don't call me 'Stormy''.

The security camera was small and sleek, firmly set in the wall in a fashion that would have normally made it impossible to spot. But, then again, not all eyes were as trained as Remy's to spot security. The only wonder was how he had missed on his first look around the room. He'd have to be more careful from now on. He glared at it for a few moments, committing every detail to memory so as to be able to recognize any other he stumbled across. Old habits and all.

"Gambit?" Ororo called to him after a few seconds of distraction.

"Sorry, Stormy." Remy shook himself. "Got sidetracked. Now, please," He changed the subject. "Share with me this infamous Danger Room."

"I'll show him!" The two girls volunteered at the same time. They paused in their appraisal of Remy only to glare at each other.

"Bitch." Marty shot at Regan.



"Garden-variety whore."

"I hate you."

"I hope you die in a pit."

"Sisters." Ororo shrugged, her voice holding a tone of weariness that suggested that these sorts of spats between the two were frequent and unstoppable. "Come." She reached for Remy's elbow and ushered him towards the windows.

Remy could make out a dozen figures crowded together on the ground below; one in particular seemed to be commanding their attention as he gave a speech about how the Danger Room was their enemy. Remy thought about tuning in for about a half a second before something more interesting caught his eye. And, not surprisingly, it looked positively fantastic in a skin-tight leather suit.

His covered eyes traveled up the back of her legs, over the curve of her hips, across the small of her back and up the length of her spine.

And he enjoyed every damn second of it.

She turned sharply once as the gruff man at the front spat out a 'Suck it up' to a petite brunette and Remy had time enough to admire the spark in her green eyes and appraise the white stripe in her dark hair before she bit her lip, sucked down her smile and turned her chin back to the ground.

The only thing he didn't like was the hunch of her shoulders. Her arms braced across her chest. Her chin bowed down, eyes turned to the ground. Was she brooding?

Tut, tut. He thought to himself. A girl who looks like that should never have to worry about a thing.

A tall blond boy standing close to her leant over and whispered something to her as the burly man in the front started to argue with Xavier, who Remy had already been introduced to prior to his arrival. Though he couldn't hear the conversation, he could see the words written out across the boy's face.

He was asking her if she was alright.

The girl turned to the boy so that Remy had a clear view of her face again. A feeling of disgust twisted his stomach. Her eyes, which he had been sure he had seen a spark of mischief in not even a second ago, looked… dull. Dead. Glazed. Glassy. Controlled.

They match her smile. Remy thought distastefully as the girl smiled and nodded at the boy and mumbled something in response. What could he do? Girls with 'attitude' were a dime a dozen. Girls with 'personality' could be found in any coffee shop, huddled in the corner, drawing. But, girls with a 'spark'… a sharp edge to her tongue, a cocky curve to her lips, a fire in her heart, and a bone to pick with the world… well; he'd only ever met one girl with a spark before. He couldn't help but hanker for another now that she was dead and gone.

A girl like…


And he couldn't help but be disappointed every time he didn't find one.

A bitter taste was left in his mouth as he rolled the word 'dull' over in his mind.

The boy asked her if she was sure, putting a tender hand on her shoulder.

She nodded again, the mildest annoyance curving her lips. She hid it well.

The burly man who had been standing at the front noticed, though. He asked the same question of her the blond kid had.

The smallest hint of vexation wrinkled her brow, but again, she recovered quickly and assured him she was fine.

He called her out on it. For a moment she looked at the black haired man with the cigar and Remy finally started to understand a little bit of what was going on. The girl had a thing for this feral-looking man.

No accounting for taste. Remy snorted to himself.

"Something funny?" Ororo looked over at him.

"Yes and no." Remy answered. "Who is that?" He stuck his chin out in the girl's direction, fingers busy cutting a deck of cards he hadn't even realized he had gotten out. He wondered for a moment if he actually wanted to know her name, or if it was just better to disengage himself at the word 'dull'.

"Oh." Ororo spoke once she followed his line of sight. "That's Rogue. She's been a student here for about six months."

"And the hommes she's speakin' t'?" He inquired again.

"The one with the cigar is Logan. You'll probably meet him soon." Storm nodded. "And the tall one is Bobby Drake, Rogue's boyfriend." He noted the emphasis on the last word.

Boyfriend? Remy practically barked with laughter. The plot thickens.

"As soon as Pryde sucks it up." Someone snapped down below, sharply bringing Remy's attention back down to the floor. The little brunette in the front of the group seemed to be having a panic attack under 'Logan's' glare.

"I got it." Bobby volunteered, stepping forward and holding the brunette close, whispering into her ear until her breathing regulated. A sort of secret passed between them as the brunette looked up at him and smiled.

Remy's eyes flicked back to Rogue, wondering if she had noticed. Not only had she noticed, Logan had noticed as well.

Hot damn. Remy smirked. What a curious little love-polygon I've stumbled upon.

During the seconds he had taken to study this Bobby character's interaction with the brunette in the front he had apparently missed some sort of significant exchange between Rogue and Logan. They both seemed to be in a worse mood for it.

"We ready?" Logan barked at the students. They nodded their heads violently at his tone. "Good." He grumbled. "C'mon, Chuck." He nodded his head to the man in the wheel chair.

"Finally." Remy muttered underneath his breath. He had been standing there for two minutes and approximately null had happened in the room below.

"Wait!" The brunette in the front who had been causing all of the delays shouted.

"Enfer." Remy rubbed his hand over his forehead.

"Who's running the simulation?" She asked quickly, hands under her chin in a sign of fretting. Remy prepared to tune himself out.

"Ow!" Someone shrieked from behind him. He whipped around to see Marty hopping up and down, clutching her arm. Regan had a grin spread across her lips that could have only been described as 'malicious'. "You bit me!" She accused of Regan before sucker-punching her in the boob.

"Ow!" Regan hissed before slapping Marty's exposed arm with a sharp snapping sound.

"You certified spaz!"Marty gasped out, furiously rubbing the red hand print on her arm.

"Floozy skank!" Regan shot back, massaging her chest tenderly.

"Burn at the stake!"

"Choke to death!"

"It's best just to ignore them." Ororo advised Remy.

"If you say so." Remy said dubiously.

The sound of the automatic door hissing open cut off the sisters bickering. The gruff man known as Logan swaggered on in, chewing on an unlit cigar, closely followed by Charles Xavier who had an uncharacteristic scowl on his brow which seemed to be directed at the feral man in front of him.

"Couldn't you practice the smallest hint of self-control?" Charles inquired.

"Tried it once." Logan threw over his shoulder. "Didn't like it."

Xavier sighed once before he seemed to notice Remy's presence. A friendly smile was immediately present on his face. "Mr. LeBeau," He greeted. "Sitting in on a Danger Room session?"

"If it ever gets started." Remy quipped. He didn't strictly like Xavier, but he was willing to give the man the smallest amount of lenience in his normally suspicious nature simply for the fact that his house and heart were open to any less fortunate soul. Normally, Remy would have found this to be a character flaw. An open invitation for said less fortunate to waltz in and trample about, but it was undeniably obvious from the hard, intelligent glint in his eye that, a dreamer he may be, Charles Xavier was not a man to cross.

Xavier chuckled appreciatively. "Have you been introduced to Logan yet?" He asked.

"Not directly." Remy grinned, though he really felt like grimacing as he held out his hand to the gruff man. At first glance he really didn't seem like anything other than an aggressive Canadian. That's because, as far as Remy could tell, there wasn't much more to him than that.

What does that girl see in him? Remy wondered as Logan gripped his hand firmly.

"Logan." Logan grunted at the younger man as an introduction. It caught Remy's attention how he sniffed the air sharply, as if in an attempt to smell out any inconclusive facts about Remy.

"Gambit." Remy returned the nod, attempting not to grit his teeth with displeasure.

"We ready to run this thing?" Logan growled at the two blondes once he had relinquished Remy's grip.

"The question is: Is this thing ready for me?" Regan smirked deviously.

"Isn't that always the question?" Marty grinned right along with her sister, their good looks complimenting each other now that they had reached a more sedate mood with one another.

"Give 'em a countdown." Logan instructed.

"Simulation starts in three," Regan stated clearly into a microphone perched on the circuit board in front of her. "Three."

"Alright, everyone." Remy swung his attention back out the window just in time to see Bobby step forward and take control.

"Two." Regan chirped, tone almost sardonic.

"Shadowcat, you're with me. Jubilee, you stay with Colossus. Sunspot, you're with Magma. Cannonball and Berserker. That leaves Rogue with Boom-Boom." Bobby bit off; making sure each person below had orders clear. Remy saw Rogue glance at a bleach blond who was rubbing her hand together mischievously, a look of chaos surrounding her. Remy assumed this girl to be 'Boom-Boom'.


Rogue's face paled and she opened her mouth as if to protest. But, it looked like she was choking on the words. She bit her lip and her eyes widened with panic as she sent another look at Boom-Boom.

This was Remy's first clue something wasn't right. Things were already in motion for calamity.

Speak up. He mentally commanded her, unwilling to stand up for her if she was unwilling to stand up for herself. Spit it out. What's wrong?


She looked around in a frenzy as the walls shifted into what seemed to be a dirty urban street.

Looming at the other end of the street was what appeared to be some sort of iron giant.

"C'mon!" Boom-Boom shouted as she charged towards The Sentinel, grabbing Rogue's arm in a bruising grip as she went. "You're on my team!"

"No, no, no! Tabby! Tabby, listen to me!" Rogue tried to reason with the girl as The Sentinel locked in on their movements and she pried at the fingers wrapped around her upper arm.

"Rogue!" Bobby shouted from behind her. "What are you doing?"

How the hell is this my fault? She thought wildly. Tabby was dragging her! He had paired her up with the crazy girl! This was in no way, shape or form her fault.

"Target acquired." A robotic voice echoed from the depths of the Sentinel's mechanical throat. "Identified: Mutants. Directive: Apprehend."

Boom-Boom cackled insanely, the hand she wasn't using to drag Rogue along with her filling with what appeared to be small orbs that pulsed a glowing orange.

"Looks like you could use some Bada-Bing," She shouted as she hurled the small explosives. "Bada-Boom." The small orbs combusted violently against the Sentinel's chest.

"Reevaluating data." The Sentinel broadcast. "Subduing resisting mutants."

"Alright!" Tabby screamed. "Bring it!"

"Tabby!" Rogue had set about simply clawing at the girl's grip. "This isn't a game, Tabby!"

"I beg to differ!" Boom-Boom grinned down at her, obviously having only paid attention to the last five words Rogue had spoken. "Now, how 'bout we make it rain, huh?" She grinned insanely, summoning more little orbs in her free hand.

Rogue's eyes went wide. The street rocked with tremors as the Sentinel stepped forward heavily, drawing out weapons. She felt so useless. Panic started to corrupt her breathing and anger gritted her teeth together.

She threw a look over her shoulder.

"Take her out!" Bobby shouted at her. "She's endangering the mission!"

"I can't!" They were too close to the Sentinel; she wouldn't be able to drag herself and Tabby out of the way in time.

"Just do it!" Bobby barked as the Sentinel leveled an intense looking weapon at the two of them, the other participants of the simulation were scrambling to catch up.

Rogue winced at being spoken to in such a way in such a sensitive situation, but squared off her jaw and ripped her glove off with her teeth, all the while replaying the professor's words about the Danger Room not causing fatal injuries.

She slapped her hand onto Tabby's bare face.

An intense pain ripped through her every cell as everything that made Tabitha 'Tabitha' leaked over into Rogue. A scream tore itself messily from the both of them and after a few seconds, not even a full moment, Tabby dropped to the ground, unconscious.

"Ah!" Rogue gasped. Her hands were on fire. Her hands were on fire!

"Location locked." The Sentinel decreed in monotone. "Firing."

The shot connected with Rogue square in the chest as she was distracted by the pain. Her hands were on fire. Her hands… pain …fire… burning. The shot was simply a blunted force, but it was enough to send her tumbling backwards.

There was a sharp crack as the back of her skull connected with the asphalt. The world turned into a smear of colors for a moment as there was an explosion of white hot pain behind her eyeballs. A chilling sensation spilled across her, originating from the back of her head.

"Rogue!" Bobby shouted, finally reaching her side. Colossus stepped in front of the two of them, steeling over to provide the scantest amount of protection as Cannonball and Sunspot took on the Sentinel directly and Jubilee hurled fireworks in its general direction. The Sentinel was returning fire nearly hit for hit. Kitty kneeled on Rogue's other side.

"Ow…" Rogue muttered, curling into a ball.

"What's wrong?" Bobby asked soothingly.

"Hands…" Rogue was able to grit out as the new pain in her head competed with the fire in her hands.

"What's wrong with her hands?" Kitty fretted, her own hands fluttering uselessly.

"Fire." Rogue ground out.

"What?" Kitty breathed.

"Fire!" Rogue screamed as the pain kicked up another notch. She began to struggle to sit up.

"You should really stay down." Kitty advised, pushing her down by the shoulders.

"But, mah hands." Rogue clenched her fingers into fists, pain and anger forcing her accent to the forefront of her tongue. She could feel the pain concentrating in her palms.

"No." Bobby interrupted. "Kitty's right, Rogue. You stay down." He dismissed as he stood. "We'll take care of this." He pointedly implied she was worthless. In all fairness, maybe that hadn't been his meaning, but that was the interpretation.

It was in that moment the something snapped.

Everything piled up against her. It was the roar of battle in the background. It was Tabitha's thoughts stumbling around in her head. It was the bitter thoughts of Logan left over from a few moments ago. The ghost of the warmth of skin on her palm. The blaze of pain building under her skin. The chill that continued to work its way across her body. The pain that the chill barely covered.

It was Piotr standing in front of her.

It was Kitty pushing her back down to the ground.

It was Bobby telling her to stay down, that he would take care of it.

It was the fact she had stayed down.

Some part of Rogue that felt pain and anger simply… shattered.

It cracked, creaked, and finally gave way to a new emotion that she couldn't quite identify. The closest she could relate it to was that day on the X-Jet where she had wanted nothing more than to tear out Magneto's throat.

Not anger.

Like… freedom.

"Tah hell with this." She snarled, smile nowhere to be found. In fact, at that particular moment if her smile had been a physical entity she would have crushed it to dust with her bare hands.

In the time it took her to stumble into a semi-upright position, clutching her scorching fists to her chest, ignoring the wet feeling of cold slipping down the back of her head, Sunspot, Cannonball, and Jubilee were all sent crashing to the ground.

"Ah have had it with this," Rogue growled out as she continued to stumble forward, tipping forward before caching herself. It vaguely registered that the back of her head was starting to warm up and the back of her uniform was slick with something. "Ah've had it with bein' nice." She peeled off her other glove. "An' sweet." She started to rub her hands together; still staggering forward."An' calm, an' cool, an' understandin', an' Ah have had it with bein' shot at!" She screeched as another blunted shot rocketed past her, nearly clipping her shoulder.

She ripped her hands apart, exposing the single, tennis ball sized orange orb that had been forming between her bare hands and she hurled it at The Sentinel.

The force of the explosion caused the metal giant to stumble back a few steps.

"Calculating damage." The voice echoed from the machine. "Non-critical. Eliminating threat."

There were a plethora of voices in the back of Rogue's head that were telling her what to do, growing louder to respond to the rush of adrenaline that assaulted her system.

Move! One of them barked as the Sentinel loaded up a non-blunted round.

"Aw, hell!" Rogue spat as she sprang forward, using her hands to vault herself out of the way of the projectile. She fumbled the landing though, knees collapsing underneath of her, head throbbing with barely suppressed pain. "Ah!" She gasped, flopping over once with extra momentum, vision swimming with pain as she bumped her head lightly.

"Acquiring mutant." The metallic voice rang out and the first thing that Rogue saw when her vision cleared was a giant metal hand reaching towards her.

"Sonova-!" She shouted out as the hand closed around her abdomen. She struggled futilely against the steel grip as she was raised off the ground until she was about eye-level with the Sentinel.

"Subduing mutant." The cold voice broadcast.

"Sugah," Rogue glared up at the Sentinel, rage filling up the center of her chest, her clear green eyes seething with fire. A small orange light radiated from the palms of her hands. "Ah just don't think you can handle me."

She hurled at least a dozen of the small pulsing orbs straight at the Sentinel's 'head'.

The orbs burst with stunning effects, flames pouring out of the creators left in the Sentinel's 'face'. His 'eye' crumbled into dust and destruction, his lower 'lip' shredded to reveal a mess of wires underneath, the rest of his 'jaw' sloughing off with it. Smoke billowed from the crevices created, generating the impression that the damaged face was breathing fire.

"Cal- calculating d-d-damage." The broken voice ground out. "Crit-critical. Rec-c-covery unlikely. Systems p-powering d-d-down." The light in the center of the giant's chest shut off.

"Ah!" Rogue screamed as loud as she physically could as she attempted to kick her way out of the hand's grip. The Sentinel started to collapse to the ground with her still trapped between its fingers. The harder she struggled the more her head throbbed and her hands burned until the world started to blur and the lights started to dim.

A tremor rocked through The Sentinel's lifeless body as its torso collided with the floor, its outstretched arm would be soon to follow.

As her supply of air finally gave and her screaming tapered off the only thing she could think was the few words Logan had stated clearly earlier. 'The Danger Room is your enemy.'

A hand that she could barely feel wrapped around her upper arm and she was wrenched out of the Sentinel's clutch at the last second.

Sam tucked Rogue into his chest as they rocketed away from The Sentinel, twisting underneath of her as they arched to the ground, taking the brunt of the impact as they skidded to a stop.

"You alright?" He asked of the girl in his arms when they had finally reached a stand-still.

Had it been any other time he would have been complimented on his quick thinking, shooting up to grab Rogue not even seconds before she would have been maybe fatally injured. But, now was not any other time.

"Oh, God." Sam stifled a gag as he looked down at his hand that had cupped the back of Rogue's head.

"What's wrong, sug?" Rogue mumbled, not really knowing who she was talking to.

"Nothin'!" Sam quickly amended, not wanting to distress her.

"Are you alright?" Kitty called as she sprinted up to them.

"Do I look alright?" Rogue groaned out, pushing her way out of Sam's arms and into a shaky standing position. In the distance she could make out a voice saying something like 'Simulation terminated.' The street melted back into a stainless steel room.

"No…" Kitty allowed, acknowledging her question had been a dumb one.

"Rogue!" Bobby called, jogging up to his girlfriend. Rogue looked up at him, squinting her eyes to make him out amongst her smearing world. "Are you okay?"

"Fine, hun." She mumbled more to herself than anything as she couldn't tell faces apart any more. "Just peachy." She stumbled into the wall.

"Professor!" Jubilee shouted up to the control booth as she helped support Rogue. "We have a problem!"

"Problem nothin'." Rogue dismissed with a snort, shoving the girl off of her. "I'll be fine." She insisted, laying her back against the wall and sliding down into a sitting position.

A thick trail of blood followed the back of her head all the way down.

"Oh, goddess." Ororo put her hand over her mouth and paled as she watched Rogue sink to the ground. The blood of one of her students smeared down the wall nearly made her stomach churn.

Her eyes flicked over to Gambit as Xavier barked out orders for Logan to go collect Rogue and take her to the med bay. The Institute must have been making a horrible impression on him so far. It had been her suggestion that they sit in on the Danger Room session. She had practically suggested they watch one of his future peers get maimed.

The boy was probably already mentally packing his bags.

However, she couldn't have been more wrong.

Remy stood, stunned. One hand pressed against the glass. His confusion outweighed his concern as he looked around at all the damage she had caused. His mind was working at a million miles a minute, trying to figure the girl out.

It was as if he had asked for a spark and received a barely concealed inferno. Blazing underneath that girl's dull mask was an ember fueled by righteous indignation and spiteful suffering that far out shone anything he had yet encountered.

How did I miss that? He asked himself, still watching her as the burly Wolverine lifted her, bridal style and hurriedly but gently carried the girl out into the hall and then, presumably, to the medical wing.

She hid that fire well.

Remy replayed a half second of the seething in her eyes and listened to the words she had spit out in the face of defeat.

'Sugah, I just don't think you can handle me.'

Remy smirked as he thought about how, under different circumstances, he would love to hear her say that to him.

And that's when it happened. That's when it became his determined mission to rip that dull mask away and expose the spark hidden underneath.

That's when it became his determined mission to expose her.

"Uh…" Ororo coughed awkwardly. "Perhaps this would be a good time to show you the medical wing?" She offered in a last ditch effort to salvage what was quickly becoming a disastrous first impression.

"I would like nothin' more." He smiled and offered his arm to her. And his words were absolutely true because if the medical wing was where this 'rogue' was, who was he to pass up the opportunity try and figure out her secrets?

After the lights in the observation booth had been turned off and most everyone had vacated the area, one of the screens flicked on, the light from the monitor thrown across the floor.

The correct codes were keyed in to hack into the security system.

Files were sorted through until the correct one was selected. The one for the Observation Booth, earlier that afternoon.

The video feed from the security camera perched on top of the door was sorted through.

She watched carefully as each second passed by.

She could have sworn he had looked right at her. At the time it had seemed silly. He was just another man. People looked at her all the time. But, as she continued to watch him, this 'Gambit', she started to notice things.

Maybe it was the ratio of the length of his shoulders to the width of his hips, which was ideal. Maybe it was the obvious muscle mass that his shirt was forced to stretch over, which was appealing in a potential mate. Maybe it was the symmetry of his face, the signs of good genes. Maybe it was something else altogether, something strange and mysterious and appealing that she couldn't quite put her finger on.

But, soon enough she found herself 'smitten' with this man. An odd occurrence, especially for her. As far as she was aware she wasn't allowed to love. She didn't think she could conjure the emotions necessary. Which made this entire ordeal such a shock, but she was absolutely sure she was right.

After all, she had never been wrong before.

And if this Gambit fellow didn't see it yet, she'd just have to help him along a little bit.


The video ground to an abrupt halt. There it was. He was staring right at her.

That had to be a sign.

That had to be!

(JAMIE: Shiiiiit, right? This is gonna get intense. I'd like to take this opportunity to give myself a pat on the back, because as far as I can tell, there is nothing quite like this out there. (If there is, don't tell me. Just let me have this moment.))

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