The Darkness

The darkness is my friend. The darkness conceals my secrets and it keeps me hidden. It does not ask me to keep secrets from anyone . Although there are no ears my secrets are heard but never repeated. Even though I am alone I feel as if there are many others with me. It is dark and silent but for once I feel full. I feel as if the two people I am merged together and I was whole. I do not like the light it shows my enemies where I am it betrays me every second. The only escape from the light is night. The night strengthens me; it gives me power and hope. Even though it sends nightmares I am never scared.

D - dark nights star lights

A - apart no longer

R - ready to recapture myself

K - kissed with black

N - no light can get in

E - everyone tries to hide

S - souls lost in agony

S - screams of fear

Every thing around me begins to disappear. I feel as if I am trapped without a chain. I am stuck in the only place where I fit in. I am the only person to visit this hallowed place and show no sign of fear. I am the exception to the rule. In the real world I don't fit in, no body understands me, and I am beginning to think I am fighting a battle I can never win. But in my world I am a queen, no one hates me, no one calls me names, and for once people think of me a person not just some kind of alien without feelings, real friends, and without a soul. In the light. I cannot tell people how I feel. I cannot speak the truth but only lies. No one cares, no one dares. BUT. In the darkness I am myself I have nothing to hide so I don't try to. I have always been this way and finally I have a chance to speak out. SO hear my voice! See my soul! Find out who I am! It might just surprise you. I am not the, the freak I am made out to be. I want to be normal but I cant. I don't have the strength. The way I live is a choice! By acting that way I can bury my emotions and stay strong. But remember when you start digging you cant stop. So I keep them buried.

I love the darkness! and now you know why. but do you understand? do you get it? do you get me? The darkness