Who Am I?

These pictures… these people … these places I used to know. The memories I have forgotten. Who was I? What was I like? The Smoker gazed at the small images he'd picked up. He sat in the middle of a dark room… little light came through the window, and the little light that did make it through was shaded a dim yellow. When the smoker looked into water and saw his reflection he saw that some of his face matched the ones in the photographs. It was him, or at least… what he was. The Smoker smiled at the blurry photograph. I used to have long blond hair. He fiddled with the short brown hair he now. My hair was hanging in a lazy fashion that day. … I wonder… was I lazy? ….Hmm. He dropped that picture and picked up another one. This girl…she looks like me…my sister? I hope so. What was her name? I wonder where she is. I wonder if she's infected… if she's a survivor…maybe I know her already…maybe I have a mother too. Maybe a father? What were they like?

"SMOKER!" cried Hunter.

He perked his head up to the sound of his name being called. He peered around the corner of the shattered window and saw his Hunter friend standing on a pile of rubble. He was looking the wrong way. The smoker crawled through the window… It was the only way in and out of that old building. Rubble mountains heaped everywhere in the small neighborhood they resided in. Engulfing houses almost to the roofs. It was like an ocean of debree. But it was home. To those who lived there- how would they know anything better? The infection had taken any memory of prior life. They can't remember how blue the skies used to be. How Smooth the ground was. Where their homes were. All they knew was what they found. But most of them didn't mind.

"Smoker! I've been looking for you everywhere- why are you always running off like that?" scolded the Hunter.

"I…" HACK Smoker was interrupted by his own cough,

"Never mind- But you'll never believe what I've found!" cried the excited Hunter.

Smoker raised an eyebrow.


Hunter smirked, "Riiight- if you're trying to mess with me again- don't even think about it."

"NO! I'm serious this time!"

Smoker crossed his arms.

"…Haha okay- you got me." confessed Hunter. He laughed beneath his hood. What the hood didn't cover his hair did.

"I think I know by now- Survivors haven't been around for weeks." laughed Smoker. Much taller compared to his friend.

The two laughed a bit at each other. Soon enough they slid down the small hill of rubble and landed on the small dirt road that was littered with trash. It was already sunset but anytimes good for a little walk in a town like this. They strode along the dirt street, at each side another abandoned building that brought back the feeling of déjà vu. But they were used to it now. The feeling that something was familiar was always present. They continued to stride down the road… that feeling looming over them. But when everyone you know has no memory- what are you supposed to do? The infection had hit this town hard. Smoker and Hunter barely knew any one around here. Hunter knew his sister… one of those 'Witch' types . She was always sobbing somewhere. Smoker however, knew nothing. Nothing but those photographs that were left. He never told Hunter about the photos. He never told anyone. They were sort of… a secret study. When Smoker had some time… he'd go into that shattered window… into that faded blue building… and study those two pictures. Hoping one day… he'd piece it together.

"WHOA! Smoker! Look!" cried Hunter holding up a clear cylinder.

"…whooooaaaah…"Admired Smoker poking the object.

The thing was hollowed out in a way- Smoker peered at the clear thing… It distorted his image and made him look fat in the reflection. Smoker frowned and decided that the thing was useless… Hunter attempted to balance it on his nose.

"Hunter! Take that thing off! Who KNOWS what that is!" scolded Smoker.

"Relax- it says 'Made In China' on the bottom that MUST mean something good."

The object slid off of Hunter's nose and hit the ground with a loud crash. It shattered into many bits of clear pieces. Smoker stared at it… The pieces reminded him of the shattered window he visited so very often.

"Great job… you broke it." Smoker said smacking Hunter in the back of the head.

"That's okay- here's another one!" he said with a smile, picking up another hollow clear cylinder. This one was more narrow and taller. … It made Smoker look thinner.

"I like this one better." announced Smoker.

Hunter placed it on his hood concealed forehead and leaned back. Attempting to balance it again.

As Hunter looked up he noted that the sky was turning a shade of dark green.

"It's dark!" shouted Hunter.

"Thank you captain obvious."

"…Should we go back?" wondered Hunter aloud.

"I guess. If it rains we're screwed." decided Smoker. Hunter leaned forward causing the clear object to shatter like the first one did. Once again it reminded Smoker of his broken window at the faded blue building.

The two infected walked back up the dirt rode and back up hill of rubble.

"Where are we sleeping tonight?" asked Hunter tugging on Smoker's shirt.

"There-" said Smoker pointing to a small ruin what used to be a fruit stand.

Hunter got excited and ran up ahead. Smoker sighed and hung his head as he slowly walked his way over.

They curled up underneath the faded "Fresh Fruit" sign that had bent in a way creating a roof.

They gazed upon the horizon and saw how their town was mostly rubble… how other infected were curling up here and there…and how this wasn't anything unusual.

"Night Smoker." mumbled his friend.

Hunter yawned and curled up himself, using his hood as a pillow

"Night Hunter." murmured Smoker… he stared up at the sky… or at least what he could see of it from underneath his little 'shelter'. It was calm. Cloudy… but calm. No stars in sight… as usual. The moon's faded light shown through a bit in one cloud. But none of it's light hit the ground. SNOOOOORE!

Smoker looked over at Hunter who was snoring the night away. He chuckled lightly and returned his attention into the sky. … Soon an uneasy and restless feeling filled him. It scratched at him until he had the urge to get up. He decided to go study his pictures… again. Maybe today he'd figure out something…anything… about who he was… before the infection.

Author's note:

I liked the idea of one of the infected wondering about their past before they became diseased. So … BUH DA DUH DAAH! My first serious fanfic… YAY :D ... the first chapter bores meeeeeee. Can't wait to write chapter three! :D A hint? ... noooooo... who said that?