Who Am I?

Chapter Five: Pictures

Morning came. Hunter looked up at the fresh fruit sign he was beneath. Smoker was still gone. It was no surprise that he'd run off… but after disappearing when the survivors came? He got up.

"Maybe I should look for him some more." thought Hunter aloud.


Hunter spun around so quickly it scared himself. He turned and saw Witch. She had knocked over the cans Hunter had put to the side.

"Hey Lil' bro." she said with hiss.

"What do you want, Witch?" he said grouchily.

"What? A sister can't visit her brother now and then?" she said smirking.

"…No." he stated blankly, "Now what do you want?"

"I just wanted to see how you were coming along with the shortage of food." she giggled.

He gave her a hard stare.

"Speaking of food-"

"Oh god- I knew it- you did come to mooch off us-" said Hunter hanging his head.

"No, no. I didn't come to mooch off you…"

He gave her the same hard stare. The 'Yeah Right' stare. He crossed his arms the way Smoker did so often.

"I was just wondering if you saw the survivors… rumors say they came near here yesterday," she said with a hiss.

Hunter froze. He thought of Smoker. Witch studied her brother's sudden lack of words.

She gasped, "You DID see them! I knew it!"

"No I didn't!" he said denying it completely.

"Oh really?" she gave him his own hard look back, " … Then I wonder… where IS Smoker anyway?"

Hunter froze again.

She giggled, then sat on the old fruit stand.

"You think he's dead? If he is you'll have to come back to the horde- there's no way you can make it alone." she said mockingly.

"That's enough, Witch! It's none of your business!" said Hunter finally finding something to say.

"You know it's true!" she snapped.

"He isn't dead- I would've found his body!" yelled Hunter.

"Nuh-uh- I heard survivors EAT us after they kill us."

"YOU DID NOT!" he cried in return.

"Well- for YOUR information- I saw Smoker."

"… Where?" asked Hunter.

"Tell me where the survivors went-"

"I don't know,"

"LIAR!" she cried, "You know the horde is hungry! We haven't seen survivors in weeks- now Smoker's gone and rumors say that they came HERE! I know you two never liked the horde, but would you REALLY let your own family die of starvation! Even if you'll have to come back to us when you find your friends been eaten?"

"He isn't eaten! And we never said we didn't like the horde!"

"Then why did you leave with him!"

Hunter froze. He would never tell why he left.

"That's ENOUGH. Now tell me where you saw Smoker." ordered Hunter.

"Tell me where you saw the survivors."

"I don't know! Me and Smoker were sneaking in a building, they left- then next I knew it Smoker was gone too!"

"Where did they leave to?"

"I don't know!"

She growled at him. "Are you lying?"


"Oh…" she said smiling, "Well I was,"

"What!" Hunter cried. She giggled perched upon the fruit stand.

"You mean you never saw Smoker!" he yelled.

"…Nope!" she smiled and ran away. Expecting he was going to hit her if she didn't.

Hunter scowled. He'd never tell why he left… and he'd never go back either.


"You. Food." Zoey stated. She dropped a yellow can and closed the door again.

Smoker hissed. He was like a pet. Enclosed in that small backroom of the safe house. The only way out was the door and window. The door led to the survivors, and he didn't want to face them again. The window was too high for him too reach, and there was nothing in there to climb on. He mumbled and clawed open the yellow tin can, feeling more like a dog than an infected.

He looked at the rag on the window. It hung there so loose and tattered. He had nothing to do and was bored beyond belief. The room was so dull. Nothing in it. Olive walls…cement floors. The roof was nothing but a thin sheet of metal. Everything so dull in here.

I wonder where Hunter is…When he gets me out of here we can go home. And I can look at my pictures again. I've looked at them so many times I can see what they look like now... The bright blue shade the building used to be…The only person in the picture- sitting on the front steps. Those steps are gone… so is most of the house. The other picture had two people. A smaller girl. You never saw many people like that any more. 'Children'. Most of them died off. I hope this girl didn't die off. He looked up at the window. Maybe I can jump for it, He decided it was worth a shot. He got on his tip toes, though it pained him to actually stand, and jumped up throwing his arms up trying to catch the end of the sill. It was just inches away. He tried jumping again- and his leg gave out from underneath him. He went crashing to the floor as his leg twisted up. He winced a bit but needed to get out. He looked around the room.

"Hmmph." he sighed. He walked over to the door - it was locked on the outside. He mumbled and looked back at the window. He ran and jumped for it. But instead of his feet hitting the ground- his fingertips hit the sill. He quickly latched on with shock.

"Ha! … Haha! I - I did it!" he muttered in disbelief. He heaved himself up onto the sill and placed his finger tips under the window, about to slide it up.

"Hey keep it down in here- Bill's getting suspici-"

Zoey opened the door and stared at Smoker on the sill.

"Where do you think you're going!" she snapped.

Smoker only stared back. … Crap … she had a gun.

Zoey tapped her foot waiting for a response.


"… I uh… wanted to…" he began to talk but then thought of something better. He quickly snapped out his lizard like tongue around her and dragged her out the window with him.

"OH HELL NO!" she cried being dragged behind the smoker, "LET GO! LET GO OR I'LL SHOOT OFF YOUR FACE!"

She dropped her gun on the way out the window so Smoker saw no threat. He continued to drag her as far out as he could. He soon began recognizing the hills of rubble and old ruined buildings, and potholed filled streets as he ran. His pace was uneven and shakey due to his leg being so fragile thanks to the wound he received yesterday.

"LET FRIGGIN GO OF ME!" she yelled struggling.

"Shut up!" he cried back- soon enough he ran by a place he'd been dying to go ever since he'd been captured yesterday. The faded blue building. He stopped and stared at it. He looked back at Zoey who was struggling to be free of his grip on her. He released her and ran into the shattered window before she could say anything.

"HELL NO!" she shouted into the filthy street- she crawled through the shattered window after him.

"What is wrong with you! I could be killed out here!" she shouted.

"You can't be killed in here… it's empty. No one can kill you here except me. But I'm not gonna."

"How nice- NOW TAKE ME BACK!"


"Why not!"

"I need to figure stuff out-" Said the infected, pulling out small papers from underneath a floor board. Sitting himself in a corner to gaze at the papers.

"What stuff?" asked Zoey wondering what an infected could possibly need to figure out.

"None of you're business."

"None of my business my ass! Give me those!" She quickly snapped out for the small papers.

"HEY!" cried the infected tackling her. The girl stared at the first paper. It was a photograph. A young man around 14 at the time, blond hair… she lowered the picture to match it to the face that had her pinned at the moment.

"Give it back!" he demanded.

"It's you." she muttered.

"Give- it- BACK." he said more harshly.

"It's you before the infection!" she said surprised.

He scowled and swiped the pictures back, retreating to his corner to look at them.

"Now be quiet." he muttered. Followed by a cough.

She scowled. He simply stared at the pictures with a rough expression.

It was so still. In a scary sort of way.

"Alright, I'm not gonna wait here for you to 'figure stuff out', we're leaving. Now." she demanded.

He scowled at her and didn't move.

"We're leaving now!" she said loudly.

She put her hands on her hips to show defiance. She heard a clack as she did so.

Smoker cocked an eyebrow. … "Was that your hip?"

"…I… think so …" she said with a strange expression- she removed her hand and stared at her pocket.

She smiled quickly realizing what had made the noise in her pocket.


She whipped out a hand gun and aimed it at Smoker's face.

"Now… take. Me. Back." she ordered.

He sighed, defeated, and nodded.

Smoker crawled through the window… with Zoey aiming her gun right behind him.

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