Okay this is going to be very smutty and slashy. Don't forget to watch Sue Sylvester's Sue's Corner on Youtube before you read this. I don't own Glee.

Sneaky Gays

Puck went to march through the doors of the boys' washroom only to end up bashing himself up against the unyielding door.

"Shit!" he exclaimed as he hammered on the door. "Hey! Whatever jackass has locked this door, better open it now or else!" He pounded on the door again to let the occupant know he meant business.

The door opened a crack and he barged in ready to give the selfish jerk a good telling off. When he turned to the boy who opened the door he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Good Lord Hummel! Is it 'Dress like Adam Lambert Day' on the ol' gay agenda calendar?"

Kurt just glared down at him as he relocked the door. "Look Noah just do whatever disgusting thing you have come in to do and leave. If you weren't a member of Glee I wouldn't have let you in." Noah was startled as he had to look up into the angry green eyes. Since when was Kurt was taller than him? The cheerio then sauntered past the stunned Puck on his killer stilettos and went back to the mirror to add more gel to his hair.

Puck was simply astounded at the picture before him. The impossibly high sequin encrusted deep red 'fuck me' pumps made Kurt's muscular legs look very long and shapely. His black leather pants were so tight they looked sprayed on and emphasized every curve and bulge of Kurt's lower half. The boy Cheerio was wearing a short black leather jacket over a deep cherry coloured corset that didn't quite make it to the waist of his pants. Puck could see brief glimpses of midriff as Kurt bent over the sink to get closer to the mirror. Puck was mesmerized by what Kurt was doing. He moved beside Kurt so he could watch him as he pulled and teased his hair to make it stand up. Did the kid actually have matching fuchsia coloured nails? Kurt stopped and scowled at Puck through the mirror.

"What's wrong Puck? Where are your jibes and sarcastic comments? Go on, you big homophobe, tell me what you think!"

"Um – Why are you dressed like this?" Was all that Puck could think to say.

"Sue Sylvester told me to swish it up a bit!" fumed Kurt turning towards the jock. "Didn't you hear her segment on the news last night? Her rant about sneaky gays? No one is going to accuse me of being sneaky. I'm going to be - In. Their. Face!" To emphasis his remark, Kurt had moved forward and pushed his face so close to Puck's they were almost touching noses, Puck involuntarily stepped back. Kurt then turned back to finish his hair. He tugged at it a few more times here and there, judged it satisfactory and started to apply makeup to his face.

Puck's mind was reeling. He should be sneering, making snide jokes about Kurt's clothes or something. But he couldn't, for some reason. He found the sight of Kurt in heels incredibly hot. What was even hotter was watching Kurt applying thick black eyeliner to his big blue-green eyes. Puck remembered as a kid, that he would watch fascinated as his Mom put makeup on and much recently, he loved to watch Santana reapply her makeup after a make out session, but this…was a whole new experience. Kurt did the same thing as women; he bent forward with his eyes wide open as he now applied mascara to his thick eye lashes, his mouth forming a perfect O as he concentrated on what he was doing. Puck imagined that mouth and its perfect O shape around his penis. He instantly felt a surge in his groin and a strain against the inside of his jeans as he watched Kurt. The soprano finished and put the mascara away and fished around in his bag for some lipstick. Puck could only lick his lips in anticipation. Kurt would glance occasionally at Puck through the mirror puzzled, but he continued none the less. He found the tube he was looking for and revealed the colour of deep red. Puck couldn't help but hold his breath as the male Cheerio opened his mouth again and applied the rich colour with a practiced hand. Puck sucked in air as he imagined Kurt on his knees, the red high heels sticking out from behind with Puck's cock in his mouth leaving cherry red lipstick marks as he moved back and forth. His erection was getting really uncomfortable now and he had to fight the urge to press himself against Kurt's slender ass.

Kurt finished applying his lip stick and turned towards Puck. "Well Noah, How do I look?" His face was a cold mask, obviously expecting Puck to say something cruel and stupid.

"Kick Ass! " Puck managed to croak out. "You look totally kick ass, just like your attitude."

"Thanks Noah!" The hard façade softened a bit and Kurt cracked a smile. "I didn't expect a compliment. I'm assuming that's what it was."

"Hell yeah!" Then Puck cautioned the boy, "Kurt You do look kick ass, but you if you go out looking like that you'll likely get your ass kicked. You'll be ridiculed and laughed at. You won't make it to 2nd period without being hauled to the principal's office. You'll probably be sent home."

Kurt glared defiantly at Puck. "I don't give a flying fuck! Nobody will call me a sneaky gay. I'll tell Mr. Figgins to suspend Sue Sylvester as well since I'm just doing what she suggested."

"Like that will happen. Look Kurt, I get what you're doing but most people won't. What if you get beaten up?"

Kurt faltered a little but he was still determined. "I don't care! I'm going out there dressed like this and rub it in their faces!

Puck smiled "Before you go out there, you'd better fix your lipstick."

Kurt turned back to the mirror and quickly checked. "There's nothing wrong with my lipstick, it's perfect." He turned back to Puck. Suddenly he felt a pair of lips flush against his, a hard body pressing against the length of his body and a pair of strong hands squeezing his ass. Kurt hesitated then threw his arms around Puck's neck and opened his mouth so that Puck could plunder at will. Their kiss was hard, passionate and heady. Kurt finally pushed away to get some air and to process what just happened.

Puck just stared at him and grinned, looking all casual like this was something that they did all the time. "Like I said you'd better fix your lipstick".

Kurt looked at his image and scowled. He looked like clown hooker with his red lipstick spread out from his mouth all over his cheeks and chin. He quickly washed it off and started again. Once it was perfect he looked at Puck with suspicion. "You have obviously used that line before."

"Yeah, it works like a charm."

"Why did you use it on me?"

"Kurt, you're brave as hell going out there, looking like that to prove a point. I just thought you would get through the jeers and the name-calling easier if you knew that the stud of McKinley Highschool thinks you look totally hot!"

Kurt beamed. "Thanks Puck, that's really sweet of you."

"Now get out of here before I ruin your lipstick again."

Puck watched the diminutive boy saunter out of the bathroom full of confidence and defiance ready to seize the day. "Look out Sue Sylvester! Look out World, Kurt is out there!" Puck shouted after him and smiled. He turned and quickly entered one of the stalls. Whatever he originally came in for was forgotten. He had only two things on his mind now, Kurt in high heels and attending to the throbbing ache in his crotch.