She's Strong

She's strong, he knows this, but she's also tired. Sometimes he thinks she doesn't realise how tired she is, and then he'll see it. For just a moment, he'll see in her eyes – she knows. Kate knows just how hard she's pushing herself. For a second the wall will be down and he can see everything in those eyes. She's hurt, and this job can't change that, even though she'll keep trying. He knows that some small innocent part of her still believe that catching her mother's killer will change the past, even when Kate herself can't believe that anymore.

And he longs – longs – to wrap her in his arms and protect her, however he can. With words, because sometimes they are all he has. It didn't start out this way. He didn't love her like this when he met her. She was intriguing, a mystery, lovely and beautiful, and she still is but now she's Kate. That name holds so many implications, meanings. She's more than a muse because four letters can't hold her. None of his words can contain Kate. He'd be a fool to try.

Yes, Kate is strong. She's strong and Rick knows this. He believes that maybe, in time, she'll let him in, and in the moments where neither of them are strong, in the moments where neither knows what life means anymore, they can hold each other and that can mean something, too.

Rick thinks that maybe, they could be even stronger together, but he knows it's not about strength.

It's about her, and him, and life, people, happiness… love.

Maybe they could be strong together, but maybe they could be vulnerable, too.

Originally posted over on my livejournal, posted here now. It's just a short character sketch, sort of. Perhaps you'll have a follow up from Beckett at some point, and ... I hope you'll review. It feeds the muse, and it makes me smile.