Money Honey

Seventeen-year-old Zack Bridger sat on the old lumpy couch watching the lamest show in the history of show since his family was so poor that they could not afford cable. All he could smell was mama in the kitchen cooking as usual chicken and mashed potatoes .It wasn't like they were good but it was the best thing they could afford .Every Saturdays his mama would send him off to buy a lottery ticket and one day maybe they would win a million dollars but all his life he knew that they were never going to win anything .He just used that as an excuse to get out of that chicken smellin' house .Right on time is mama called from the kitchen "Zackary Hunter Bridger come to get this money out of my pocket and go to the store and buy me some lottery tickets"! Yes mama he called back as he struggled to get up from the shushed in couch as he turned around the corner into the kitchen there was his mama standing there with her hands on her hips holding that money ."Zackary you better not spent this money on no junkā€¦like last time and get those green tickets now get yourself out of my kitchen boy". Yes maim. His mama was a well built woman that was always best dressed has short brown hair like himself he very well resembled his mother .Before he knew it he was walking out the door into the blank street .