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Percy's POV

It was yet another borring night at Camp Half Blood, about 8:00 after dinner, a couple months after the titan lords defeat and apparently everyone was just chillin'.

I was sitting on the step of my cabin just thinking about Annabeth, the ocean and some other stuff when Grover just walked over to me. " Hey Percy do you want to play truth or dare with a couple of friends?" "Sure why not" I replied and walked with Grover to the Athena cabin.

As I walked in I heard a lot of mumbling and whispers. Then everyone stopped talking and greeted me. "Hey guys" I replied to Annabeth Grover Juniper Nico Thalia Conner and Travis Stoll Chris and Clarisse, all of them sitting in the middle of the cabin in a circle.

I sat down next to Annabeth, her Gray eyes paralyzing me. I gave her a smile and she blushed. I haven't seen alot lately baecause she had been redisgning Olympus and hadn't even know what she was doing, so I asked her. " Hows Olympus going?"

"Good" she replied

"Having any trouble?"

"Just a little, it's hard to get the workers organized but overall I think its going great so far."

"Thats good, I miss not seeing you at camp"

"Ya well I miss you to"

"Did I ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?"

"About amillion times"

She blushed again. She's cute when she blushes I thought

I was going to say that but Thalia interrupted my thoughts "Thank you all for comming, I been relizing that camp is boring (And yes thalia took a break from the hunt)so I wannted to spice things up with a little game of Truth or dare! Here are the rules, you can use as many chickens as want but for each chicken you take off an article of clothing, No cheating shoes, socks, hair thingies, bracletts, and other small accesories doesn't count. Any questions?"

"Why are we at the Athena's cabin instead of your cabin" I asked

"Because it is a mess," Thalia said, as usual I felt stupid "Now everyone swear on the River Styx that you will tell the truth."

We all swore in at the same time.

"Good now let the game begin!" Thalia said in a somewhat evil voice " I will go first"

"Grover Truth or Dare?"

" Truth" He replied trembling a little

"Have you ever had a crush on anyone beside Juniper and who?"

"Yes, a blueberry bush" Grover whimpered

I was waiting for thunder to boom but it didnt so I guess he was telling the truth. It was now G-mans turn and I got a feeling who he was goinging to choose.

"Annabeth truth or dare?" Grover asked

"Dare" she said without hesitation " I dare you to make out with Percy for at least 20 seconds"

"Fine"She tackled me onto the ground laying on top of me kissing me ferociously I kissed back and started making out. After what seemed like 30 seconds Chris 'coughed' signalling us to stop so I reluctantly stopped, both of us red as tomatoes.

"Well that was fun" I said

"Yes that was" Annabath said still blushing, I hope I wasn't blushing that much but I probably was.

"Okay Its your turn" Thalia said hinting that she might seemed to be annoyed

" Ummmm Travis Truth or Dare?"

"Dare?" he asked

"I dare you to punch Dionysus in the face." Annabeth said excitedly

" No way I'm not risking my life." So he took of his shirt to reveal another shirt

"Awwww come on Travis" Juniper said clearly disappointed

"Thalia didn't say anything about undershirts" and with that he gave his brother a knuckle.

"Now its my turn." Travis said pleased on who he would torture.

"Clarisse Truth or Dare"

For as much as I hated Clarisse I started feeling bad for her all ready.

"Dare" she responded confidently.

"After this game go and sleep with Chris,

"All right" she said looking at him smiling

"Wait I'm not done, go sleep with Chris in your under wear" Travis smiled mischievously

But Clarisse was not smiling she was doing the exact opposite of smiling and she looked murderous, even if she was blushing a little bit.

"Whatever" was all that she said. She gave Travis an I'll-kill-you-later stare andleaned against Chris.

Please dont be me please dont be me

"Prissy Truth or Dare"

dang-it I thought

"Dare" I replied half heartedly

"Throw eggs at the Aphrodite cabin"

"Can I take some one with me?"





So I walked over to the big house, went to the kitchen, got the eggs walked all the way back to the Aphrodite cabin.

I then chucked the eggs as hard as I could,cartin and all.I then hid behind there cabin for a coulple of minutes because the kids were searching for who ever did that to there cabin.

Then I walked back to the Athena cabin whan I got things were a mess. Travis had his hair done like a girls. Annabeth didn't have her pants on, and her legs looked really good long and tan. If i would have seen a mirror of myself my eyes would of had lust and desire in them. But worst of all Clarrise had make-up.

"What happend" I said in horror

"Travis and Clarisse have been daring each other" Nico said annoyed

"I think the game sould be over" Thalia said

"There will be another round tommorow night at 8:00" Thalia continued

As I was walking out I gave Annabeth a hug without her pants on and I said good night.

It was 10:00 and I was tired. When I walked in the cabin I heard Travis yell about Clarisse's dare, but I didnt really care I just plopped on my bed and fell asleep really fast.

Clarrise's POV

When I walked in the Hermes cabin with Chris, Conner, and Travis behind me the first thing Conner said was:

"Don't forget the Dare"

"Shut up!" I snapped angerly

"Ok" Tavis said

I was so close to punching him I almost did, but I was going to wait I knew just the way to get him at truth or dare so I decided to play it safe.

"Whatever you say Travis, whatever you say."

I Took off my pants and shirt.

I crawled next to Chris. As soon as I got in Chris started to cuddle with me. We did this for the rest of the night and I soon fell asleep.

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