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Percy's POV

I woke up with Annabeth pressing herself against me. I got up to see what time it was, my eyelids opened up wider when I saw the digital clock, 11:00 at night. My brain started to come up with a plan that would embarrass them forever. I got the camera out of my dresser put some clothes on and slipped it into my pocket. I heard Annabeth mumbling in her sleep something about spiders. I sat down on the side of the bed where Annabeth was and I began stroking her blond hair.

"Annabeth" I whispered "Annabeth"


"Annabeth, come quickly Percy is drowning in the lake!"

That got her attention, she immediately sat up and failed at taking the blankets off her

"Geez I'm just kidding Wisegirl, I can breathe underwater"

"Percy don't ever do that again!"

"Sorry, hey do you want to help me blackmail Thal and Nico?"

"Would I ever"

"Ok good just throw some pants and a shirt on." For the first time Annabeth realized she was only in her underwear, and of course she blushed.

"Percy my clothes are in the Athena cabin"

"Ok, just wear my shirt then. It is like 2 sizes to big so it'll cover most of you"

"Fine" After my shirt was on her we went out the door of my cabin. I motioned to the Zeus cabin and she nodded. I then climbed up the wall with my Spider Man like reflexes and pulled Annabeth up to the window. The window seal could only fit one so Annabeth was clinging to my back like a piggy back ride. I grabbed the camera out of my pocket and put in video, sure enough Thalia and Nico were sleeping with each other kissing in there sleep, I don't even know if that's possible.

Anyway I started recording on the camera when things went wrong, Nico stirred. Once he saw me and Annabeth with the camera, He shouted so loud I'm sure he woke up half the camp. Annabeth then lost her grip on my back and fell down from two stories with, Immediately I jumped down an caught her while I was hanging on the window. After that catastrophe, we climbed again up the wall and checked on the camera the time was 1 minute and 31 32 33 34 seconds. We stopped the camera and went down to knock on the Zeus cabins door. What we saw was a Half naked Thalia and a angry Nico only in his boxers.

"Uhhhh, hi Nico?"

"What Do You WANT!"

"Ummmm do you want to play truth or dare?" I said in a small voice

"Oh yeah sure, come on in" I swear for the rest of my life that is the most craziest mood swing ever.

"The rules are only to remove one piece of clothing cause were all in underwear" swear on the Styx"

We all swore in.

"Ok I'm first, Nico truth or dare?" Annabeth asked


"I dare you to kiss Thal for 45 seconds"

"Been there done that" Nico said bored, but he kissed Thalia anyways. After 45 second he asked me

"Truth or dare?"


"Did you sleep with Annabeth in your under wear?"

"Don't act happy you did the same thing with Thalia" I said

"So did you?'

"Yeah, Thalia truth or dare?"


"Do you like sleeping with Nico?"

"Yup he's good" she blushed

"Annabeth truth or dare?"


"I dare you to try to get Percy and Nico asleep"

"No problem I'll be right back" She gave me a wink and walked out the door. About 5 minutes later she came back in with something that looked like a Epipen.

"Ok Percy, Nico I'm sorry" with that she walked over to a trembling Nico and stabbed him, his eyes widened and then he, like... died I don't know. But the only thing my brain could transfer is that I had to pack my bags before 9 o'clock. Then I felt a pinch, I looked and saw Annabeth with the Epipen thingy. the last thing I heard was Annabeth tell Thalia That we were going to be down for at least till six.

When I woke I was in completely different clothes in the Zeus cabin, I looked around but I could barley move my neck. I heard Thal and Annabeth squeking like girl talking about me and Nico. I got up, and then fell on my face. I heard a shh sound before I passed out again. When I woke again I saw Annabeth laying next to me in one of those hot bikini things. She was stroking my hair until she said "hello Percy" I passed out again.

When I was up for good I went to see Annabeth, she was still in that bikini thing playing truth or dare with Thal and Nico.

"About time, Seaweed Brain"

"You stabbed me!" I complained

"It was a dare remember?"

"Whatever, what time is It?"

"It's 7:30"

"Ok, whose turrn is it?"

"Mine" Nico chimed in. I took a look at Nico and Thal, they were both in underwear. When I looked down I was wearing different boxers than I had when Annabeth stabed me.

"Ok, Annabeth truth or dare?" he asked


"Did you change Percy's clothes?"

"Yes, Thalia truth or dare?"


"I dare you to Kiss Percy"

"What, No!"

"Ok then whats it going to be top or bottom?"

"Top of course" so she took off her top showing her breast, I looked away while she covered them with her knees like Annabeth. The only person who seemed so down on this was Nico.

"Annabeth truth or dare?"


"I dare You to kiss Nico"

"No that 's nasty!" So Annabeth Took off her bra And used her knees to cover her breast.

"Thalia truth or dare?"


"Do you like not having a bra?"


"Percy truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to sit on Annabeth's lap"

"Ok" I got on and quickly got off

"I said get on her lap"

"I did, you just didn't say how long"


"Annabeth truth or dare?"


"Do you like not hav-"

I never finished my sentence because Chiron walked through the door and began giving one of his lectures. Before I knew it Thal, and Annabeth were curled up in a ball snoring lightly. Nico gave me a Chiron-needs-to-stop-giving-his-lectures look, and dosed off. I was struggling not to fall asleep but I finally cracked and fel asleep.

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