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Unbreakable Bond

"Ooof," Envy mumbled under the blankets when he felt a small form jump on him waking him from sleep, Envy pulled the covers down and looked bleary eyed at Wrath who was grinning at him, with short hair, it was chin length and made him look, as Scarlet said "Absolutely adorable!, squeal!" .

"Good Morning big brother!" he nearly sang and Envy groaned then pulled the covers over his face again. There were chuckles from around the room and Envy just groaned again.

"Go away, I still need sleep..." he grumbled and then he felt a hand touch his head on top of the covers.

"Envy you've been asleep for hours, the least you could do is talk to Scarlet and Wrath, oh Greed is here too," Al said and there was a small indignant 'Hey!' from Greed for being an after thought. Al chuckled. Envy groaned again then pulled the covers down to glare at the guests. He sat up with a few choice swear words and Al laughed.

"You're worse than Brother in the mornings, it's so cute..." Al said and Envy blushed brightly before pushing the vampire off of the bed.

"Hey!" Al laughed at Envy who smiled back then threw a pillow hard enough at Wrath that had the laughing boy tumbling off the bed to land on his ass. But the boy still laughed at Envy's red face.

"Oh shut up you brat," he mumbled and glared at Greed who had a huge smirk on his face, "You want some of this too?" he asked and the boy shook his head but couldn't remove the smirk.

"Alright, alright grumpy pants, shut up and eat," Ed said as he waltzed into the room carrying a tray full of breakfast food, flapjacks, toast and jam, eggs, bacon and orange juice. Ed plopped on the bed and shoved a forkful of food into Envy's mouth. Envy pouted and stared at Ed for a moment, the fork in his mouth before he rolled his eyes and started to eat by himself. Ed laughed then kissed him on the forehead then leant back against the headboard next to the pouting man.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Ed asked Scarlet, Wrath and Greed, the last gave a shrug and a snort.

"They wanted to visit you guys and they gave me no choice but to come," he growled and Envy laughed, Greed glared.

"Maybe that's because whenever you're alone, given the chance, something goes wrong, last time he almost got murdered because he flirted with the wrong human, I mean honestly he has no self-preservation at all!" Scarlet exclaimed throwing her hands up and coming to sit next to Wrath who was still on the floor, he smiled at her and took her hand.

"That's because I have no need for it," Greed muttered, and Envy raised an eyebrow at him, the boy was leaning against the wall across the room from them. Completely separate.

"Why would you say that?" Envy asked curiously, he couldn't imagine not having a reason for living, they were sitting in this room now and imagining life with out them...he couldn't even begin to fathom it.

"Um because it's true..." he said with a slight sneer, Envy gave a small huff then looked the boy over.

"Maybe you should find one then, otherwise you become an appetizer," Envy said and Greed glared at him. Envy smiled and finished eating Ed was next to him rolling his eyes while Al climbed onto the bed with a small smile.

"So what are you boys planning for today?" Scarlet asked cheerfully, smiling brightly at the three on the bed. Envy Al and Ed all looked at each other then back at the girl.

"Um…" Ed said and Scarlet glared at him.

"Oh no, you three have been in here for a week! You need out!" she said and the three looked at one another again.

"I agree, it's starting to smell in here," Eric said from the doorway with a grin, "Speaking of smell, Envy I brought you some human essentials I know you'll thank me for later," and with that the man tossed a bag at the still grumpy man who caught it deftly but glared at Eric for the smell comment. Eric just grinned then gave a wave of his hand telling Envy to look inside, Envy did although reluctantly. Inside the bag were lots and lots of bottles, Envy pulled one out and frowned at it.

"Shampoo?" he said and Ed gave a small appreciative 'mmm' then took the bottle from Envy's hand and popped the lip open.

"Ew, not that one," he said and put it back in the bag, he took out another one and did the same he made a face then returned it to the bag, he did that to almost every one until he found one he liked. Alphonse almost started to drool when his brother let him smell it.

"That one! Definitely that one!" Al said excitedly, and Envy grabbed the bottle and sniffed, he got a huge waft of vanilla, it did smell very good, then he glared at the two blonds.

"No," he said and they looked at him in horrific disappointment. "I'm not gonna smell like a dessert," he said and they both pouted like small children. Envy looked at them for several moments then looked up at Wrath and Scarlet.

"You guys need lessons," he told Ed and Al, "Your cute faces are nothing compared to theirs," he said sarcastically.

"Come on…we're the ones who smell you all day, the least you could do is smell good," Al said sticking his bottom lip way out.

"Are you saying I don't smell fabulous in the first place?" Envy asked and Al flushed and spluttered.

"N-no! You smell like…" and his face went all dreamy, Envy didn't know whether to be scared or flattered.

"What he means," Ed said pushing his brother off the bed, "Is that we love your smell a lot…and kind of need a break," Ed grinned, and Envy rolled his eyes.

"Wow, that has me convinced," he mumbled and Ed gave a small chuckle then kissed his forehead.

"Hey Envy you want to take a shower with me?" Al asked grinning as he popped up from the floor, holding the shampoo in one hand and the same type of conditioner in the other.

"Uh as fun-" and he was cut off by a squeal, Scarlet clapped her hands together.

"I know! How about Eric takes you guys to the bar while Wrath and I make Envy look all pretty?" she squealed in excitement.

"That's even less appealing!" Envy whined, but he knew that look, as did Ed and Al, they had no choice, Scarlet got what she wanted.

"You'll appreciate it later!" She grinned, then she pushed Greed with Eric to drag the Elric's out of the room.

"Okey-dokey Envy shall we?" Scarlet asked holding the shampoo and conditioner up, and there was an almost evil gleam in her eye.

"No! I can do it myself!" Envy screeched in embarrassment, as he grabbed the bottles from her hands when she tried taking off his shirt.

"Remember not to get any in your eyes," she said calmly amused. He scowled at her and slammed the bathroom door shut.

Envy growled for a moment then sighed, he looked down at the bottles and groaned a little before grudgingly decided to get started.

He wasn't quite sure what he was doing but he got the general idea, he washed his body which he realized had gotten disgusting, and then he put the vanilla smelling shampoo in his hair followed by the conditioner. When he got out he was pleased to find some clothes left out for him on the counter.

A black t-shirt with a v-neck and then some black pants and sneakers. Simple but allows for anyone who's looking to notice the two silver cuffs on his wrists and the black bond mark on his neck. Envy chuckled as he walked out of the bathroom, they were so possessive it was adorable. But the moment he was out of the door he was assaulted by two very small whirlwinds, Wrath jumped on his back and then buried his hands in his big brothers hair then started whipping it around.

"Hey! Get off you brat! That hurts!" Envy yelled then grabbed the boy and threw him at the bed. Scarlet giggled then gently pulled Envy down so he was sitting on the floor.

"Sorry he was just trying to get the excess water out," she said and then started pulling a brush through Envy's only partially wet hair.

"So you put him up to it huh? You are a very bad influence on him you know," Envy mumbled grouchily as he felt the knots and tangles getting brushed from his hair, Scarlet giggled and hummed. Envy pouted the whole time she was brushing his hair and when she braided it, Envy gave her a look she smiled, and he noticed she had dimples.

"I know Ed really loves it when your hair is braided, though I think he likes doing it himself, he'll still appreciate the gesture," she replied to his look he nodded then stood up.

"Okay so now that you've forced me from slumber and the comforts of bed got my drenched then gave me a headache what are you doing here?" Envy asked and Scarlet rolled her eyes which Envy thought was a fairly odd gesture for a seven year old. Even more odd he was more observant as a human. He sighed, this was going to be interesting.

Envy was dragged down the hall by Scarlet and Wrath each one had a firm grip on one of his hands and refused to let go, he protested for a while before giving up in the context that it was just pointless. They didn't take him out of the mansion just to the night club there, he was greeted by Eric, who was grinning in a way that made Envy's eyes narrow. Then he was pushed to a booth in the back and almost slammed onto the table.

"Think you could be any rougher bastard?" he yelled at Eric who was already on the other side of the dance floor by the pool tables.

"You know he could be Envy," Ed gave a small chuckle and Envy turned to see the blond grinning at him, Envy rolled his eyes.

"Yeah I'm fully aware of the fact," Envy muttered and Ed shook his head Al grinned at him then racked his eyes over Envy's body smiling even more widely at the obvious shows of claim, Envy rolled his eyes.

"So you made him drag me over here," Envy said to the brothers, he knew they would have flushed in shame, but the knowledge was good enough for him.

"No we asked him to escort you to us," Al said and Envy's eyebrow arched.

"Oh why thank you, it was so kind of you," he said sarcastically, Ed grinned and Al laughed.

"No problem!" Ed chirped and Envy couldn't help but laugh, then he bent over the table and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"It's amazing how cute two cold blooded killers can be," he muttered wrapping his fingers in the hair by the nape of Alphonse's neck. He heard Ed inhale and then place a hand on his cheek and bring him in for a more searing kiss, when Envy pulled back he saw unbridled lust in both of his vampire's eyes. He pulled back completely.

"Oh no, I know those looks, we are doing nothing in public," he said and they both pouted, he shook his head fiercely, "Nu-uh I'm not falling for that, I'm going to go play pool and you'd better have yourselves under control by the time I get back or neither of you gets screwed for a month," he said then whipped around his braid flying around and landing over his shoulder.

"Damn," Al muttered and Ed burst into laughter, Al scowled at him and Ed started laughing harder.

"Brother!" Al said indignantly, Ed took in a few breaths to stop from laughing, it was hard but he managed, he turned to his brother with a grin.

"I'm sorry Al, it's just so funny! You're the one who swore instead of me!" he said and Al, blinked in surprise.

"I did?" he asked and then went back to what happened earlier in his mind, "I did..." he gasped then hit his brother on the arm.

"OW! What was that for?" Ed whined rubbing his sore upper arm.

"That was for being a bad influence," Al replied calmly, and Ed snorted then stuck his tongue out, Al replied by doing the same thing, then they heard a laugh and they turned to see Envy grinning at them.

"Having fun?" he asked and they both nodded, then did made the 'if I could blush I would be' faces, Envy grinned.

"You two are so cute," he said with a roll of his eyes.

"We know, now come here," Ed said and before Envy had a chance to say 'eep', he was sitting in the booth between Ed and Al.

"You's really not fair that you do that," he mumbled and Ed laughed wrapped his arm around Envy's waist while Al did the same.

"I know," Ed said then kissed Envy on the forehead.

"Humph," Envy said and the two vampires laughed, they both kissed his cheeks and Envy felt himself blush.

"Oh that's just too cute," Envy looked up and saw Eric smirking tauntingly, Wrath and Scarlet beside him, Greed leaning against the booth smirking as well.

"Fuck you!" Envy snapped, blushing even more, and Eric laughed.

"That's nice of you to offer but I'm good thanks," he replied and Ed rolled his eyes, Al threw a napkin at him, and Greed frowned. Envy noticed the scowl on Greed's face and grinned, so the boy liked Eric huh? Ironic that they were both 'Greed' at one point. He shrugged, who cares, it was funny.

"You're right, instead go find something rough and pointy and shove it up your ass," Envy replied with a smile, Eric rolled his eyes, and Envy saw Greed's scowl turn to him, he couldn't help the small grin from forming on his lips.

"Well now that we're done talking about my ass, think I'm going to go get see you later!" he grinned and was waving as he went out of the door. Envy stared at the back of Greed's head who was looking at the door with a forlorn expression, he turned and saw Envy looking at him, then Envy gestured to the door. Greed frowned again and Envy rolled his eyes.

"Just go..." he muttered and Greed's frown turned into a pout before he ran out of the room to follow Eric.

"What was that?" Ed asked, and Envy grinned.

"Greed has a thing for Eric, wasn't it obvious?" Envy replied, and Al started giggling.

"That is so cute!" he said and Envy, Ed and Wrath all rolled their eyes in unison while Scarlet joined in on the giggles.

"Yikes, fanatic romantic fan girls," Ed said and Al and Scarlet pouted at him, Al smacked him up side the head and glared.

"I am not a fan girl," he said and Ed grinned.

"Coulda fooled me," he grinned, and Envy snickered.

"It's okay I can attest to him being male," Envy said and Alphonse gave a 'HA' and a smirk to his brother, who shrugged.

"So you're a fan boy, that's almost worse," Ed said and laughed when he was hit upside the head again.

"Shut up brother, "Al said, and Scarlet and Wrath started laughing.

"You two are almost as fun as Saturday morning cartoons!" Wrath said, and laughed some more. Scarlet giggled then grabbed Wrath's hand and dragged him over to the arcade, saying the hilarity would commence when they returned.

"Scarlet's pretty sneaky," Envy said and grabbed the hand that was on his thigh, then placed it back on it's owner's own thigh.

"And so are you," Envy growled at Al who grinned innocently. Envy snorted and Ed laughed giving his brother a look that Envy missed altogether.

"I'm sorry Envy but we just like touching you," Al said and Envy laughed.

"I know that," then he leaned over and kissed Al on the cheek, who beamed at him, then pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips. Envy would have protested but it had been a very long time since they did anything together. Al's hand gripped the back of Envy's neck and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss. Envy felt Ed take his hand but that was all and then Al's tongue was in his mouth and he moaned.

Moments later Envy somehow managed to end up in Al's lap, their lips still connected while Ed was brushing his lips over Envy's wrist, Al's lips moved down from Envy's lips to his jaw and then throat. Envy gave a startled gasp and tried to pull away.

"Oh no...we are not doing this in public, you know full well what happens to me when you guys feed," he gasped, since neither of them had stopped.

"Oh yes we know," Al replied huskily and Envy shivered, he felt Al open his mouth and give a small suck.

"Don't you dar-AH!" Envy tugged hard on Al's hair which he'd entwined his fingers into when they'd been kissing, but now he had two vampires sucking on him, one was lazily attached to his wrist while the other was attached to his throat, and he was feeling incredibly hot.

"N-no..." he whispered, but let out another moan when a hand came to cup his crotch, he muffled a strangled cry and bucked.

"Oh god!" the hand that had been cupping him was now gently stroking his member, bringing it to painful hardness, those pants were pretty tight. The stroking started getting faster, and the hand was gripping him out side of his pants the friction from the material was impossibly pleasurable. He could feel it, he was going to come any second, but he was trying with all of his will power not to scream out, then lucky for him a mouth was over his the tongue thrusted in and Envy could taste his own blood as he moaned and then finally screamed as he climaxed from a rough tug from the hand.

The mouth on his own became much gentler as he rode out his orgasm, and then the mouth at his neck started kissing, having stopped sucking a while ago. His mouth was released and he was left panting in Al's arms, he knew they were both smirking and he growled.

"I hope you guys enjoy celibacy," he said faintly, and the brothers frowned, but couldn't say any more since Envy was too exhausted to hear anything they said. They took him from the booth and back to the room, laying him gently on the bed where he almost immediately fell asleep. And Al sat in a chair and watched him sleep while Ed worked on some paperwork he'd been putting off. They looked at each other for a moment then broke out into huge smiles. It was nice to be in love.


It had been two weeks since the whole celibacy thing and Envy was surprised they had actually listened, he half expected Al would have jumped him by then but he hadn't, they'd only ever kissed him and hugged and cuddle, which he really didn't have a problem with. He didn't mind the attention they dotted on him. He loved being with them, and he liked that they respected his wishes, it made him want to do anything for them. Which he would do, and he guessed by them actually listening to his celibacy thing, they felt the same way.

Envy was asleep in the bed snuggled in the covers, Ed was working on his paperwork, Al was supposed to be working on his own but he was too busy watching Envy sleep. A small smile on his face as he watched the blanket slowly rise and then fall as Envy breathed. Al sat backwards on the chair his arms resting on the back rest with his head laying on his hands, a soft smile playing on his lips.

"Al you do actually need to finish those reports...I need them done by tomorrow," Ed said amused, not looking up from his desk.

"I know it's just...he looks so... when he sleeps...I don't know how to explain it," Al said watching Envy's face. Ed looked up then and looked over at the seeping form of his lover, he smiled.

"I know what you mean, he looks...natural," Ed said and Al nodded. Then Ed smirked.

"Though you know when you watch him all the time it just makes you seem like a stalker," he grinned and Al rolled his eyes. (Twilight Jab there...sorry if you're a fan...I used to be...and then Robert Pattison thought he made a good Edward. *snort*)

"Yeah yeah," he muttered and then looked back over at the figure who had turned over, his blue eyes were open but hazy.

"No matter how hard Al tried he couldn't be a stalker," Envy said softly in his sleepy voice, and Ed sighed.

"That's not fair Envy you should be on my side," Ed pouted and Envy snorted, he shook his head but he was smiling.

"I'm on both of your sides...and under you all the way," he said with a grin, beginning to wake up more, the brothers laughed.

"Envy..." Al said in a reprimanding way but rolled his eyes again anyway and started walking over to him, Envy held out his hand, Al took it and kissed it before placing it on his cheek as he sat down. Envy pulled him down closer wrapping his arm around the boy and burying his face in Al's neck. Al laughed softly.

"Still tired?" he asked and Envy grunted in confirmation, he sat with Al for a few more minutes then, felling somewhat incomplete, looked up at Ed and held out his hand to him. Ed smiled and came over to the bed, taking Envy's hand and then sitting on the bed, scooting closer to his lover and his brother. Envy wrapped his arm around Ed too and then snuggled as close as he possibly could into their arms.

"You're awfully cuddly today," Al said with a smile on his face, gently running his finger through Envy's hair.

"It's cause I'm still half asleep," Envy mumbled into Al's shoulder, who laughed and kissed the top of Envy's head. "I want to be near you…" he said sleepily as he tried to pull the blonds closer. They both laughed happily and got as close as they could to their dark haired lover. Envy smiled against Al's shoulder and squeezed.

"I love you," he whispered as he fell asleep again, only this time in the arms of the two people he loved the most. Ed and Al looked at each other for a moment and smiled.

"And we love you too," they said softly, and Envy sighed in content, never wanting to leave those arms or the security or the warmth.

Time was a completely irrelevant concept to Envy, mainly because he didn't care, but now he was with the two people he loved most in the world and he'd give nothing to be how he used to. He was happy to be able to love and happy to love forever, because love like that could only grow, plus the sex was good too.


Yes? Happy good? Well I'm fairly satisfied with it. I really enjoyed writing this one and I didn't lose interest. So YAY! All done! Happy happy!

And if I get enough...who knows maybe a sequel? *shrug*