Author's Notes

Note: Spoilers for more than one anime.

Well, I've always wanted to contribute to the Black Cat fandom somehow. With this little collection (as well as In Morbus Quod Valetudo), I hope I've done that. Black Cat is a series that I love not only for the characters or the humour, but for the corn-in-a-can style. It takes familiar elements and makes them fresh. In the past, I've described Train Heartnet as "Spike Speigal with superpowers"; seeing as Spike Speigal is my favourite anime character (with Cowboy Bebop being my favourite anime), I mean that very much as a compliment. The two series are very similar in terms of plot (ex-gang-member-gunman with laid back lifestyle becomes a bounty hunter with an older man, a child, and a glamorous woman as partners, but never seems to have enough money for anything better than cup-noodles and ends up having a showdown with his sword wielding ex-partner over a dead girl), but somehow Black Cat is just more fun, whereas Cowboy Bebop is more artful.

If you've enjoyed these drabbles (and I very much hope you have), let me know. Or, better yet, why not write your own? They're great practice, and can be very entertaining in their own right. The Black Cat fandom could always use some more quality fanfics, after all. Thanks to anyone who's read or reviewed these drabbles; I've enjoyed writing them, and I hope to contribute to the Black Cat fandom again.