Konnichiwa Minna-san! I'm Ex-Shark-Virtue-005 here with my first Tales of Vesperia fanfiction! This is a little fic inspired by the whole incident at Zaude that everyone seems to love oh so much. Since this is a post-Zaude fic there are spoilers so be aware. This will be a chaptered story, I hate one-shots with a passion!

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Chapter One: Anger-Clouded Judgment

Sodia watched in rage as Flynn pushed that…that criminal Yuri Lowell out of the way of an odd sort of laser blast from the large blastia to take the hit himself. "What does Commander Flynn see in that criminal?" Sodia thought, "I would never associate myself with the likes of him."

"Flynn!" Yuri cried as he dropped to his knees to see if his friend was alright.

"Don't worry about me," Flynn gasped, "Stop Alexei…I'll send Sodia and Witcher to help. Don't let Alexei escape again…"

"Alright," Yuri said as he stood up and hurried after the former commandant.

"Sodia, Witcher," Flynn called as he struggled to stand.

"You shouldn't be moving," Sodia said as she approached her commander, "You're injured."

"I'm fine," Flynn said, "I need you to help Yuri and the others. They can handle the battle but I'm worried about what might happen afterwards. I don't like the look of that Blastia."

"But sir, Yuri Lowell is…"

"I know," Flynn said, "He's a criminal. But Yuri is also one of my closest friends and I would be devastated if anything was to happen to him in our presence. I know you don't like him but he is protecting Lady Estellise for us."

Sodia sighed, "I understand," She said, "You should have Witcher stay with you just in case. We don't know what Alexei hit you with and it's better to be safe than sorry."

Flynn sighed, "Alright," He said reluctantly, "You go help Yuri and the others and Witcher can stay here and help me gather the rest of the Knights."

"Sounds good," Sodia said as she headed towards the rising platform. "With any luck Alexei will mortally wound Yuri Lowell…and there will be nothing we can do to save him," She thought maliciously.

By the time Sodia reached the top of the platform the battle was over. Yuri was confronting Alexei and while he looked winded and rather fatigued, Yuri showed no sign of any life-threatening injuries.

She watched as Alexei activated Zaude's Blastia and before anyone could do or say anything a large dark purple mass ripped a hole in the sky.

"Wha-what the hell is that?" Genius mage Rita Mordio asked.

"The Adephagos…" Yuri gasped as he too gazed that the mass in the sky.

"What is the Adephagos?" Sodia thought as she watched Alexei stagger around spouting off some sort of nonsense as the large Blastia started to sink closer to the platform. She continued to watch in rage as Yuri slashed at Alexei with his sword, mortally injuring him. "Commander Flynn should be the one killing Alexei not Yuri Lowell…"

There was then a sound like an explosion and the large Blastia core fell crushing Alexei. Sodia shielded her eyes from the debris that was kicked up from the platform and the core. When she opened her eyes Yuri was just standing near the edge of the platform completely unscathed and just muttering to himself about the giant dark mass in the sky.

Sodia clenched her fists in rage. She wanted to hurt the man standing before her. Her captain had been injured protecting this…this human monster standing before her and he…he was just standing there as if nothing had happened. She reached for her sword but then remembered that Yuri was a skilled swordsman and he would probably be able to easily dodge and counter a sword attack. She reached under her armor and pulled out her dagger, "This will have to do," She thought hoping that she would have the opportunity to strike a critical point on his body without him seeing the weapon first.

"Flynn?" Apparently Yuri had heard the dagger scraping against her armor because he turned towards her just as she started running towards him, "Sodia what's wro-…!"

Sodia gasped as she felt her dagger pierce through Yuri's skin. The feeling was so wonderful yet so terrifying that she dropped her weapon. Yuri cried out in pain as the small blade entered and left his body. She had struck down many rouge knights and monsters with using the same technique that she used to strike down the man in front of her but it felt so much different this time. The feeling of her knife sliding easily into flesh left her feeling as if she had just been electrocuted and unlike the other times, she couldn't shake the sensation.

"But Yuri is also one of my closest friends," Flynn's voice resonated in her head, "And I would be devastated if something was to happen to him in our presence."

Sodia gasped in horror as Yuri staggered closer and closer to the edge of the platform. His eyes wide yet struggling to stay open and his right hand to the wound that was bleeding at a dangerous rate. She wanted to save him, to stop him from falling over the edge but she couldn't move…every muscle in her body was tight and refused to yield to her commands.

"Oh God…" She thought as Yuri slipped off the platform and fell, "What have I done…" She felt sick. She had just stabbed her commander's best friend, someone she was supposed to be helping, in the abdomen then just watched as he staggered off a platform that was at least a hundred meters above the icy sea below.

"Yuri!" Estellise called, "Yuri, where are you!" The pink haired princess then caught sight of Sodia, "You're Flynn's Lieutenant! Have you seen Yuri? Please tell me that he wasn't crushed by that thing."

Sodia found herself unable to talk while she eyed the blood-tainted dagger on the ground hoping that none of them saw it, "He…" she finally muttered feebly, "He fell…"

"What!" Estellise asked, "He...Yuri fell...?"

"He…he was hit from behind by a piece of debris…" Sodia muttered. She had never told such a blatant lie in her life but no one needed to know what had just happened, "I tried to help him…but there was nothing I could do…he just fell…"

"No..." Estellise gasped as tears ran down her face, "No...It can't be...Yuri..."

"What do these people see in that man?" Sodia thought as Estellise cried. She then gasped as Yuri's dog walked up to the dagger, sniffed it then whined.

"What is it Repede?" Estellise asked as she knelt down next to the whimpering dog, "Sodia, is this yours?" She asked as she picked up the dagger, "It has blood on it."

Sodia gasped. "Th-thank you…" She gasped as she took the dagger from Estellise, "I lost my sword during a battle with one of the red eyes and had to use my dagger. I must have dropped it when I rushed to aid Yuri…" She knew that she could fool Estellise and the others but there was no fooling the dog. She was sure that some of Yuri's sent had transfer to her clothing as well as the dagger and while the humans couldn't smell it, the dog most certainly could.

"Estelle!" Rita called as she ran over to them, "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you hurt somewhere?"

"No…" Estellise sobbed, "It's Yuri…he...he fell…"

Rita Mordio's eyes widened, "No way…" She gasped, "From this height…there's no way he…"

"Judith," Estellise screamed, "Call Ba'ul! Tell him…tell him that Yuri fell… ask him…see if he can find Yuri…!"

The blue-haired Krytian woman nodded and put her hand her forehead. Sodia watched and hoped that whoever or whatever Ba'ul was had found Yuri before he could drown. But when the Krytian's face fell her head spun.

"I'm sorry," Judith said, "Ba'ul hasn't seen Yuri…I'll have Ba'ul search for him."

"NO!" A young boy cried, "Yuri…Yuri can't be dead…He just can't!"

"Lieutenant Sodia!" Witcher called, "Commander Flynn wants us to get off this platform!" He looked around realizing that someone was missing, "Where's Yuri Lowell?"

"He fell…" Sodia said softly, "He was injured and he fell…"

Flynn was relieved to see that Estellise, Sodia, Rita Mordio, Karol, Judith, Raven and Repede were safe but there were no signs of Yuri. His stomach dropped as he noticed the tears running down Estellise and Karol's faces, "What happened?" He asked, "Where's Yuri?"

"Commander," Sodia sobbed as she fell to her knees, "I'm sorry…but Yuri…he…Yuri Lowell fell…I was there and I couldn't save him…I could have stopped him but I was in such shock…I froze. To see someone get so badly injured right before my eyes…and not able to do anything to help…I'm so sorry Commander…"

Flynn just stood there as his mind refused to process what his second in command had just told him, "Please tell me you're joking…" He muttered as he sank to his knees. A fall from that height was bound to be fatal and if Yuri was injured when he fell...Flynn shut his eyes he didn't want to think about that outcome, "Please tell me that this is just some sick joke or some terrible nightmare…" He looked at Repede who was lying beside Estellise whimpering for his master, "No…Dammit Yuri! Witcher order all the ships in the area to search for Yuri Lowell!"

"Understood!" Witcher called as he ran off.

"Sodia," Flynn said, "What's wrong?"

"I don't feel well…" She muttered as she ran off covering her eyes so Flynn and the others wouldn't see her cry.

Flynn sighed. He had never seen Sodia in this state before, she was always so level headed. "Something's not right," Flynn thought, "I'll look into that matter later though…we need to find Yuri…"

Yuri gasped as he looked up that the mass in the sky. "The Adephagos disappeared into the void…" He muttered to himself, "Well I guess they didn't say that they actually destroyed that thing. They just left this piece of crap behind…"

He then heard the sound of metal scrapping against metal, "Flynn?" He asked as he turned and he was rather surprised to see Flynn's second in command running towards him. A feeling of dread washed over him, Flynn had been injured before they left and Sodia's actions did not bode well, "Is Flynn alright?" He thought, "Sodia, what's wro-!"

At first he thought that Sodia was there to uncharacteristically seek his assistance. But his question was cut short when he was hit in the stomach with a sharp excruciating pain. Sodia stabbed him! His best friend's Lieutenant had just stabbed him in the stomach! He put his hand to his side as he tried to recoil. He could feel the blood spilling from the wound faster than he could attempt to stop it as his head started to grow heavy.

To say that he was angry was an understatement. He wanted to retaliate but his body was instinctively moving away from his attacker and he was probably in no condition to put up much of a fight anyway. He looked at Sodia and through his blurring vision he could make out the pure look of absolute terror on the girl's face. Her expression clearly reading "What have I done?" And some of his anger at the girl diminished, besides…he knew why she had done what she did. He was a threat to Flynn and Sodia was just worried about her captain.

He felt himself beginning to fall, "Is this the end for me…?" he thought as he saw the sky then the ocean as he began his decent. "What's gonna happen to Estelle, Karol, Rita, Judi and the old man…?" He thought as his pain clouded vision began to dim, "Who's gonna look after Repede after I die…?"

"Guys…I'm sorry..." He muttered as his body began relaxing as his consciousness began to fade. "At least I had managed to rid the world of that power-drunk, corrupted bastard Alexei."

Then, just before his vision completely failed on him, he could have sworn that he saw the dragon that he had seen at the Weasand of Cados and the Sands of Kogorh. But his mind wouldn't comprehend what he had seen, it just shut down on him as his body plunged into the icy ocean.

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