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Ten seconds.

Ten seconds was all it took for two people's worlds to change forever.

00:00:10 - A NCIS agent and his partner scout out a building that a known serial killer was suspected to be hiding in.

00:00:09 - The male agent kicks in the door on the front of the building, his female companion close behind.

00:00:08 - The agents walk cautiously down a dark hallway, guns drawn.

00:00:07 - The male agent turns to his partner and smiles.

00:00:06 - The female agent rolls her eyes but returns the smile.

00:00:05 - The NCIS agents enter a dark room full of a variety of electronic equipment and such.

00:00:04 - After clearing the room, the agents give a quick search of anything useful.

00:00:03 - The male agent spots a device with bright red glowing numbers counting down from three seconds.

00:00:02 - The male agent yells for his partner to find cover.

00:00:01 - The male agent watches as his partner hits the ground behind a desk. Deciding that she is as safe as she is going to get, the man moves to take cover. He doesnt make it.

00:00:00 - An explosion rips through the warehouse. The blast echoes for miles around.

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo opened his eyes. Where was he? This was not his apartment bedroom or his office. It was a large room, the walls were broken apart and charred, broken pipes and metal were bent outwards, splintered pieces of burnt wood were strewn about.

Think Tony.

Fuzzy images flashed before his mind's eye.

A bomb.

It had been a routine take-down. One sick man, a rapist and serial killer. They had tracked him down to an abandoned warehouse. It had been just him and his partner, Ziva.

Oh God, Ziva!

Tony moved to sit up and find his partner but was met with sheer agony from his chest area. Ignoring the pain from the gash above his right eye, Tony lifted his head just enough to inspect the damage done to his body. What he saw wasnt good.

Oh shit.

Sticking about a foot out of his chest was a long piece of pipe that had been flung in the explosion.

It was right above his heart.

How am I still alive?

His head snapped to the right as a small sound echoed across the room.


Tony took in the sight of his partner and smiled weakly. She was battered and bruised and her left arm was bleeding from shrapnel that had been spewn about after the bomb went off.

But she was okay.

She was alive.

"Z...Zi-...va," Tony tried to sit up from where he lay in a pile of broken, burnt two by fours from the buildings walls and ceiling.

She gave a small sound that sounded a lot like a whimper, as she rushed to his side and placed her hands on his lower abdomin, a gesture that told him he needed to lie still.

He looked up at her through his blurry vision. She was trembling, but keeping a stiff stance. He could tell she was scared and worried but she was a soldier. A brave soldier. Her eyes were filled with tears threatening to spill over, but he knew she was too proud to let them fall.

He didnt like seeing his ninja like this. He couldnt get her to meet his eyes. Instead her eyes were trained on the jagged piece of metal protruding from his chest.

He frowned and used what was left of his strength to reach his arms up to grasp the pole. He was about to pull it out when two shaking hands met his.

"Dont," her eyes finally met his and she drew in a deep breath before speaking again, softer this time, "You'll make it worse."

He loosened his hold on the metal but didnt move his hands. The feel of her hands on his was...comforting.

He tried to speak again but was cut off by a fit of violent coughing that shook his entire body. He could taste blood. That definitely wasnt good.

"Shut up. Just be quiet, save your strength." She was crying now. Tony had only ever seen her cry once or twice. Now he knew for sure this was worse than bad.

They gazed at eachother for a few more seconds, before Ziva whipped out her cell and dialed a number.

"This is Officer Ziva David, I have an agent down. Yes, we are at 611 East Bachman Road. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Hurry please." She spoke with a shakey voice into the reciever of her cell. Closing her phone, she looked down at him again to find him gazing at her bloodied arm.

"It's nothing. I do not feel it."

He could tell she was lying.


Her fingers went to his lips. "I said don't talk."

That's when Tony saw it. A shadow in background crept closer. It was holding some sort of blunt, elongated object.


"Tony, I said..."

A man jumped out of the shadows, swinging a baseball bat, which caught Ziva's side and sent her sliding across the floor. When she skidded to a stop, she doubled over on her side in agony. He could tell her wounds were worse than he had originally thought. Now it was his turn to be scared for her.

Turning his attention back to their attacker, he saw it was the man they had been tracking down. And he was heading straight towards where he lay.

When the man was standing over Tony, he smiled down at him menacingly. All Tony could do was watch as the man lined up his bat with the metal shrapnel sticking out of his chest. It would be like driving a nail with a hammer into his chest. Tony squeezed his eyes shut as tightly as he could and braced himself for the blow that would end it all. This was end.

I'm sorry Ziva. I wish I would have told you...

Suddenly a cry of a mixture of terror and pain errupted from the other side of the room causing his eyes to snap open.


It was his beautiful partner, Ziva. She was on her feet and sprinting at the murderer full blast. When she reached a close enough distance, she dropped her shoulder and sent herself and the man sprawling. Shaking off the initial shock of the tackle, the killer grappled with her on the floor, flipping them over so she was beneath him.

Ziva was a trained assassin. Under any normal circumstances, she could have dropped this man like a rock with one finger. But this wasnt any normal circumstance. She was hurt badly and he was using his weight, and her lack thereof, to his advantage. He quickly and semi-easily pinned her wrists above her head. Using one hand to keep her wrists pinned he quickly reached into his back pocket and pulled out a zip-tie and fastened around her wrists.

Ziva wasnt gonna go down without a fight though. She squirmed and kicked her legs violently. The man grunted as her elbow collided with his stomach, but one quick blow with his fist to the side of her face, caused her neck to snap to the side and ceased all movement from her. Tony feared the man had broken her neck for a few seconds but he saw her open her eyes as the man tilted her face roughly so that she faced him. The man had split her lip so blood was now seeping out of the corner of her mouth. She was now too weak and too dazed to fight back.

"Fiesty little bitch," the killed growled down at her. But then he smiled. A sick, twisted smile. Grabbing Ziva by the belt loops he slid her up so their waists were aligned.

Oh god, no.

Tony's eyes widened. He knew what the sicko's MO was. They had found an army officer that the killer they were now faced with had kidnapped, raped til she bled, tortured for three days, and strangled before dumping her body outside a gas station.

And now the man had set his hands on Ziva. His Ziva.


Tony heard Ziva wimper slightly as her captor tore off her belt.

"Do what you please with me. Just...please...let my partner go." her voice was steady, but Tony could tell she was scared.

The man just laughed sickly.

"And why would I do that? I got a better idea...how about...I do what I do best to you...and let you watch...as your little boyfriend slowly bleeds out and dies...because you didnt save him," the man told her as he ran his tongue up the side of her face. She let out another small whimper. Her soldier mentality was faltering and Tony could see she was trembling.

Suddenly, a voice from the back of his head sprung to life and began screaming at him.

"Get up! If you don't do something NOW, she's gonna end up like that dead officer! Raped and killed! Do you want that? GET UP DINOZZO!"

He was suddenly very aware of the severity of the situation. The voice in his head was right. If he didnt do something...


She would die.



Suddenly he could no longer feel the agonizing pain in his chest. All of his thoughts were focused Ziva. That man was going to rape and kill her. Ziva was going to die.

He had once told her he couldnt live without her. He knew that he had probably never spoken a truer statement. He knew he loved her but he had never told her. And now, if he didnt do something soon, he never would be able to.

And he could live with that.

As long as she was alive he could live...or die...with anything.


His fear was instantly replaced with conviction. Tony would not let her die. He would protect her from everything.


Even if it killed him.


He could feel the piece of metal slip farther into his chest as he rose to his feet, but he payed no mind to it. Even with the black veil that had began to creep its way into his vision, all he could see right now was the man straddling his partner, undoing the button of her jeans, about to hurt her in a way that was more damaging then any bodily wound. And the sight he saw before him he saw in blood red.

Tony didnt even notice the waterfall of blood that cascaded from his chest, as his fingers curled around a piece of charred two by four which still had sharp, rusty nails sticking out of it.


He felt the pole in his chest slip closer to his heart as he straightened his back and began to stalk towards his prey. He knew at this rate it would pierce his heart before he wanted it to. He needed to end this. Now.

He would save her.

He would die for her.


Tony made no sound as he swung his weapon at the man, slashing through the man's skin with the nails as he ripped the board back towards him, leaving about eight deep gashes along the killers side, causing him to scream in agony as he spin around to face Tony. The man scrambled off of the Ziva to his feet to escape his attacker. But Tony was faster. He once again swung the board at the man, with strength fueled by rage, but almost completely blind due to the growing black veil which almost completely obstructed his vision. Tony swung wildly and didnt stop, even when the man began to bleed profusely.


The man blocked the sixth blow, sending Tony stumbling backwards to the floor, and the two by four spinning out of reach. The metal slipped farther into his chest as he landed.

The man let out a roar of anger as he began to advance on Tony.

Tony quickly grasped around for a new weapon. He knew if he didnt find one soon he would die and leave Ziva in peril.

His fingers finally grasped a sharp piece of glass.

Cutting his fingers as he clutched it tighter, Tony rose to his feet for a second time.

Once again the pole slipped farther into his chest. Tony could swear he could feel it against his pounding heart.

Ziva...I love you...

The murderer caught Tony by the throat and squeezed hard, right as Tony swung his make-shift knife at the his arm. The man didnt notice it at first as he proceeded to choke the object of his rage. It wasnt until he noticed the blood pouring off his arm did the man release his hold on the agent, causing Tony to drop to his knees.

"What the fuck d'you do to me?" the killer glared at the agent on his knees as he held his arm in attempt to stop the bleeding, to no avail.

Tony grinned, blood now pouring out of the corners of his mouth. When he spoke his speech was slurred and choppy.

"Havent...you ever...seen the movie...Cellular?... 2004...Chris Evans...Kim Basinger?"

The man looked down at Tony with an expression mixed with rage and confusion.

Tony laughed again, coughing up more blood.

"Tenth grade...biology. Brachial...artery... pumps...30 liters...of blood...a minute. There's only...five...in the...human body. I wish I could say... 'I'm sorry'...like she did...in the movie...but honestly...I'm not."

Tony smirked as the man collapsed to his knees, then fell forward onto his face and stopped breathing.

"Burn in hell."

Tony stared at the dead serial killer before allowing the piece of glass to slip from his bloodied finger tips. His smirk changed to a loving smile as he turned his head towards his partner, who was climbing back to her feet on shaky legs. She appeared to have cut the zip tie off with one of the many knives she carried on her.

"T-Tony..." Her eyes were filled with confusion, pain, tears, and what could possibly be described as...love.

The metal pressed farther into his heart, causing him to gasp and fall onto his back.


Ziva rushed to his side as he began to convulse violently.

"No! Tony, you cannot leave me!" Ziva choked out as she fought the sobs catching in her throat. The emotional wall she had put up as a Mossad assassin was crumbling and crumbling fast.

Tony began to slip into unconsciousness. He fought as hard as he could against the darkness threatening to over take him.

He had saved the woman he loved. At least he could die somewhat peacefully now...

"Tony, please! I-...," she seemed to stumble over her words, "...I-I love you! Dont leave me!"

Tony sucked in a blood filled breath, causing him to choke on his own blood. She loved him! Wow, suddenly dying was a lot more painful...

Using the last of his strength, Tony grasped her arm in one shaking hand and began to write on her arm in his own blood on her wrist. Four words.

Suddenly loud sirens blared from outside the building, and shouting voices echoed throughout the shattered walls.

"They're in here!"

Tony finished what he was writing just as Ziva tore her gaze from his fading eyes to watch the paramedics race into the room. The last of his strength gone, he let his arms collapse, one to his side , the other to his barely moving chest.

Finally, the jagged piece of metal hit its final destination.


The world swirled and blurred before eyes as it faded to black.


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