Their struggle to keep the boat that is their relationship afloat, is much tougher then either or them expected it to be. There are moments when the two feel as if they're trying to scoop the water from the sinking dinghy with plastic pales, while all they're really doing is prolonging the inevitable.

Other times, they both believe their love is worth patching up the holes in the ship, and it starts feeling less like they're drowning, and more like they're moving forward, to land. To reassurance; to have the comfort of knowing they're going to make it.

It's a constant rocky-mess, and neither one knows if they'll get through it in one piece. A single fact is clear, however, they both are trying their damnedest to make it work.

Courtney tries not to think about the awful way she treated him, back on that horrid show. Duncan doesn't blame her for any of her behaviour or actions towards him, and it just makes her feel even worse. She wakes up crying one night, sobbing over how she doesn't deserve him, and that she isn't the one for him. He gently cups her tear-streaked face in his hands, and tells her he doesn't want anyone else. Although, there are days when he thinks otherwise, too. Days where he's ready to push her overboard then get away as quickly as he can. Then she ends up changing his mind, -like she always does- by setting down a small carrot cake in front of him -however crispy and brunt it might be- and sings Happy Birthday to him, when no one else remembered.

Their relationship felt like it would forever be a sinking ship, and they would eventually tire of fighting to get the water out. Were they still going to try? To go after something that seemed so futile?

It been a full two years since they met on Total Drama Island, and that fact shocks them both, right down to their cores. The time had gone by so fast, and here they were, no closer to land, or less in danger of drowning then when they first gave their relationship a shot.

Maybe it was time to just let things happen. To not hang onto the closest nailed down object they could, while the fates tried to suck them through the door of uncertainty. They had to put down the buckets, and begin going with the flow, whether that flow had them sink or if it led them to that piece of land that seemed so sickeningly far away.

They've stopped trying, fighting, struggling, and just started living.

It terrified them at first, thinking one wrong word could send the whole boat under, leaving them with no hope.

The couple didn't realize it yet, but they had been on land much longer then they thought. All they had to do, was get off the ship.

She doesn't wake up crying anymore, and blushes as he tells her she had been moaning and whispering his name a lot in her sleep, along with the occasional "I love you."

He doesn't feel like shoving her off the closest cliff he can find, but instead, wants to pull her close, kiss her, and promise her forever.

They're going to make it just fine.

AN: A little drabble I whipped up, out of sheer boredom. Thoughts?