2 Jun, Sun. 1045 (10:45 a.m.) CST

Lois smiled to herself as she thought about the events of the past ten hours. She started to straighten up the room. She picked up Clark's trousers from the floor. A small red box dropped from the pocket. She hesitated before picking up the velvet covered jewelry box. She took in a breath as she opened it up to see a diamond ring.

She took in a sharp breath as Clark suddenly appeared in front of her. He gently took her hands into his. They both took a deep breath.

Clark smiled at her as he gently took the box from her. He shrugged as she looked up into his face. He took in a deep breath.

"This thing's been burning a hole in my pocket for the last seven months," he said looking down on the two carat ring. He looked up at her, giving her a grin. "It was a lovely October evening. I thought I had everything covered. I had made a reservation at Le Chateau."

"There's usually a three week wait for a table there," Lois said softly.

"Yeah," Clark shrugged his shoulders again and smiled weakly, "But you wanted to work late. You love your long hours, you know that."

Lois laughed. Clark joined in. He smiled again and continued, "We got to work writing, editing, and revising. I eventually suggested Chinese food."

"Yeah," Lois nodded her head as she remembered that evening. She canted her head, "Chinese. When you meant Chinese, you meant Chinese."

He laughed. He took in a deep breath, "You know how difficult it was to find Fortune cookies? I had to go to a Panda Express in Hong Kong."

"Well, Fortune cookies are an American invention," Lois said smiling. "The fortunes were still written in Chinese, though."

Clark laughed. He took in another deep breath. He looked down at the ring again before looking into Lois's eyes. "We left the Planet close to ten o'clock that night. The warm October day gave way to a fairly chilly night.

"I placed my coat around your shoulders after a while as we walked home," he said softly recounting the events of that night. "The moon was a half moon, bright enough to light our path. You looked so beautiful."

Lois took a breath. She began to blush. Clark touched her cheek.

"We got up to the top of the stoop. I smiled at you. You looked radiant," he looked down. "Then it felt as if my whole world started to crumble."

Lois touched his hand. He looked into her eyes.

"You mentioned seeing Carter. You looked so happy. I lied about being happy for you," he shrugged. "Then I shoved this box further down my pants pocket, ushered the both of us into the house and lived a life of hell ever since, watching you two."

"Clark," Lois began.

"You don't know how many times I had wanted to rip his arms off and beat him silly with them," Clark said seriously.

"It probably would have saved us both a lot of suffering," she said giving a laugh. He smiled at her. He looked into her eyes. She took a breath as she watched him pull the ring out of its holder.

He gulped, "I feel like I've known you my whole life. It seems as if I've been chasing after you for that long, too.

"I was upset and jealous that Carter beat me to the punch," he shrugged. "When your father first called about you, sounding concerned, and when I showed up surprising your father at Carter's estate, I was resigned to the possibility of rescuing the both of you; just as long as you got home safe.

"Then I found out what a monster he was. When I got to the warehouse, I wanted to pound his face in," he took in a deep breath. He paused as he looked into her eyes. "Then I heard you whimper. I wanted to kill him. But, you kept me grounded, Lois.

"Everything happened as if it were a dream. Bullets were flying, people appearing, medical staff hurrying this way and that, your father talking me into leaving the Wizarding world so as to keep up appearances in the regular world.

"The week away from you was a living hell for me. Then your father set up the floo connection to the fireplace. I had a way to get to you," he smiled. He raised her chin up with his finger. "I thought I'd lost you when you got engaged to him, I thought I'd lost you a second time when I couldn't stop the bleeding . . . and when I saw you in that hospital bed."

Lois ran her palms over his chest. He took a deep breath. He smiled at her, "I've been in love with you from the first moment I saw you, too, Lois.

"I've been arguing with you ever since as well," he got down on one knee. He watched her take in a breath. "It was the only way I knew to get close to you. Stupid self defense mechanism, I know.

"I'm supposed to be the Man of Steel, right," he said as he showed her the ring. "My biggest fear is rejection from you. But I figure, I'm way past that point of no return now."

He looked up into her face as he watched her take in a breath. He continued, "I've seen the rest of my life pass before me over the past few months. I don't know what my life would be like without you.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he gulped. He held the ring up to her. "Lois Granger, will you marry me."

A tear rolled down Lois's cheek. Clark took in a breath, afraid of a negative answer from her.

"You want to marry me?" Lois asked, gulping.

Clark's shoulders slouched a little. He held his breath as Lois took a hold of the ring. There was a very long pause; to Clark it seemed like another lifetime.

"Last night," she looked down. "Clark, we can't just base a relationship on what happened."

Clark took in a breath. He sighed defeated.

"I don't know what you see in me, Clark," she said crying.

Clark looked into her face. He cupped her chin. "I see the world in your eyes."

"I love you, Clark," she said as another tear rolled down her cheek. He watched her nod her head. He sprung up to a standing position. "I'll marry you."

He pulled her into his chest. They kissed for a long time. When they finally came up for air, Clark held her in his arms. She smiled up at him as she tilted her head. Clark took the ring from her and they both took a deep breath. He slipped the ring onto her ring finger of her left hand. She pulled him into a kiss. They both landed on the bed.

They both laughed. She looked up at him and smiled as she ran her palm over his chest.

"I'm crushing you aren't I?" he said as he got off of her and lay down next to her taking in deep breaths. He turned to face her.

She smiled at him. He brushed her cheek. "You know, you really know how to play hard to get."

She canted her eyebrow up at him and smiled. She pulled in close to his chest.

"I mean," he said as he stroked her cheek, "You must have seen it coming. Your father told me what you can do."

She took in a deep breath as she smiled up at him. "It's about the only Wizarding thing I can do. The first time I saw a real vision was when I was two and saw my father coming to visit my mom and me in Hawaii to get her to sign divorce papers, of all things.

"I would see things that scared me; seeing what may or may not happen, just by contact. The visions usually came true," she looked up at him. "I learned to control it by the time I reached high school."

"That's why you didn't mind getting chucked by the receiver," he said laughing.

"I thought it would only be fair to make a play on my guy," she said, taking in a breath.

He smiled at her. He kissed her forehead. He looked at her again. "That's how you knew about the explosion."

She looked away for a moment before studying his face. "Courtney . . . introduced Myers as one of his associates. We danced a number at the Valentine's Day Benefit," she took in a breath. "Why were you meeting him, Clark?"

"He said he had dirt on Carter, or Courtney, whatever his name was," he said. "I guess I let my jealousy get the better of me. So you were there to save my life?"

Lois looked solemn. She took in a breath as she pulled in closer to him. He looked at her, canting an eyebrow.

"In my vision," she paused. "You two were talking one moment and then the blast occurred. When the smoke cleared, you were the only one standing.

"At the meet," she said as she looked at his face. "When I saw the wand . . ."

"Lois," Clark began. Lois placed her fingers on his lips.

"He hit me with a stunning spell before the blast. I just remember flying through the air and debris landing all over the place. Then I saw you on top of me; shielding me from the shrapnel.

"Your shirt," she paused as she unclasped the top three buttons of his shirt exposing his Superman suit. She ran her hand over the material, "the blast tore the front of it. I saw the 'S.'

"You were so angry when we got back here," she shut her eyes.

"I had no right to say what I did, Lois," he said.

"You were upset, Clark," she said looking into her eyes.

"I was jealous, Lois. I still shouldn't have said those things," he said as he kissed her palm. He canted his head, "That night, it was you who ransacked his house."

She whimpered. "I was looking for his wand. I should have seen it coming."

"Your brother, Junior, mentioned Carter . . . Courtney was gifted with some mind-blocking thing," Clark said.

"Occlumency. Used to one's advantage, one could even control another person's visions," she said looking into his face. "He stopped using it after he apparated into the living room. He and his two Death Eater mates hit me with three Cruciatus curses. I think it was three; I lost consciousness after the third. The next thing I knew I was . . . I was bound and in that warehouse where you found me.

"He was going to use the weapons to kill so many Muggle-borns and Muggles," she said as she looked into his face. She paused. "He was going to do a lot more things that night."

"He was going to . . ." Clark trailed off understanding her vision.

"You swooped in just in time," she said averting his eyes.

"You saw him shoot me, didn't you?" he asked as he turned her chin up so that she looked at him.

"Ninety-nine percent of my visions come true, Clark," she said looking up into his face. "I knew that the vision of you was that one percent. Or at least I thought I did. I was in the Wizarding world, Clark.

"It didn't matter what he was going to do to me," she said as a tear rolled down her cheek. "You were supposed to be safe."

"Lois," Clark said as he wiped her cheek.

"You showed up," she said as he hugged her. "I was so scared, Clark. I saw the potion that was used on the ammo."

"That's why you asked me to leave. Lois, those bullets were meant for me," he said as he caressed her cheek.

"If the bullets entered your system, Clark," she paused. "It would have affected you faster than it did me."

"Still, Lois," Clark began.

"The world needs you far more than it does me, Clark," she said looking at him.

He kissed her. She kissed him back. He took in a deep breath. "I need you far more than the world needs me, Lois. I've known in my heart that you'd always be in my life. I don't know why you didn't see that?

"I mean, we've touched before, handshakes, hugs," he smiled at her, "obviously not as intimately as we did last night, but still."

She blushed. He kissed her again. She laid her head on his shoulder. She looked up at him. "As I got older, I was able to be a bit more selective as far as whose futures I was getting a glimpse of."

"You never once wanted to find out about my future?" he smirked at her, good naturedly. "Not even Superman's future? I mean you were a bit enamored with me."

She smiled at him. "I was infatuated with Superman. I've been in love with you."

Lois looked away from him for a moment. Clark studied her for a moment. She looked up at him. She took in a breath as she sat up. "I guess," she started. "I was afraid."

"Afraid of what?" he asked, as he too sat up. He caressed her cheek with his palm.

"I don't think I could have dealt with seeing your future . . . without me being a part of it," she said.

"Lois," he said pulling her into his chest. "I love you."

"I love you more," she said.

She took in a breath. "I guess I did have a vision . . . I guess it was more of a dream before I woke up at Hogwarts."

Clark smiled at her. He listened intently as he watched her take a gulp.

"I was in your kitchen at the farm. You know how the window overlooks the yard. There were four kids running around and playing with brooms of all things," she said. "I was cutting vegetables when this small little black haired grey eyed young girl, couldn't have been more than two or three years old, came barreling into my shins. She was crying. There was this brown haired blue eyed young man, maybe about twelve or thirteen who came in holding a broom."


"Mommy," the little girl cried burying her face into Lois's thigh. The young man looked up at the woman wide eyed as if he was bracing himself for punishment. "Junior and the older kids won't let me play with a broom."

"Oh, come on Laney," the boy said, gently grabbing a hold of his sister's small hand. "You're just too young to be flying."

"They know I can't fly on my own," the little girl cried as she looked up at her brother. "It's not fair!"

"Okay," Lois interrupted as she took the young man to the side. "You're supposed to be looking out for the younger kids. Let her have a try once in a while. Trust me, relationships with family are the most precious you're going to have. Your sister looks up to you."

"Okay, Mom," Junior said nodding his head. After a while, he gave her a toothless grin.

She watched as the boy named Junior put his arm around the little girl named Lane as he handed the little girl the broom. She smiled to herself.

"That was some pretty sound motherly advice," a voice from behind her said.

She turned and took in a quick breath as she saw the dark haired news reporter close the distance between them. She saw him smile before he took a sip from his coffee cup.

"Hi," she said softly.

"After six kids, you still look amazing, you know that," he said as he leaned against the counter right next to where she stood.

For a moment, she felt like she couldn't breathe. The situation was a bit unnerving. "You know their father's probably going to walk in any moment," she said taking a step to the side, which forced her into the corner.

"You're probably right," he smiled coyly as he brushed a lock of hair from her cheek. He took a step forward.


"I woke up," Lois said sitting up. She stood up from the bed. Clark sat up and looked at her.

He watched her take in a breath. He ran his fingers through his hair.

"You woke up pretty startled, Lois," Clark said, concerned. He gulped. "Did I hurt you in that vision?"

Lois turned back to him, shaking her head. "Of course not," she gulped.

"You woke up as if it were a nightmare," he said studying her face. "What happened after I took a step towards you?"

"You put your arms around my waist and pulled me towards you," she said shrugging.

"Okay," Clark said standing up and taking a step toward her. He hooked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"You kissed me," Lois said, looking down.

Clark placed his finger under her chin and lifted her face so that he could look into her eyes. "I kissed you? Is that so frightening?" he said as he traced his finger along her jaw line.

"You said, 'I love you, Mrs. Kent,'" she said exhaling. "I woke up.

"At the time, I didn't think you would ever feel the same way about me. I guess the dream was like a slap in the face."

He watched her shrug, her eyes close to tears. He took a breath. "So I wrapped my arms around your waist, huh," he said as he did so, pulling her into his body. She nodded.

"And I told you, 'I love you, Mrs. Kent,'" he said as he kissed her neck. He heard a moan escape her lips. He looked into her face. "I probably would never say that," he smirked at her.

She laughed nervously. He smiled at her. They kissed each other for a long time. She leaned into his chest after the kiss, resting her cheek on his chest, for a moment.

"I would have probably called you Mrs. Granger-Kent," he said seriously, as he looked into her eyes. "Or even Ms. Granger; it's probably easier to keep your byline, professionally speaking."

"You'd let me do that?" Lois asked, wide eyed.

Clark studied her face for a moment. He gave her a grin. "Parents let their kids do stuff, teachers let their students do things within reason, and employers do the same with their workers," he said raising her chin. "Husbands and wives have the same stake in the marriage relationship.

"I wouldn't mind it if you kept your surname," he smiled at her. "Your name is a big part of who you are."

"I love you Clark," Lois said as she looked up into his face.

"I love you more, Lois," he said as he kissed her again.

They both laughed after they broke the kiss. "Oh boy, what will our parents say," she asked.

"Your father will most definitely say, 'finally,'" he said.

"We should probably call them."

"Why?" he said. She raised her eyebrow. "I mean, why not pay them a visit?"

She smiled at him as she nodded. She looked at her watch, "It's eleven here. That would make it seven a.m. there."

"You want to use the floo network or fly?" he asked smiling.

She hesitated for a moment. She looked at him, returning his smile, "We haven't flown since Perry announced my engagement."

"Yeah," he said softly. "It was petty of me."

She shrugged. He leaned his forehead on hers.

"I probably should change into my suit. We wouldn't want to freak out the onlookers," he said smiling before spinning quickly.

He nodded at her as he held out his hand. She smiled back, taking it. He squeezed her hand as he pulled her in closer to his body, ready for takeoff.



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