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Oh crap...

Sal was panicking as the alpha mutant-thing picked her up, slung her over its back and loped away.

She could hear Maddy yelling for the thing to stop, and then, a gunshot. One of the mutants keeled over, dead, blood pouring onto the ground.

The shouts of Foster and Maddy disappeared in the background as she tried to focus on what to do. No success.

A den? The mutant leapt into a building, it looked like, or used to look like McDonalds...

The Big 'M' was now bright blue with sploshes of green.

Inside, a group of other mutant stopped the babbering and looked towards the alpha. It blabbered some orders, and then everyone was off to a designated area.

Sal was kept behind the counter, while the others bustled back and forth. Maybe they haven't lost their humanity, if they're this organised.

That thought was quickly banished, as one of them dumped a bucket of water over her, and another sprinkled pepper and salt over her.

Oh, Jay-zusss! She looked towards her right, where the fries were usually made. A motherly looking mutant who looked like Mrs Weasley was cooking some kind of meat in the deep fry. Human meat? She thought with a shudder.

A group of younger looking ones played with a ball of shrivelled up lettuce. Maybe they aren't so bad...

The alpha mutant, walked over, or rather, trotted over to her, and examined her with an appraising eye and sniffed her, it then babbled some more orders, a group of mutants rushed over to her with a bucket of soapy water and an old rag.

They began to splosh water over Sal and clean her vigorously, Do I really smell that bad? She took a whiff of her shirt.

"Hey, dude! Do I smell like Sugar Honey Ice Tea to you?"

The thing stared at her...and nodded.

Now, looking towards the left, she saw another one, albeit smaller one, ripping up some vegetables and throwing them into a big pot.

Big stew, eh?

By now, the clean team were done, and sprinkled a new coating of pepper and salt over her, much more than before.

Liam and Bob, most likely blowing things up. Fun, better than being turned into a human feast.

These guys should really watch MasterChef, Julie's casserole looked delicious! Or maybe they should take lessons from Jamie Oliver...nah...

She was shaken out of her thoughts when a big mutant who looked like a mix of Wolverine and Arnold Schwarzenegger, piggy-backed her all the way to 'The Big Pot' and dumped her in.

'Please make it quick,' she begged. The alpha just cocked his head to the side, and looked confused. He then babbered some more orders.

A lone mutant, a little girl by the looks of it, came towards Sal, holding an Olympic Torch with a flame. Sal looked at her nervously, and the girl stared back. Slowly, at the pace of a slug, the girl lowered the torch and lit the pile of wood underneath the pot.

Oh joy! she thought sarcastically, a long, slow and painful death, just the way I wanted to die...

Suddenly, a flash of bright, blinding light appeared as Sal, and everything in the timeline disappeared.

The public would wonder for years, how an Olympic Torch ended up in Macca's.

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