Dear Akari Shinohara,

Are you doing well? It has been a while since I last written to you.

Spring has arrived in Tanegashima; the cherry blossom trees on my way to school are blooming. Once again, I am reminded of you as I watch the petals fall five centimeters per second. Even though we never really did see that cherry blossom tree by your house bloom, I feel as if you were there with me as I looked at the petals fall this morning. I don't know why, but somehow, that made me feel calm and peaceful inside.

Soon, we will begin our last year in middle school, and then high school…and then… What comes after is what scares me, Akari; thinking of the future reminds me of how long we have been apart. I feel like I am only able to see you in my dreams from now on.

Nevertheless, I hope one day we will meet again.

As always,

Takaki Tohno