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First of all, the summary is terrible, I know, I am not know for my summaries but anyway, my friends have inspired me to write these snippets of the life Of Anthony Dinozzo though I must admit I myself have only done half of them. They may or may not be in chronological order but I hope you enjoy reading them and please review, but only if you feel like it.

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The elevator doors opened and Ziva scowled, DiNozzo was standing inside grinning like an idiot and Ziva was definitely not in the mood. Tony just stared at her, grinning and so Ziva narrowed her eyes, stepping inside.

"This is a new tie" Tony announced to her cheerfully, still smiling and staring. Ziva turned around to face him.

"Do you mind!" she asked him very seriously. She had had a bad day and couldn't be bothered with Tony's rubbish.

"Not at all" DiNozzo smiled back. Ziva groaned "Ding" Tony announced as the doors of the elevator doors opened once again. Ziva stuck her head out the doors and looked around, they weren't at her floor and even more there wasn't anyone waiting to get on. She looked at the buttons, they were all pressed. Gibbs was going to skin both of them alive.

The doors closed once again and Ziva faced the doors, trying to ignore Tony behind her, who was as far as she was aware, still grinning and smiling at her like the Idiot he was. She felt a slight tap on her shoulder and she whipped around to see tony, crossed arms, whistling. Pretending to be innocent.

"You're the only one in here Tony!" Ziva hissed.

"Really?" He gasped, looking around "well, well, well, that does seem to be the case" Tony continued, smiling, grinning. Ziva bit her lip.

"Ding" Tony announced cheerfully at the next floor.

"Shut up Tony!" Ziva told him sternly, they were still two floors from the squad room and she furiously flipped through the report she had to hand to Gibbs "I could kill you Fifty six ways in this elevator alone"

"Could, but wouldn't" DiNozzo nodded, still grinning, still staring.

Ziva took a deep breath. Cracking her knuckles slowly to try and knock some sense into the man behind her.

"Ding" Tony said again "Oh, wait. Ziva, you have a bee on your shoulder"

"I do not!" She retorted, frustrated

"Here, let me get it for you" Tony persisted, whacking her on the shoulder

"Tony!" Ziva snarled, turning around slowly to face him.


Ziva turned back and hurried out the of the elevator, fuming

"Bye Ziva!" Tony called after her as the doors closed

The basics: In an elevator...

Smile and Grin continuously

Announce happily that you have a new Item of clothing on

Say ding at every floor

When there is only one other person in the elevator, Tap them on the shoulder and pretend it wasn't you

Swat flies that don't exist.

Another fun one to do is...

Bring a twister mat and ask people if they want to play.