I don't wanna sound ungrateful to my parents or sound emo or anything, but my life kinda sucked during my many, many years at Seishun Academy, Seigaku for short. Not to brag or anything but I was really popular as the new American student and every guy just totally wanted to date me 'cause I was just so hot and it was just such a hassle!

Just kidding. The 'popular' look just wasn't me. I was too quiet to pull that off. I wasn't the most unpopular person in school or the most popular either. Just there.

I suppose you could say I was that wet dog in a box on the corner that no one wanted to pick up and ignored. Yup. Life wasn't that great for me.

The one thing that made me smile everyday though was my loving boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Again, kidding. I was all alone, but then again, so was just about everyone in Junior high. Besides, I don't smile everyday. Even the one person that I can count on as my friend, high school ultra goth Yamashita Ren, was never around because (as I mentioned) she was in a high school and I was in junior high.

That didn't mean I never heard from her though. She was the type of goth whose stunts came all the way back to high school rumors.

Anywho, my personal adventure didn't begin until my first year of middle school when I met him so I'll start there and get to the main event later...


As I walked to my class among the crowds I found myself being bumped and shoved so many times that I got dizzy. As per usual, no one seemed to see me so I pretended not to see them. I was pissed but I wouldn't shout and lose my temper or anything. It wasn't worth it. Being an ant in a swarm wasn't so bad. It was just kinda lonely with everyone ignoring me. My only friend was in her third year after all, and probably had no time for me with all of her mischievous antics. As soon as it took to get hit by a train, I was suddenly on the cement floor of Seigaku, my books scattered here and there along with my homework. Thank god the papers were stapled together depending on the assignments...but still...

What the heck happened?

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I looked and saw a bowing red head in front of me. I couldn't quite see his face until he looked up...yes, he was quite cute with his childish face and indigo blue eyes. There was a white plaster band-aid over his nose too. He started gathering up my papers at high speed, shoving them at me and then storming off towards the school. "I'm sorry! I'm late!"

He hadn't been late...I definitely would've fact...With a glance at my brown leather wrist watch I found that it was about ten minutes until we had to be in class. That red haired kid was off. Still, the fact that he was the first person to talk to me at this school in the month I've been here made me happy. He didn't ignore me and even helped me too. I was so happy that I hurried up to class with a smile on my face, and I swore I was skipping even though I was walking.

I saw him in a couple of my classes that day too. He seemed nice and pretty upbeat but we didn't really talk much if it didn't involve a short project or something we had to do. The saddest thing was that I knew his name, Kikumaru Eiji, but he didn't seem to know my name, Saitou Katsumi. It went on like that for another two years, in fact, with him probably not knowing my name. It sucked, a lot, since I harbored a huge crush on him.