I know many of you may not like the beginning, but please... just deal with this one.

Chapter 1

The Beginning: A Glimpse from the Past

A year ago...

"Your daughter's heart's very weak. She really needs an operation as soon as possible. The problem is, the available donor didn't match to hers. We need another donor."

"What should we do now?" the mother asked searching hope in the physician's eyes.

The doctor took out a heavy sigh. "Let's just hope and pray that somebody will donate a heart that will match hers as soon as possible.


"Shut up! You're kidding right?" a woman in her early twenties grasped.

"No, of course not, he really asked me last night." A cobalt head smiled looking at her shocked friend.

"I-I just can't believe it, you guys were getting married. It was just like yesterday when he asked you out, then... look at you now... geez... may I see it?

The taller woman handed her finger to her friend, revealing an expensive engagement ring.

"Geez... what a lucky moron, he should take care of you or else..."

"Or else what?" she was cut when a spiky haired guy appeared and interrupted their conversation. "Don't worry Mai, I'll promise, I will love your friend forever, she won't regret in marrying me." He smiled, gluing his eyes on his fiancée. "I promise, I will love you forever Natsuki Kuga."

The girl named Natsuki just smiled; staring at her husband-to-be's eyes, filled with love.

"Eh? Just make it sure Mr. Takeda, or else..."

"Or else what Mai?"



"It's been 2 days since the last attack, her condition's getting worst, and we're still searching and waiting for the perfect donor" A woman in her late forties said as she watched her unconscious daughter lying on a hospital bed, weak and dying.

"Don't worry Hon, we'll do anything, just don't give up yet. Who knows, maybe tomorrow a perfect heart will arrive." Her husband said in a low tone, giving comfort to his wife.


"Uhmm, what do you think about this dress, does it fit well?" A cobalt haired woman asked as she stepped out of the fitting room, revealing her white wedding dress with laces on the bottom line, and beads around.

"You look great sweetie." Her mom commented "what do you think Takeda-kun?" she continued as she shifted her gaze from her daughter to her soon-to-be son-in-law.

"Y-Yeah!, it fits on you! You look gorgeous... Stunning" he replied nervously, knowing that the mother of his fiancée was there. And not to mention, she's one of the most popular woman in Japan.

After all the preparations and stuff, the couple sat quietly on a bench, beneath a tree. They both appreciated the silence as they watched the falling leaves blown by the summer's wind.

"You'll be my wife next month." Takeda said, breaking the silence between them.

"Yeah, how time flies. Feels like it was just yesterday when you courted me, and now... hey! Will you still love me even if I'm old and gray?" Natsuki asked as she leaned her head to her boyfriend's shoulder.

"Why not, I will love you forever, even if we're old and gray, weak and useless. You gave meaning to my life, and I'm so thankful to that. Just remember this heart will only beat for you. "

Your heart beats for me .Just for me. Cheesy much. Natsuki smiled upon hearing those words. Her head was still on his shoulders. She was enjoying the silence with his presence, it seems like her world was in peace whenever he's around.


His .That heart beats. For me. Only for me.

Luck was on the Fujino's side. A matched heart came, early morning in the 23rd of August. The donor was a son of a well known business man, who got into an accident and died right on the spot. Their daughter's doctors prepared the operation right away, as soon as the organ was delivered in the hospital.

And after a few hours of surgery, the heart had a new owner. It continues to beat, and doing its function, transporting 4-6 L of blood through the vessels, transporting oxygen and hormones to the tissues and target organs. It normally pumps blood in and out, from the aorta to arteries down to arterioles, then to the capillaries, passed to venules and veins and back to the heart.

And oh well, if there is luck, expect its opposites. A young man died in a car accident in the late evening of the 22nd of August. He was from his girlfriend's house. Busy from all the wedding preparations and stuff. He's young, active and strong, but who knows a tragic accident that happens in a mere second ended all his dreams, plans and his life.

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