A/N: This story is a sort of mash between real life and NCIS, so if it is confusing in any way, that is why. Chapter 1 of several, my first big McAbby story. I am very excited about this story and I hope you are too!

Summary: We all know Abby gets three or four job offers a year, but what happens when she accepts one that isn't for forensic technicians? This results in major change for everyone, especially her and McGee and their would-be relationship.

McGee was in a good mood. His work day had been productive and relatively free of humiliation, painful labour or cruel nicknames, and it was a lovely Friday afternoon. He did not have to go to work tomorrow, and he could kick back and maybe finally write some more.

He felt a little too lonely in his car, especially since he was feeling so happy, so he turned up the radio, flicking through station after station, sometimes stopping. He listened to Justin Beiber's Baby and Eminem and Rihanna's Love The Way You Lie. He sang along to Adam Lambert's If I Had You and Taio Cruz's Dynamite. The songs passed quickly, and he realised he knew all the lyrics to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and California Gurls, Miley Cyrus' Can't Be Tamed, and Usher's O.M.G. Then finally, after a half hour stuck in traffic, the Top Hits Countdown was ending.

"And now, with your number one hit of the week...Fear! If you know the artist, text it to us and you could win ten thousand dollars! Once again, here is Fear."

The music started. It was sort of punk rock. It sounded a little like something Abby would listen to. But much quieter and more tasteful. A singer with a gravelly voice started to sing, and McGee bopped his head to the beat.

"Are you scared of the dark?

Are you afraid you'll break your heart?

Are you afraid you'll lose yourself?

Are you afraid of your own health?

Are you scared to lose?

Are you afraid to choose?

Are you afraid you'll win?

Are you scared of your own sin?

Are you scared to forgive?

Are you afraid to live?

Are you afraid to die?

Do you think it's all a lie?"

The song, repetitive as it was, was being enjoyed by McGee. As the chorus thumped out through the speakers, McGee turned it up louder. He wondered who the artist was. He wanted to buy this song. He pulled into the parking lot of his apartment building and bulled out his iPhone as soon as he stopped the car, searching 'Fear' into iTunes. The most popular result came up first, and before he could click download, he saw who the artist was.

He practically stabbed the ignition with the key and cranked the radio up as high as it would go. He didn't know how he had missed it before. The singer of this song was undoubtedly and definitely Miss Abigail Sciuto.

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