A/N: This was inspired by the Dougie MacLean song Caledonia. I was listening to this and I started to think about Scotty being so far away from Scotland away from his home. It must be difficult to be away from somewhere so beautiful and so amazing for so long, assuming it has kept these qualities in the future. So I wrote this rather quickly. It's not beta-ed and it's a bit drabbly, but then again all good Scotsmen are. Rhea

Disclaimer: I own neither Star Trek nor the song.


"So what about you Scotty? Where's home for you?"

Montgomery Scott looked at the Captain carefully as he regarded this question for a few seconds. The Enterprise's crew had been discussing where they were going to go now they had time to go home. For Sulu he was staying in San Francisco, where his family were, Chekov was going to Russia, McCoy was returning to Georgia to see his little girl, the Captain was leaving for New York to visit his brother and Uhura was taking Spock to meet her parents in Seattle. Each of them were waiting patiently, expecting a long tale of Scotland.

However, the crew never got their tale, because before they could, he'd drifted off into deep thoughts about home, and just where home was.

Montgomery Scott grew up in Scotland, a place steeped in history and legend. A place where you could walk down the streets of the thoroughly modern capital city and feel as though you were living hundreds of years before, with it's castle still standing high upon the hill and the toll gates rising above the commuters and shoppers, now so much bigger than it had been.

You could stand alone on a hill in the highlands and, at the right time of day and the right distance from the villages, you could hear the pipers playing, loud and clear, ringing around the glens. Practicing for the next tradition filled week, for Burns night, for St Andrews day, for a celebration of their history and heritage.

Home was always green for Scotty, never grey like those who'd lived in the cities all their lives, or beige like the Captain who'd lived in Iowa, or red like Vulcan. It was always green, because it never failed to rain in Scotland.

Yes, it rained all the time and his natural skin colour was a pale blue, (because it was so damned cold) but that didn't matter, because it was home. It was where, save from the Enterprise, he felt completely content and happy about life. Not one member of the Enterprise crew knew how much Scotty missed home. Missed Caledonia, missed his family, his mother and brother and sisters.

He'd changed and drifted away so much, this was why he told the old stories to the younger members of the crew who'd listen to him, so that he could remember where he came from.

When Scott got home he'd tell his family just how much he loved them, and how he thought about them all the time. He was going to tell the how he often worried that one day he'd go home and be a stranger to them. It'd break his heart if that happened. If they didn't know who he was.

He worried space had pushed him away too far, that he'd been away too far, for too long, just like everyone else did. But for Scotty it went deeper, his family would eventually recognise him, know him and learn about the new him: what worried Scotty was that he'd lose his country, lose Scotland, lose Caledonia...lose home.