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Host: Duskfire1954

Co-host: Dawnfire0

Duskfire1954, "Welcome to the dare show!"

Dawnfire0, "I am your host!"

Duskfire1954, "*sigh* We discussed this I am the host!"

Dawnfire0, "awwwwwwwwww..."

Duskfire1954, "Anywaaaaaaaaays, we have more dares!"

Dawnfire0: This one is from Fernfeather65. So we welcome….. THISTLECLAW! *presses big red button and Thistleclaw appears*

Thistleclaw: How do I tell Bluestar I love her? Ummmm, this isn't the border to StarClan…..?

Dawnfire0: Ummmmmmm no, no it isn't

Duskfire1954: This is a dare show, and I have a solution to your problem

Dawnfire0: You HAVE to tell bluestar that you love her!

Thistleclaw: WHHHHHHAT? BUT- but I WHAAAAAT?

Duskfire1954: Just do it. I will give you a cooooooookie!

Thistleclaw: Fine….

Duskfire1954: *poofs thistleclaw away* Hehe, I am not actually going to give him a cookie

Camera goes to monitor

Thistleclaw is right next to a bunch of shining cats dressed in bananas

Thistleclaw: Why is everyone in a banana suit? *Thinks*

Dawnfire0: GASP! HE THOUGHT!

Duskfire1954: Shhhhh, watch the monitor!

Thistleclaw: Oh, ya it's the banana festival!

Looks for bluestar in the crowd. Finds a blue-grey cat

Thistleclaw: *yells HEY! Cat turns around* I LOVE YOU, AND I WANT TO BE WITH YOU FOREVER *Cat looks at him with amber eyes*

Stonefur: EWWWWWWW! Get back to the dark forest you- you- ummmmmmm JUST GET OUT!

Thistleclaw: I thought you were bluestar! *Bluestar appears*


Thistleclaw: No, I thought…

Bluestar: Attack banana people ATTACK!

Thistleclaw: AHHHHHHHH! *Gets swarmed by mini banana's*

Camera goes back to hosts, who are yet again laughing uncontrollably

Clan cats: *On backs laughing just like the hosts*

Duskfire1954: Tu-tur-turn off the m-moni-monitor *Gasping for breath*

Dawnfire0: *Crawls too monitor, still laughing*

Duskfire1954: *Takes 5 min. too stop laughing* Well, we- haha- had better HAHAHAHAHAHA! Go to commercial *giggle* break

Camera goes to monitor

*Heavystep walks in*

Heavystep: Hey everyone! This is an episode of… HIT THAT CAT!

Audience: Cheers/claps

Heavystep: The objective of this game is to hit the target, accustomed to cats throwing it with their mouths, and send the contestant into the water below. Obviously, we use a WindClan cat for this, so we call up….. Crowfeather! *Crowfeather appears*

Crowfeather: Curse you little rabbit! Oh, wait I'm not on the moor!

Heavystep: Get in the tank

Corwfeather: *eyes tank nervously* Why? It looks dangerous-

Heavystep: JUST GET IN!

Crowfeather: OK! *Gets into tank*

Heavystep: Now we welcome the Throwers, Berrynose, Thornclaw, Breezepelt, Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, Willowshine, Blackclaw, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Nightcloud! *They walk through curtain on the side*

Heavystep: Now you know what to do, right? *Cats nod and get into a line* LET US BEGIN!

Berrynose- Misses







Dawnpelt- Hits!

Heavystep: WE HAVE A WINNNER! *Frees Crowfeather who runs away screeching like a kit* That is the end for HIT THE CAT!

Camera goes back to hosts, who are now sitting politely with their tails wrapped over their paws.

Dawnfire0: Now, we have a dare, from someone in the Dark forest…. HAWKFROST! *Hawkfrost appears*

Hawkfrost: I AM A PRETTY FAIRY! I AM JUST SO HAWT, AND AWESOME AND- Wait, this isn't my inner self?

Duskfire1954: O.O

Dawnfire0: Duskfire1954, it is your line!

Duskfire1954: O.O

Dawnfire0: *sighs* Fine, I'll do it. Hawkfrost, this is a Dare show. First of all, we ask you to take off that tutu. And second-

Hawkfrost: But it makes me look like a little girl! *giggles*

Dawnfire0: O.O

Duskfire1954: *Gets over shock* Ok… you don't have to take off the tutu. However, you must take this rose. *Hawkfrost takes the rose Duskfire1954 was holding*

Hawkfrost: Ummmmm why?

Duskfire1954: You must give it to Brambleclaw, tell him you are sorry, beg for forgiveness, and pledge your undying brotherly love!

Hawkfrost: O.O

Dawnfire0: HAVE FUN! *Poofs Hawkforst away* Let's watch!

Camera goes to monitor

In ThunderClan territory…..

Hawkfrost: Brambleclaw, are you there? *Brambleclaw appears with a mouse in his jaws, opening them in shock when he see's Hawkfrost*

Brambleclaw: Hawkfrost!

Hawkfrost: Brambleclaw, I am sorry for what I did. I ask your forgivness, and pledge my undying brotherly love for you. *Gives rose and dips head in deep respect*

Brambleclaw: I forgive you

Hawkfrost: Really?

Brambleclaw: No! *Cuffs around ears and runs away sobbing like a wuss*

Hawkfrost: Awwwwww, and I actually thought you were gonna believe me…. *Poofs away to Dark Forest*

Camera goes back to hosts

Duskfire1954: Well that was fun

Dawnfire0: Yup! Next we have a dare for-

Duskfire1954: PARRY!

Dawnfire0: What?

Duskfire1954: If someone does fencing, they should say repost!

Danwfire0: Ok… Next we have a dare for…. FIRESTAR! *Firestar appears*

Firestar:That cat on the dare show is just so cute! Too bad she isn't a clan cat- Ummm you guys aren't Graystripe

Dawnfire0: *Blushes* Well, no, I am that host from the Dare show you were on…

Firestar: O.O Umm, I didn't know

Duskfire1954: ANWAYS! We have a dare for you

Firestar: Well that last one was fine. What do you want me to do?

Duskfire1954: We want you to tell Sandstorm that you love Spottedleaf better than her


Dawnfire0: Well to bad. You may love me, but I show no mercy to cats on the Dare Show!

Firestar: Awwww *poofs away when Duskfire1954 presses Big Red Button*

Camera goes to monitor

In Firestar's den…..

Firestar: Sandstorm?

Sandstorm: Yes, Firestar? The one who loves me and would never betray me?

Firestar: *Gulps* Well, I love Spottedleaf more than you….

Sandstorm: HOW COULD YOU! *Takes out Chainsaw!* *Spottedleaf comes down from StarClan*

Spottedleaf: Quick, grab my tail, I will save you!

Firestar: Thanks Spottedleaf! *Goes away with Spottedleaf*

Sandstorm: Darn, now what am I gonna do? *Pause* Oh, Loooooooongtail? Could you come here for a minute?

Duskfire1954: Someone take that away from her!

Dawnfire0: Already have. *Holds up Chainsaw*

Duskfire1954: Put that in storage

Dawnfire0: Yes sir! *Puts away*

5 moons later

*Firestar had his kits*

Moonkit: Gray tom with lighter gray spots and Green eyes

Flamekit: Dark ginger tom with half white tail and Amber eyes

Flowerkit: Tortoiseshell she-cat with Yellow eyes

Duskfire1954: Aw, they are so cute!

Dawnfire0: O.O

Duskfire1954: Hey, I have my moments! *At that moment Thistleclaw appears*


Duskfire1954: Oh-oh *Thistleslaw lets out a screech and hurls himself at Duskfire1954*

Duskfire1954 rolled out of the way, grabbing Dawnfire0 on the way. He flung her to the other side of the stage, and yowled, "Get back!" The 2 toms circled each other, snarling and hissing. Duskfire1954 leapt, clawing the side of Thistleclaw's face. Thistleclaw retaliated, cuffing Duskfire1954 around the ears with enough force to knock him to the ground. Duskfire1954 thrust his head forward and bit his opponents hind leg. Thistleclaw let out a howl of pain, and tries to claw Duskfire1954 sides. The brown tom jumped over Thistleclaws outstretched paw and landed on his back, forcing him to the ground. He bit his neck, hard, and Thistleclaw disappeared, back to the Dark Forest where he belonged, dead.

Dawnfire0: Are you alright!

Duskfire1954: Yes, I am fine *looks proud of himself*

Dawnfire0: Nonsense! That battle was awesome and all, but we need to get you to a medicine cat. *Bites on scruff gently and drags away*

Duskfire1954: *Doesn't resist in fear of hurting friend* Well cya later! Hope you enjoyed it! Plz review!

Dawnfire0: *Voice muffled through fur* Shut up Duskfire1954! You could be hurting yourself!

Duskfire1954: *Grumbles as dragged away*


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