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NOTE: This is set 5 years after Obito's death and the 3rd Great Shinobi World War (GSWW III)
Kakashi and Rin are aged approximately 18 years old.
A take on how Rin could have died...

Life is life, and death is life, and everything in between. ~Terri guillemets

"Sound the alarm at once! Raise the village status to code red! Call in more reinforcements you hear me? I will not allow Iwagakure to invade this village whatever their objectives may be! We must keep the peace at all costs!" Commanded the 3rd Hokage.

"Yes my lord! I will alert all the squads immediately!"

One shinobi fled the room as quick as a flash, eager to warn the others of this dire situation, while the other stayed in the room to report to the Hokage.

"Status report! Squadron 7-B Captain Goshiki reporting!" He saluted.

"Speak. How are our defences holding up?"

"Not well sir! There have already been reports of infiltrations from a number of the gates. The platoons at gates 2, 3, 5 and 8 have all been overwhelmed and the others are finding it increasingly difficult to keep out the intruders with so little men available."

Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed in frustration and turned to look out the window, hiding his face in one hand. "I knew that it was a big risk to send out most of our best shinobi to the neighbouring villages to investigate this matter. As you know already, there have been rumours circulating that one particular village has been talking about invading us for some time… If only I had known that it was Iwagakure! All we can do for now is to hold up for as long as we can and hope that the squads return quickly."

"But what does Iwagakure want with us Hokage-sama? The peace treaty has been signed hasn't it? It should be against the agreement now to attack another village."

"Who knows what they want? It could be anything. They haven't made it clear to us what they're after. However I'm not surprised. Everyone knows that Iwagakure has held a grudge against Konoha since the end of the 3rd Great Shinobi World War… Perhaps they've finally let loose all their resentment and are going to take their vengeance on us for good."

"Iwagakure holding a grudge against us for all these years? But it's been 5 long years! The war has been put behind everyone now hasn't it? Differences don't set us aside anymore do they? Iwagakure couldn't possibly think of infringing the treaty guidelines!"

"As I said before, we don't know they're objectives, so we must find out all there is to know. Only once we fully understand their motives will we be able to fight back confidently and with cause."

"Well spoken Hokage-sama."

"Also, keep the status reports frequent, I need to be aware of Konoha's situation as regularly as possible."

"Yes Hokage-sama!"

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