This story contains slash (Arthur/Merlin), hurt/comfort, angst, implied non-con, kidnapping, unwanted drug use etc. I am giving it a rating of NC-17 just to be safe.

Spoilers: possible for all seasons but nothing explicit

Disclaimer: Just my imagination, nothing else…

Summary: Merlin gets kidnapped and his life takes an interesting turn once he gets rescued…has everyone gone mad or is he missing some vital information?

I really had no idea how it all started.

One moment I had been walking down the corridor, heading towards Gaius' room and the next I was attacked shoved into the wall and before I could get my bearings, before I could even start contemplating defending myself, my head connected with the castle wall and I was out cold.

I did sort of come to while I was being dragged out of the castle and shoved onto a horse; I'm proud to say that I did try to put up a fight but the men were simply too strong and too quick for me, I wasn't a fighter after all and every time I somewhat regained consciousness they managed to subdue me again.

If I had started to even consider using magic earlier, I might have saved myself the nightmare that was about to come but the need to hide who I truly was was had been instilled in me since I knew how to talk; I couldn't just overwrite this need, not even when it could have saved me.

Thinking back I should have probably acted sooner but I had been totally taken by surprise, I had never been outright attacked before, and there had been part of me that simply hadn't believed that it was really happening.

My hands were bound behind my back so when I was once again shoved head forwards into a tent, I landed in a undignified heap on the hard ground.

I grunted but I didn't allow any more noises to escape me, I might not be a fighter but I wasn't going to show them just how afraid I really was. I did have some pride after all.

Someone pulled me up by my hair and this time I couldn't stifle a yelp of pain because that had really hurt. "Awww…"I complained which earned me a smack over the head.

Someone else, another man raised my head by lifting up my chin and I blinked at someone I had never seen before in my life. He was ordinary looking, nothing would indicate why he had kidnapped me of all people, somehow deep down I had expected to see someone slightly different, a lunatic perhaps; maybe I hadn't really expected anything but what I knew without a shred of doubt was that I hadn't expected a very ordinary looking man in his mid-forties to be looking down at me.

"So that's him?" He asked and I blinked, because he really couldn't mean me. I was no one, a man servant, son of a poor mother in a rural village, no-one would come looking for me, so really, they must have picked me by mistake.

"Yeah, that's Merlin."


So they had been looking for me, how odd. They still had to be mistaken, why would anyone kidnap me?

"I've seen the way he looks at you…" The man before me was now smiling down at me, but it wasn't a pleasant smile, it was sinister and it made me want to retreat but of course the grip in my hair only intensified, keeping me in place.

"He will pay the ransom we ask of him…" The man said with conviction and I shook my head, "I'm no one, whoever you're talking about won't pay a thing for me."

All the while the voice in my head was shouting at me to just shut up because I wasn't helping myself at all.

It was bad enough that they were delusional enough to kidnap me, if I were to successfully convince them how wrong they were, it would only get me killed. So I needed to shut up.

Unfortunately my brain and my mouth apparently weren't on speaking terms because while my brain was shouting at me to just shut up, my mouth kept on babbling, "Seriously, you've made a mistake. I'm just a servant…"

The blow came out of nowhere, surprising me and with another yelp, I was flung backwards, landing once more on the cold ground. My cheek was on fire, I could feel a little blood dripping down my face and I had to blink tears away.

Maybe now was a good time after all to use my magic, who cared if these freaks started babbling about a sorcerer, no one would believe them, they obviously thought I was someone important, so they were clearly delusional.

I started gathering my will, unfortunately I might be powerful, as the dragon and even Gaius had told me many times, but I still couldn't just muster up any magic without focusing on it, and regrettably I had left it too late. Suddenly I was grabbed again, this man seemed to have a thing for yanking my hair because he was pulling me back sharply, momentarily breaking my concentration.

I was just about to cast a spell, anything really to distracted them, to buy me some more time to work up something really spectacular – even if I had no idea what. I figured if I wanted it badly enough, I could find a way to flatten this camp – when the man from before pressed a cup to my lips.

I refused to open my mouth but another yank at my hair had me yelping and the liquid was poured down my throat.

The magic I had been holding, escaped me, but it was unfocused, apart from a horse outside making a sudden racket, nothing else happened.

I lost focus, the world suddenly started to spin, whatever I had been forced to drink must have been very potent because it started working almost straight away and any hold I might have had on my magic vanished.

I might be powerful but I need to be able to focus to will anything to happen and right now I could barely manage to hold my head up.

If that guy wasn't still grabbing my hair, I would have probably just fallen face forward into the dirt and stayed there.

Something brushed my face again, my bleary blue eyes trying to focus but it was no use, "I can see why he is so taken with you…"

Whatever that meant…

"Strip him."


That command shook some sense back into me. When my ties were cut, I started to roll away, anything, even crawling right now wasn't beneath me but the guy I still hadn't looked upon, just grabbed me from behind and threw me onto some cushions.

I still landed hard, leaving me slightly winded but that didn't stop me continuing to swat at the hands that were trying to pull of my shoes or those that started to try and push my trousers down my hips.

"You're a firecracker, aren't you?" The guy said, he hadn't really spoken in a 'bad' tone of voice but somehow it still freaked me out.

In the end though, I didn't succeed in fighting him off, all I could do was curl in on myself once I was completely naked.

I flinched when my hands were grabbed, pulled to my left and tied to a post in the ground.

Then a blanket was thrown over me but it didn't stop me from shivering.

What was going to happen to me?

"Where is he?"

"What have you done to him?"

The voice was frantic and something told me that I should recognize it.

I had been in and out of consciousness for quite some time, I had no clue if only hours had passed or days, I didn't feel any hunger and any time I felt thirsty, someone was there with another cup of strange liquid that made me see stars.

Quite literally.

I had no idea that staring at hardened ground could be so entertaining but really, who would have thought that watching two worms doing wormy things could be all that fascinating?

Somewhere deep down I knew that I was drugged, kept dizzy and weak on purpose but I couldn't fight it, I couldn't find any focus within myself to even move my tired body, there was no chance at all that I could muster enough magic to free my tied hands.

I had no clue if my captors had known that I could use magic or if that had simply been a bonus for them when they had suppressed my only natural defence ability.

Either way they had wanted me weak and disoriented for a reason and I still hadn't figured out why they had wanted me naked too.

But I had to admit that I wasn't really all that lucid at the moment, so maybe I should just lie there and block it all out.

This wasn't happening…

This wasn't happening…

I was in my bed…this was just all in my head…

"Where is he?"

Damn that annoying voice, it had thrown me out of my loop trying to suppress reality.

I shifted, the blanket moved slightly, falling down my body but thankfully it didn't slither lower than my waist.

I tried to cuddle back underneath it but when I realized that it would just result in the blanket sliding further down I stopped. Better lying in the cold half naked than completely naked.

"Just remember, we won't harm him if you do as we say."

I could hear something moving and then there was a loud shout, "Merlin!" It was then that I recognized the frantic tone of voice; it could belong to no one but Arthur.

"Arthur…"I whispered, trying to move, staring at the prince with wide blue eyes, but I couldn't focus for too long, it was beyond my capability right now and I yelped once more when someone once again yanked me up by my hair.

If I ever got out of here I was going to be bald if that idiot kept it up.

I grumbled a little but then the guy was pressing me closer to him, his arm snaking around my naked waist, lying dangerously close to some private parts of mine and I just froze out of shock, fear and confusion.

"We're going to have some fun with him if you don't do as you're told." The man snarled, amusement audible in his voice, "So now that you've seen him, seen that we have him and that we haven't harmed him yet…"

I didn't like the sound of that; I didn't like that at all.

I whispered Arthur's name again which caused Arthur to look murderous and somewhere deep down I realized that the men who had taken me had just made a grievous mistake.

Arthur might do as they had demanded but in the end, the prince would get his revenge. I knew that look, I don't know why Arthur had it on account of me, but he did, and it could only mean that those men were now living on borrowed time.

I sighed, closing my eyes, staying awake and trying to focus on something was just too much to be asked of me just then.

"Arthur deserves what he's going to go through…"

And here I'd thought that it wasn't Arthur who was going through anything, it was me who was tied up and naked.

And apparently with the hair grabbing guy right behind me…

"We're going to play some mind games…so…"

Mind games?

Arthur wasn't here, what was the guy talking about it?

I flinched when the thin blanket was dragged off my body, exposing my skin to the cold air and I shivered almost instantly.

"I want you to be afraid when he tries to touch you, I want you to flinch away from him...but first…" he forced me to drink something again, this time whatever it was, it was more potent, it sent my mind spinning, everything seemed suddenly more vivid and at the same time, more distant.

I shivered but this time the feeling was more intense, it wasn't just my body that shivered, I could feel my soul shivering too and a strange sound escaped my mouth, a cross between a strangled yelp and a laugh.

I could feel the guy running his hand over my body, he didn't hurt me but his touches lingered in places I considered private and where no one but myself had touched me before.

When he grabbed my cock and lazily started to stroke, I yelped again, shifting, trying to get away from him, but I was lying on my side and my hands were tied before me. I didn't get very far.

His hand didn't linger though, instead he started to run lazy circles across my hips, then he pulled my legs apart, shoving a finger into my body.

This time I screamed, from both the sudden pain and the surprise, I jerked away but he kept me pinned, his finger still inside me. "I want you to remember this; I want you to shy away from him. This will kill him you know…"

What he said made no sense to me but I had already figured out that the men who had taken me were beyond reason, so it really was no great surprise that their actions were totally confusing too.

He twisted his finger inside me, there was more searing pain and then my body finally belonged to myself again.

I might have sobbed a little bit, my face was buried in the blanket I was lying on, and my entire body was shaking, I just wasn't quite so sure with what.

I was afraid, terrified even. Although I was a virgin, I wasn't stupid. I knew how sex between two men technically worked and even though I hadn't dared think about it, I had known that something was up when they had ripped all my clothes off.

The intimate touches and now the threats; I knew where this was going and I was terrified but I was also furious, here I was, supposedly all powerful and completely at their mercy.

And what did any of what they were doing to me have to do with Arthur?

The prince, who I also considered to be my friend, would be furious on my behalf, of course he would be, but he wasn't going to be destroyed or filled with remorse, yet apparently the goal of those men wasn't so much to hurt me as it was to hurt Arthur.

It all made no sense, I was his man servant, maybe friend, why kidnap me to hurt Arthur?

The guy slapped me on my butt and then I felt something cold and sticky being dripped between my ass cheeks and down my legs.

There was a chuckle and then the blanket was dropped on top of me again.

I could hear the guy walking away and even though I knew that passing out now wasn't a very good choice, I couldn't help it, I could still feel his hands on my body, that finger inside me and whatever he had poured onto my ass and legs, it was sticky and crusty and I really didn't want to be there.

So I closed my eyes, ignoring the wetness that spilled down my cheeks and let darkness claim me.

"Merlin!" there was the annoying voice again, this time it also had a shrill tone to it and I knew at least that it belonged to Arthur straight away.

I blinked, slowly opening my eyes, I felt drowsy, as if I was under water, fighting to stay afloat and failing miserably but I still managed to whisper his name and try to raise my hands.

I frowned when they didn't move and it took me a few seconds to realize it was because they were still tied up and secured to the ground.

There was a roar of some kind and I flinched, closing my eyes but then Arthur was there, telling me not to be afraid, that he was here…and I opened my eyes again just in time to see him cut through my bonds.

I wiggled my fingers, glad to feel them again, they had gone sort of numb hours ago, I knew I should move, but I was just so tired, I couldn't even move at all.

"So much blood, Merlin, I'm so sorry…"

What was Arthur talking about?

What blood?


I shifted and it then occurred to me that for some reason the guy might have poured blood down my legs. I frowned, not comprehending at all but I thought I should clarify that point, "Not mine…" I managed to say out loud and Arthur just smiled at me, "Of course not." Saying it in that typical tone of voice when he didn't really believe a word of what he had been told but he was too polite to contradict you.

I frowned but I didn't have enough fight left within me to argue with Arthur on something as stupid as 'whose blood it was'.

It didn't occur to me that Arthur might leap to some logical conclusions: I was naked after all, had been threatened in front of Arthur and now there was blood trickling down my legs.

If I had been a little bit quicker, I might have realized what worse case scenario Arthur was imagining and I might have been able to set him straight.

I wasn't denying that the guy had taken liberties with touching me, but apart from the finger that had entered me, which had been highly unpleasant and painful, nothing else had happened.

Apparently this was all part of some mind game that they were playing with Arthur, just why I had been picked as the victim I still didn't get.

In any case, I didn't notice anything like that at the time, all I saw was Arthur's pale face and when I attempted to smile up at him, he looked perfectly grief stricken.

I stopped immediately, trying to curl in on myself because now Arthur had removed the blanket and the air was still cold.

His eyes roamed my body, I knew I should try to cover myself up but I was too tired, what was the point after all, a perfect stranger had seen me naked, and Arthur at least I knew.

Arthur pulled the blanket back over me and then he helped me up, putting my hands around his neck, "Just hold tight, can you do that?"

I nodded, clinging to him for dear life and with a grunt, Arthur lifted me up into his arms.

I wanted to point out that I was much too heavy to be carried like some damsel in distress but then I was quite comfortable where I was, so I snuggled closer, burying my head in the crook of Arthur's neck, breathing in his familiar and comforting sent.

"Is that…?" I recognized that voice, it belonged to Lancelot and I wondered where Arthur had found him, for he had left Camelot quite some time ago and I was pretty certain that his plans had been to leave the area all together.

"There is so much blood, I need to get him to Gaius…" Arthur's voice sounded strained and I whispered again, "Not mine…"but all I received in return for my valiant effort to set the record straight was being pulled tighter to Arthur's chest.

I got the message: debating the blood issue could wait.

"You can't take him on a horse, not in the condition he's in." Lancelot pointed out and I agreed, not because of the blood, which still wasn't mine, but because I would most likely fall off.

"I'll carry him." Arthur announced and Lancelot immediately contradicted him, "You can't carry him all the way…"

"Just watch me, it's the least I can do…" and there was something in Arthur's tone of voice that told me in clear terms that Arthur would carry me, even if it was the last thing he would do.

Never enter a quarrel with Arthur when he was convinced that he was doing something that needed to be done, because nothing could stop him.

And apparently carrying me was now among those things.

I made snuffling sounds and just clung to Arthur, I really didn't want to be dropped, if the prince decided that he couldn't carry me after all.

"I'll tell Gaius that you're coming." Lancelot finally said, I could hear more people moving around, but I was just really busy with holding on to Arthur.

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