Storm-Maiden-Lucania: Hello and welcome to my second fanfiction, Lana's Quest. The idea for this story came to me after I finished Ty 3 and thought "What happens now that the Quinkin are gone?" This fanfic is the answer. Now please read on and enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ty or any of his friends. Krome does. I do however own Lana.

"Lana, get down here! You have a mission!"

Maury's voice boomed through Bush Rescue, causing me to look down out of the tree I was in.

"Ok, I'm coming. Keep your feathers on." I called down to the old cockatoo before swinging off the branch and dropping to the ground.

"This is your first real assignment, so listen up." Maury squawked as I walked over.

"A couple kids have gone missing in the jungle near Dingo Hollow. Another officer will be waiting there to help you. Get going!"

"Right!" I said, pulling on my Bush Rescue jacket and taking off.

"I wonder what she's going to think of her partner. Hee hee hee." Maury said to himself, laughing quietly.

I ran through New Burramudgee.

"Hmmm… Ridge isn't here." I though, looking at the control console where he usually stood before charging through the gate.

I waved to the Koala guards before jumping on my board.

No, I don't mean surfboard. Or skateboard.

I mean hoverboard.

Yes, I repeat.


Julian happened to invent a prototype just before I joined Bush Rescue. He gave it to me in order to test it.

I popped on my headphones, set my I-pod to "Knight of the Wind" and took off.

It took a little longer to get there than I though partially because the Redback Gang wanted to race and it took a while to lose them.

Taking several steps into the forest, I was immediately swallowed up.

"Um, Hello? I was supposed to meet another agent here." I called, looking around.

I was so focused, I didn't notice a Frill sneaking up behind me.

A rang shot out of the canopy, missed me by an inch, curved to hit the Frill, then flew back up.

I stood there blinking for a second before spinning around with a "What the!"

A figure dropped out of the trees, landing with a "thump" next to me, causing my fur to bristle. I turned to be met with the sight of a yellow Tasmanian tiger holding a pair of boomerangs.

"Sorry if I scared you. I saw that Frill coming and decided to help. You said you're from Bush Rescue right?" He said with an apologetic grin.

"Yeah. I was supposed to meet another rescuer here. Would that be you?"

"Yep. By the way, what's your name?"

"Oh, it's Lanako. But my friends call me Lana."

Nice to meet you mate. I'm Ty."

My jaw hit the ground.

"Ty? As in THE Ty?" I sputtered in awe.

"That's me." Ty replied with a laugh.

"Oh my god! I'm on a mission with the most famous person in Southern Rivers!"I thought as we walked through the forest.

After a lot of climbing, jumping and grinding on vines we finally reached the place where the children had last been seen. We did a thorough search, but found no clues as to kids' whereabouts.

Suddenly, dozens of Frills leapt out of the brush. Ty and I began to battle them, Ty with his rangs and me with martial arts.

Ty was fighting one Frill when three others came at him.

A rang suddenly curved around him and knocked them away.

Ty followed its arch back to me, where I caught it and kicked a Frill away.

"Just repaying the favor" I said with a grin.

My rangs, which I wore in holsters at my waist, were similar in shape to Doomarangs except that the skull symbol was replaced with a blue orb and they were white with blue accents.

We managed to defeat the Frills and continued on.

"Man it's hot!" I said, tying my jacket around my waist.

"This is one of the times I wish I didn't have fur."

Being a Tasmanian tiger with bluish black fur, the heat was killing me.

After a while, we came upon a giant tree. We were looking around when we heard a voice.

"Um, help?"

We looked up to find three billibies staring down at us.

Ty seemed startled.


"Ty!" The largest one cried happily.

"How did you get up there?"

'Well, we were playing and some Frills came, so we climbed up here and kind of got stuck."

"I yiy. How the heck are we going to get them down?" Ty said, shaking his head.

Something caught my eye and I looked up to see a vine stretched from the billibies tree to one closer to the ground.

"I think I have an idea." I said, then began climbing.

"I need you to hold on tight to me." I said once I got to the three.

The youngest climbed on my head while Jake and the other perched on my shoulder.

I climbed over to the vine and hooked one of my rangs over it. Then, using the rang as a zip handle, we spent a few frantic seconds sliding to the ground. We hit the ground with a thump. I landed on my face, but luckily the billibies weren't hurt. They hopped off my back as I laid there.

"Good idea." Ty said, helping me up.

"Thanks!" Jake said. "Don't worry, we can get home on our own."

"Well, if you're sure."

"Bye guys!" I called as they hopped away.

It took a while, but we managed to trek back to the forests edge.

"What the heck is that thing?" Ty asked as I sat cross-legged on my floating board.

"It's a hoverboard. Julius gave it to me to test."

"So in other words, you're a guinea pig."

"Pretty much."

Ty hopped in the Crabmersible, which I had some how had managed to miss, and we took off down the road.

"You know, I've never seen rangs like those before. Where did you get them?" Ty asked as we cruised along .

"I got them when I was real young. All I remember is finding them in the forest while playing one day." I said, building up speed and taking out a few Frills.

After stashing our vehicles, we walked through the gates into New Burramudgee.

"Hey Tiger. Guess you were with Lan today, eh?" The dark grey Tasmanian tiger said.

"Hi Ridge! Where were you earlier?" I asked, hugging him.

"I had to go off on a mission for Dennis." He replied, untangling me from around his waist.

"Oh, me and Ty have to go tell Maury we finished the mission. See you later!" I said before grabbing Ty and running off toward the H.Q.

Ty gave me a strange look as we walked.

"What was that about?"

"Oh yeah. I didn't tell you, did I? Ridge is my older brother."

"You are? I didn't even know Ridge had a sister."

"Yeah, not a lot of people know."

I turned and grinned at Ty.

"Come on, let's go."

I took off toward the H.Q, Ty at my side.

S.: This is just the beginning of Lana's adventures with Bush Rescue. If there are any missions you want her and the other characters to go on, please, just review and tell me. See you next time!