I watched as I dropped my engagement ring into the river below; not bothering to stop the tears that where flowing down my checks. It's not like they were noticeable anyway in the storm. I felt a warm arm wrap itself around me pulling me back to the car. Leah was a god send. I am not saying we didn't get off on the wrong foot or anything. We eventually started to become friends and now we had something in common. We had both been hurt by a person we thought loved us. In Leah's case it was due to circumstances that couldn't be helped, but none the less, we had this in common.

"Come on Bella, we have to get moving before someone finds us. The storm will help hide our tracks and the bitch can't see us, but knowing our luck someone will come."

I nodded my head and slid into the passenger seat of Leah's VW Beetle. When one pictures running away nowhere does it involve a white VW, a half drenched girl who up until three hours ago was engaged to a vampire, and the first ever female werewolf. But, none the less here we are. We decided to head south towards LA before heading toward Texas. From there we would fly to Italy and into the hands of the Volturi. Aro had said once I was there Leah was free to go, but as she told him over the phone - over her dead body.

"Are you going to tell me what happened? You don't have to, but it might help."

I shook my head and kept looking out of the window as the trees flew by. I shivered as the sound of howling reached my ears and by the way Lea picked up speed it belonged to a member of the pack. I wasn't ready to tell anyone what had happened. Maybe when we got to Italy when I knew I would have to tell my story, but before then no. I saw a flash of white before Leah slammed on the brakes. It was that or hit Rose and cause damage to the car and most likely me. Leah told me to wait while she dealt with the "Barbie" blood sucker. Without even waiting for me to say anything she was out the door and in Rose's face. Their voices were being drowned out by the storm, so I couldn't hear anything. I watched as Leah bowed her head and nodded at something Rose said before running back to the car.

"Bella, the barbie is coming with us. I know you don't like it any more than me, but she put up one hell of a good argument. Plus it would be helpful if we actually had one on our side."

All I did was nod my head before climbing over the seat ignoring what else was being said. At the moment all I cared about was getting the hell away from this place and them. The following days meant nothing to me. I was no better than a zombie in many ways. I didn't even realise that we had arrived in Italy until Aro was standing in front of me with a look of great concern on his face as the two girls informed him of what they knew. Rose knew little more than Leah, did but it was enough. For near enough two years, I had been lied to by the people I thought I could trust. I was going to marry one of them for heavens sake. I was suddenly brought back to the present rather quickly when Marcus of all people cradled my face in between his hands.

"Young Isabella, what happened to you to cause you to become so lost?"

His voice wrapped around me like a warm blanket, giving me the sense of safety for the first time in days. Without thinking I allowed my wall to drop and all my feelings came out. Marcus held me close as I cried, cursed and screamed myself hoarse.

"It hurts so much. Please make it stop, make the pain go away. KILL ME."

Marcus rocked me back and forwards making little shushing sounds as my cries turned to gentle sobs of anguish.

"Little one, can you not tell me what has happened to you. Please."

I shook my head. I couldn't speak about what had caused my pain, but writing it; that I could do. I looked around trying to find someone who would understand what I needed when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Looking up I saw Jane holding out a pen and note book for me to take. I couldn't smile at her in thanks, but something told me she understood it from the way she nodded her head and walked away to stand next to her brother once more.

Turning round so I was still in Marcus's hold, I began to write.

They lied to me. They both did. They lied to me, their family and to you. He was using me to cover for their affair. Did you know that? They used me so that their families wouldn't be able to tell that they were in love. The only reason I found out was because I turned up at the wrong time. I saw them through the window; they didn't even bother to hide what they were doing. They didn't hear me mind you; travelling via wolf has its upside you know. Did you know my father died recently? Some guy was hunting and shot him by mistake. How someone could mistake a person for a bear I have no idea, but none the less he did and now this.

I stopped writing and collapsed against Marcus chest. Between the last few days and the crying fit, I had run out of energy just writing those few lines. Marcus handed my words to Leah who had crept forward as I was writing. As she read what I had written she started to shake before handing the letter to Rose and excusing herself. A second later a howl filled the air causing everyone in the room to shiver. I would have found that interesting if I wasn't so tired.

Rose squatted down in front of me so we where eye to eye before she spoke.

"Isabella, we had no idea. I swear to you, that no one in the family knew what was going on between those two. We caught them at it when we returned from our hunt. Remind me never to get on Esme's bad side; it took both Carlisle and Em to stop her from destroying the pair of them. Carlisle has sent them away separately. Tanya was sent back to the Denali coven and Edward has been sent to Scotland to stay with an old friend of Carlisle's; who just happens to live in the middle of a small Island of the northern tip until further notice. They want to see you, my Emma bear more than anything. Would you allow me to phone them? They can come here, Aro has agreed to it but only with your say so."

I nodded my head at her, before closing my eyes allowing my body to rest free of pain for the first time in days.

I woke up some time later feeling slightly more rested but I still had no voice. I also couldn't help but notice I was still in Marcus lap. We had moved from the floor to his throne and I was wrapped up in a thick blanket separating me from his cold body.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh little one, don't move. We are in session at the moment. You are safe, your friend Miss Clearwater is close by as is Mrs McCarthy. I have spoken to Carlisle and he plus the remainder of the family will be here tomorrow. A house has been set up nearby for the three of you. As much as we wish for you to stay here with us, it's not safe. Caius is also not happy about Miss Clearwater being here, but she will not leave without knowing you are safe. So setting up living quarters dealt with both problems."

I nodded my head and kept as quite as I could for a human in a room full of vampires. I was in luck that they were dealing with the last case now which just happened to be two vampires. From the little I heard they were a mated couple who had meet during the Southern Vampire Wars, they where here because the male had a gift of knowing stuff and they believed that their sire would soon be arriving. It was Roses laughter that caught my attention and indeed everyone else's in the room.

"Peter, Charlotte, I thought I could hear you. But then I got myself thinking what would you two be doing all the way over here? I thought you two hated flying?"

Hearing their names I sat up straight and wiggled about a bit on Marcus' lap so I could get a better view of the two vampires that I had heard so much about but never meet. They weren't what I expected. Then again I suppose not everyone lived the same way as the Cullen's, nor did they have Alice dictating what they wore. They both wore jeans that looked a bit ragged around the bottom, with sensible boots that looked well worn. While Peter wore a dark blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows showing off his forearms, Charlotte was wearing a short sleeved red blouse. Something told me that they would have coats somewhere, but for their audience had put them somewhere safe. Peter suddenly turned his head locking his eyes with mine.

I have no idea what happened next, but I suddenly found myself being pushed behind Leah who was struggling to not change in front of me. Every time I tried to get passed her she would move so she was blocking me, hiding me from whoever or whatever was happening. In the end I didn't land up needing to guess as I was pulled from behind her and into the arms of a very pissed off Peter. I looked round and tried to work out what the hell was happening, which would have been a lot easier if I hadn't lost my voice. I could hear Marcus's voice over the others.

"Little one you need to relax. No one is going to hurt you. It seems that Master Whitlock here knows something that we don't. The only way we can work out what it is; is if you can get him to calm down."

How the hell was I suppose to do that. I mean I had no voice; Peter was a vampire while I was a human, and more importantly how the hell did I land up in this situation to start with?

Ignoring everything I had been told NOT to do when a vampire was upset, I laid my hands on his neck causing him to drop his eyes to mine for a moment. I raised my eyebrow in question hoping he would get the picture. I was semi in luck and Peter did stand up and stopped growling as loudly as before, but he didn't let go of me nor did he really like Jane coming close to me with my note book.

Be nice. Now can you calmly explain to everyone what is happening and while you're at it can you loosen your hold on me please. I'm still human and thus breakable. As it is I have no voice, I really don't want to have to deal with broken bones as well.

I showed Peter what I had written and for a brief moment he looked scared about something and run his hands over my body probably to make sure I didn't actually have anything broken before he pushed me behind him and into Charlotte.

"Honestly I am surprised that no one has noticed who she is. Or has everyone forgotten our visitor from eighteen years ago?"

The way everyone looked at me and the gasping I heard meant that at least everyone, minus me and Leah that is, knew what he was talking about. I was waiting for someone, anyone, to actually explain what it all meant to me and by the look on Leah's face she wanted in on the big secret as well. In her current state it took her less than a minute to break.

"Will someone explain to me what fangs over there meant by his "oh so helpful" comment?"

Charlotte let out a low growl at Leah's tone which considering how upset she was at the moment didn't help matters and I still didn't have an answer. Rose had moved close enough so I could tug on the bottom of her shirt to get her attention. When she looked at me I waved my hand between Leah and Peter hopping to get the message across. I was in luck that Rose knew my weird hand signals.

"Eighteen years ago several covens where brought together under odd circumstances. An old gypsy made a prophecy on her death bed. She claimed that a child born on the day of her passing would bring great hope and happiness to the world and peace shall spread across the globe. However if the child doesn't find her mates by the eve of her twentieth birthday the world will fall and death shall come to all. She died the day you were born Isabella."

Something told me there was more to it than that, after all, I wasn't the only person born on that day. Leah voiced my thoughts.

"How do you know it's Bella she was talking about? I mean it's not like she was the only one born on that day."

It was Marcus that responded to her.

"Your right, there is more; but I believe it would be best if we wait for the rest of the Cullens to get here. Carlisle is the only one who understood the whole thing. For now, I suggest we leave it as is. From the little medical reading I have done, I believe Isabella requires proper rest. Jane and Alec will escort you and make sure you remain safe. I assume that Master Whitlock and his mate will be joining you."

Peter nodded his head before hold out his hand for Charlotte to take. Both Leah and Rose held out their arms for me. I rolled my eyes but none the less hooked my arms with theirs and allowed them to walk me out of the room. All we could do was wait and hope that when Carlisle comes tomorrow he can explain it to us more.