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The moment we walked into the hall Leah and Jane both drifted over to their mates leaving me feeling naked as everyone turned their attention to me. I felt a hand lace itself with mine before squeezing it lightly. I turned and smiled at Charlotte before we made our way over to the group. I couldn't help but let my eyes give James a once over now he was clean. His once dirty blond hair now glistened a natural gold colour. I couldn't stop the smile that crossed my face as I also noticed someone had given him a haircut. Add the fact he looked smoking hot in a tux part of me was honestly looking forward to getting to know him. I let my eyes wander to his two companions, and my smile grew.

"Aunt Vickie."

I untangled my hand from Charlotte's and ran into Vickie's open arms. She wasn't really my aunt, but since she was the one that looked after me every time when Renee did one of her disappearing acts so she might as well have been. She went missing two years before I went to live with Charlie around the same time a serial killer was being hunted down. At the time she had been added to the list of his victims. Now seeing her again I knew that wasn't the case.

"Oh, Izzy. Look at you? When did you become such a lovely young woman?"

I couldn't stop the giggle that left my mouth nor the blush that covered my face at her words causing her to laugh and hug me closer. Before I could even blink I was suddenly torn from her arms and thrown across the room. The only thing that stopped me from smacking into the wall was one of the guards who happened to be standing in the way and caught me before running from the room with me still in his arms just as the hall filled with growling.

He didn't stop until we were back in Marcus's room where he dropped me on the bed before leaving the room slamming the door behind him. I sat up carefully before cringing from the pain in my ribs and back. I looked down and yet again cringed as I saw the bruise that had all ready started to form on my arm.

The door suddenly slammed open causing me to jump before letting out a small scream as my back hit the headboard. The look on Marcus's face made me want to go and find that room again and stay there. I pulled away from him causing him to let out a small whining sound like he was the one in pain.

"Il mio angelo si prega di non avere paura. Please Isabella, let me look at you?"

I nodded my head and allowed Marcus to undress me. I knew there was nothing sexual about what he was doing, but I couldn't stop myself from blushing as the dress pooled at my feet. I shuddered as his cold fingers run down my back and across my rib cage tracing the bruise that now covered both. I whimpered as he moved so he was standing in front of me before tracing the mark on my arm. I needed to know what had happened. I opened my mouth only for Marcus to shake his head before disappearing off into his closet. He returned with one of his shirts which he carefully placed over my body before he lifted me into his bed covering me with a blanket. Once he was sure I wasn't going to move, he stepped back and kissed my forehead before he spoke.

"I know you have questions, but I can't answer them. Not yet anyway. I am sorry that we won't be having your gathering tonight my dear. I promise once everything is better again we will. Now rest."

I wanted to fight with him but the pain that drove its way through my body stopped me. Being careful about how I laid, I closed my eyes and drifted off into a painful sleep.

I yet again woke up screaming, this time however, it wasn't due to fright but from a sharp pain that went down my side. I couldn't stop the tears from falling as I tried to move into a position where the pain would at least fade. I suddenly felt a cold hand wrap it's way around my side as the pain was lifted from my body just enough for me to be able to move.

"Little Dove, close your eyes for a moment."

I did as Jasper told me and was glad I did as the light that flashed through my eye lids caused me bury my head into what I thought was a pillow. Which turned out by the smell of it, to be Marcus.

"Little one, slowly open your eyes for us please."

I slowly opened my eyes only to slam them shut again as I noticed that yet again the room was full of people. What was it with mythical beings and not respecting ones privacy?

"Has a lot to do with the fact we can hear everything anyway Bells, and you're so damn cute when you sleep."

I opened my eyes and glared at Emmett before poking my tongue out at him. I tried to sit up but was stopped by Marcus, who still had his hand wrapped around my ribs.

"Don't move little one. Carlisle will be back soon with the supplies we need to bind your ribs."

I nodded my head before frowning.

"What happened? And how long have I actually been asleep for?"

Everyone turned their attention to Jasper and James, as if they too were waiting for an answer.

"Oh for the love of... will one of you tell me what the f... heck just happened?"

Swearing around Esme wasn't something one did. When she says she'll wash your mouth out with soap, she means it. Emmett still shuddered every time he saw a bar of soap. We tried using frag instead, but she wised up to after watching the complete box set of Battle Star Galactica one afternoon.

I was starting to get annoyed that no one had even bothered to answer my questions. Not caring about the amount of pain I was going to be in, I needed out before I screamed or hit someone. Biting my tongue from crying out, I slide out of the bed, ignoring Marcus's attempt to stop me and limped/stomped across the room and out on to the balcony. I was grateful to notice that there was an enclosed seat with a soft cushion that just happened to be wide enough for me to lie down on. I carefully laid down only letting a small hiss escape my lips before finding the right angle that hurt the least. I could hear yelling coming from the room and chose to ignore it, instead I let my eyes wander across the roof tops below as they reflected the moonlight. I jumped when the town clock struck out the hour, at least answering one of my questions. It was nine now and we made our way down stairs at seven so little under two hours. I looked up in time for James to place a thick blanket over me before sliding down so his back was to me.

"The Major doesn't think it's a good idea that you know what happened just yet, but he lost the argument. It seems your ex didn't like the fact that you were so willing to be near Victoria let alone any of us. In fact, he didn't like that you were so close to the Volturi either. The Major says that the boy was jealous. He was the one that threw you across the room and is now missing his legs and hands until the Major is willing to give them back that is if Caius doesn't destroy him before hand."

I nodded my head and without realising it started to run my fingers through James's hair causing him to purr. A second later the Major came out to join us looking slightly lost and in pain. I watched as he open and closed his mouth a couple of times before running his hand through his hair.

"I'm sorry for trying to keep things from you. I'm just so use to doing something and having everyone around me agree with my decisions without argument."

I sighed before indicating for him to come and sit with us. Instead of sitting next to James, he sat with his back towards the view just proving to me how much he was aware of his surroundings. Carlisle explained to me, unless a vampire was safe in its own home, they tend to be on guard all the time.

"Listen, both of you. I know Rose or Leah have all ready told you this, but you need to hear it from me. The whole time I was with him, he hid stuff from me all because he believed it was too dangerous for me to know. He also had this habit of telling me what I should wear, what I should eat, who I could talk to, in the end I had no independence what so ever. I would only get to see the pack when he was supposed to be hunting and that was only because Alice would lie to him. I understand the whole caveman act that male vampires have going for them but you have to understand, I'm still human, so you will have to learn what the word no means."

I watched as Jasper's eyebrow raised in question before sighing and nodding his head. James nodded his head before tilting it back to look at me.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"You just did, but yeah you can I ask me anything. You might not like the response though."

"Fair enough, I was wondering does this mean you have accepted us as your mates?"

I sighed before wiggling to sit up a bit more. In a flash Jasper had his hands on my hips and slowly pulled me into a seated position and wrapped me back up before taking his place.

"Yes but there are going to be rules. Charlotte filled me in on the whole mating thing earlier, and I don't mind the first three steps but well..."

I pulled the blanket over my head the second I felt myself starting to blush. Part of me was happy that I didn't sleep with Edward because it would have been wasted yet at the same time, I was mated to two men who have probably slept with hundreds of women, both human and vampire.

Letting me stay hidden, for the time being, Jasper spoke just loud enough that only us three could hear.

"Are you telling us that you're an innocent?"

Huh, I've never heard of it put that way before, and I had to admit it was better than the v word. I let out a small yes before they both began to purr. I slowly lowered the blanket, and all most screamed as both of them were suddenly standing as close as they could to me without actually touching.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you. Just you have to understand it's rare, really rare to find someone who is still innocent and the fact you have agreed to be our mate. You have no idea how happy it makes us feel."

I looked at James in shock before I was carefully pulled up so I was still wrapped up in the blanket but was being held in between them as they purred causing me to smile. Both Jasper and James suddenly turned to look at the door causing me to lean around James to see that both Marcus and Peter were standing there smiling.

"As much as we are happy for you, all of you, Carlisle is back with the equipment to see the exact damage that has been done."

I was suddenly picked up by Jasper and taken inside while James followed behind and winked at me when he saw me looking at him causing me to smile at him. Rightly so, Jasper is the protector, the alpha, as it were, while James was the down to earth one that could make me laugh. I was starting to understand what Marcus meant earlier when he said they will balance me out. I let out a small yelp as Jasper placed me on the hospital bed that Carlisle had brought with him.

"Shh, our little dove. Carlisle will tell us what is wrong and how we can help you."

I nodded my head and bit my tongue as Carlisle walked into the room backwards dragging what looked like a x-ray machine with him. Once he was set up, he didn't even have to say a single word, having done this numerous times with him. Those that weren't used to this looked on in awe or in the case of Jasper and James worry. By the time I was back on the bed with my head in Marcus's lap and Jasper and James holding my hands Carlisle was able to tell us exactly what I all ready knew.

"She has two broken ribs. They are not broken all the way through luckily. I can bandage them and give her high amounts of painkillers but that is it. Bella, you know the drill by now. Bed rest and lots of it, and no cliff jumping or roller skating down the halls."

I blushed as both Alice and Emmett cracked up laughing at that last remark. Jasper raised his eyebrow in question causing me to become even redder before Rose spilled the story.

"Bella was home with the flu, and so she wasn't by herself Alice faked that she was sick as well. Of course Alice being Alice couldn't stay couped up inside for very long so she went shopping leaving Emmett to look after Bella. Let's say one thing led to another and Emmett being the idiot he is, decided that Bella needed exercise and the only indoor sport he could think of was skating. Which lead to Bella landing up in a cast and Emmett landed up having to fix the backdoor and the railing on the back porch. Alice got out of punishment because when it comes to Bella her visions are a bit erratic."

Jasper turned to Emmett and let out a warning growl as he moved closer to me while James and the rest of the room laughed. Marcus was the first to recover and that was only because I was trying not to scream as I laid on my broken rib.

"Right, as you're king I am going to say this as nicely as possible. Everyone get OUT. Isabella needs to rest, and heal, so unless you're me or one of her mates say good night and leave."

After everyone said goodnight and both Jasper and James growled at Carlisle when he kissed me on the head the room was once again empty apart from Marcus, James and Jasper.

"I am allowing you two to stay because Aro and Carlisle are going to be spending the night talking to the boy."

Jasper growled causing me to whimper as I tried to move away from him. Marcus threw him a heated glance as James tried to calm me down again. Once I was somewhat placed again Marcus started to speak again.

"Major, we know you want to have a go at him for hurting our angel here, and you can but not until they work out if he's mentally stable. "

The Major and James both looked at him in horror before turning to look at me. James moved me, so I was nearly in his lap before he turned to Marcus, who was pouting.

"What do you mean mentally unstable? Do we have to get Isabella away from here in order to keep her safe?"

"James, relax. She is safe here between you two, the guard, and those of us that have come to see her as family he won't be coming near her again. Now Isabella needs sleep and I need to leave for a short time."

James looked at me before laying me down so I was propped up so I wasn't laying on my bad side before moving to sit in front of the fire. The Major showed Marcus to the door before saying something so fast and low I couldn't hear before closing the door.

"Isabella, sleep. I'll try and keep the pain away for as long as possible."

I yawned before nodding my head, just as I felt the pain slowly leave my body. I just hope tomorrow was going to be a day where things go the way they were supposed to go.