Preview of Coming Attractions. This preview is rated G for all audiences.

No sighting of a full Pranks story on the horizon yet, though plenty of other things active as usual. But yesterday while driving, I did have my muse throw out an idea, surprising me as usual. I know better than to expect where things might go next, as she dislikes suggestion even from me, but this isn't what I would have expected if I were expecting anything. She is totally beyond my control. Anyhow, fic construction in progress, a one-shot, though probably a longish one. Sick Day. The family that's sick together sticks together. :) No Jensen, though mention of him. No unfair cross-examinations, no defense attorneys with hidden carpet glue. A pure family story, though far more Wilson than any of the House-Cuddy family would have chosen to have on that day.

Coming soon to a screen near you.